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Avery Brewing coming to Iowa with Johnson Brothers

May 27, 2015

It’s a done deal! Avery Brewing will be entering the market through Johnson Brothers distribution. No timetable on their arrival date yet but stay turned for release information and possible tap takeover dates. Excellent news and it sounds like Odell won’t be too far away too!

Here’s Avery’s year-round release beers for more of their seasonal/special release beers check them out here:

elliesipajoesyear roundout of bounds

Coming Soon: Stone Enjoy By 7-4-15, Xocoveza, Funkwerks

May 27, 2015

enjoy byA good bit of news for Eastern Iowa beer lovers as Stone will be releasing two very popular products in the future and we will hopefully start seeing some Funkwerks hitting shelves soon.

*Stone Enjoy By 7-4-15 will be hitting Eastern Iowa shelves in the next few weeks and will once again be available in 6 packs and also in bombers.

*Stone Xocoveza – the popular stout from last year will once again be released this year but with a few changesStone-Xocoveza-Extra-Anejo- to the recipe. According to this version of Xocoveza will be aged in red wine barrels and tequila bareels. More from

Stone Xocoveza Extra Anejo will grace the brewery’s coveted Quingente Millilitre Series, a souped-up version of the original release. In addition to the cocoa, coffee, peppers, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg that was added to Xocoveza Mocha Stout, Stone has aged this edition in both red wine barrels and tequila barrels.

funkwerksFunkwerks – And last but not least a brewery we’ve been hearing for sometime to be hitting Iowa but for whatever reason keeps getting delayed is Funkwerks. According to a very reputable beeradvocate source, Bottlecaps80, Funkwerks bottles should be hitting shelves in next few weeks in the Des Moines area, haven’t heard on Eastern Iowa yet but it shouldn’t be too far behind Des Moines.

*If you have any news tidbits please pass them my way! Cheers!

Great Divide going to cans this Summer!

May 26, 2015

great divideThe following comes from the Great Divide Brewing Newsletter. Cans coming this summer!

It’s been a long journey, but our canning line has been assembled, our cans have been printed, and we are gearing up to start filling them with beer! Titan, Colette, Lasso, and Whitewater (a hoppy wheat ale and the newest addition to our seasonal line-up) will be available this summer!


sLim Reviews Flix Brewhouse; Des Moines, IA

May 22, 2015

flixI’d been looking for an excuse to check this place out for some time now. But with there not being any film releases the past few months to get excited about, my first Flix experience was not until earlier this week. The movie that was able to draw me in was Mad Max: Fury Road. A visually stunning and exciting movie that held my attention for the entire feature.

This is not a movie blog, however, it is a beer blog. So that will be the extent of my comments on the film. It’s worth mentioning that they brewed a beer for this movie: fury road IPA. Was not able to secure any more info on this brew but the gentleman in our party who tried it out described it as “okay”.

Beer: Overall, it’s a great experience for the craft beer lover. They have 40+ taps and several of them are high quality brews that are not offered at most establishments. Some examples would include Surly Todd the Axeman & Abrasive, Boulevard Saison Brett, and North Coast Old Rasputin. Shortly after they opened they briefly had Bourbon County Coffee on tap and Founders KBS was listed on the screen when I was there but it has since run out, sadly. There’s also a focus on using proper glassware. It seemed as if each style had it’s own unique glass.

Tried a couple of the Flix brews, thought they were also okay. First was the 10 day Scottish ale, which is like a sessionable scotch ale. It’s a dark amber/brown pour that comes in at only 5.4% ABV%. It was lacking in flavor which is not uncommon for scotch ales but with this having a lower ABV, there was little discernible flavor other than a slight caramel note. I then moved onto the MacLead’s 140 Schilling Ale. Liked the homage to Highlander, and the beer was a step up from the 10-day. More complex and malty, this beer is versatile and can pair with many different entrées.

I would say the main reason I didn’t get too excited over the house brews is that most of them are a pre-made recipe passed down from the chain headquarters. The head brewmaster has been given freedom to make a few of his own beers and I’m sure they’ll improve with more trials.

Food: Flix offers a simple and straightforward menu that still has a diverse selection of sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, salads, and other entrées. Went with the Fajita Street Tacos; wasn’t that impressed. Part of that was because it had probably been sitting out for too long, which is more a knock against the service than the food quality. I’ll get into that later in the review.  The steak and other ingredients were fresh but the tortilla fell apart very easily so it was more like eating a salad. Everybody else in out party enjoyed their food, though, so I’d probably give the pizza or burgers a try next time.

Atmosphere: This is where Flix shines the most. It creates a cool backdrop as you ascend the escalator upon entering. The restaurant/bar area is wide open and uses digital screens to rotate through the various taps they have on hand. It is a full bar but the focus is clearly on beer which is refreshing and in my eyes, it makes up for their shortcomings in a few other areas.

The theaters themselves have been put together very well. You have a comfy, leather chair and a moveable table that pulls all the way back to you so you don’t have to lean over while eating. Still, it is somewhat unpleasant to be looking and up and down while eating during the film so I recommend avoiding the first few rows close to the screen.

Service: Simply put, it is slow. But the staff will advise you of this and as long as you’re proactive on your ordering, it doesn’t take away from the experience too bad. Do not go into expecting to get the same speed of service that you would at most restaurants. Due to the staff trying to be as unnoticeable as possible during the film as well as a few other factors, it takes longer for them to get your food/drinks out to you. It’s not something that would keep me from going back but it’s definitely something to be mindful of for future visits.

Overall Rating: 3.75/5. They’re off to a good start. This is a unique and new theater that Des Moines has embraced. It’s centrally located in the metro area and isn’t overpriced. There’s a few areas that they can improve in (house brews/service) but I’m confident that they will over time. It could serve as an activity for a variety of occasions and I would even go there just to enjoy a few brews due to the high amount of good brews available. Find a movie that you’re interested in seeing and get out to Flix for a satisfactory night of craft beers/dining/movies.

Coming to Shelves? Stone Ruinten now a Triple, Central Waters, next Stone Stochasticity Project, Double Two Hearted Ale?

May 18, 2015

Some tidbits on some upcoming releases that may hit Eastern Iowa shelves. Here we go!:

stone*Stone RuinTen will now be a Triple IPA instead of double IPA. According to the 10th Anniversary release will still come in at 10.8% and will be available in 22 oz bombers. Stay tuned for more on this release.

*Central Waters Summarillo IPL – Central Waters will be throwing their hat into central watersthe ring of IPL makers as they will be releasing Summarillo, their version of an India Pale Lager. No word on the ABV or when it will be released, I’ll keep you posted on this brew.

stone*Stone Stochasticity HiFi+LoFi Mixtape Strong Ale – the following comes from the Stochasticity website:

A beer that pays homage to a centuries-old tradition of combining new beer with aged “stock ales.” Freshly brewed beers of the day often were very smoky and bitter tasting, and were blended with older beer that had mellowed with age to produce more drinkable libations. This modern brew will showcase our brewers’ talents by blending a stock ale aged more than three months in oak foudres (large wooden fermentation vessels) with a fresh version of the same beer to create a perfect harmony spanning end to end on the taste spectrum.

bells*Bells Double Two Hearted released a nice little teaser today of a keg label of Bells Double Two Hearted Ale. No word on if this beer will be available outside of Michigan, bottled, or draft only, but it sure is making my mouth water thinking about it. Hopefully more news to come on this possible brew.

Update: Dubuque Brewfest at America’s River Festival June 13th

May 14, 2015

Just confirmed Toppling Goliath.


Saturday, June 13  |  Port of Dubuque, Iowa
America’s River Festival Brewfest is a celebration of premier craft beers and their Masters from around the State of Iowa and the Tri-State area. 
Take in a day of live music with the Matt McPherson Band on the US Cellular Regional Stage, and terrifi­c beer vendors such as Jubeck Brewery, Potosi Brewery, Galena Brewing Company, Firetrucker Brewery, Franklin Street Brewing Company, Confluence Brewing, and many more. Located in the Port of Dubuque and on the banks of the Mississippi River, Brewfest serves as the kickoff- party for Saturday night’s activities at America’s River Festival.


Stone Farking Wheaton – W00TStout Returns In July 2015?

May 13, 2015

stoneThe reason the question mark is behind it is because I haven’t heard if it’s hitting all of Stone’s distribution or if it is a limited release. I would love to see this one back, either way, here’s the release courtesy of

Here’s your first look at the 2015 packaging as Stone Farking Wheaton W00TStout returns.  This Drew Curtis / Wil Wheaton / Greg Koch co-brew will continue to use cocoa, pecans, wheat & rye and it will still be partially aged in Bourbon barrels.  For 2015, the guys added in a version of last year’s vintage that was aged in Bourbon barrels for a year and a new label designed by Dave “The Reverend” Johnson.  This beer will be packaged in 22oz bottles for a July release and the beer comes in a bit higher this year at 13.5%-AbV


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