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Stone’s Next Project: Enjoy After Series Brett IPA

August 31, 2014

stoneThe only thing that the article does not talk about is where these beers will be distributed and when. So fellow Iowans, keep our fingers crossed because this sounds amazing and Stone’s marketing and labeling hits another home run. The article is from 

Here’s your breaking beer news of the day…and in a few days you’ll see it elsewhere so check it out here first!  Stone will be launching a new series of beers that are called Enjoy After.  This is the first edition and it will be Enjoy After 10.31.15.  Playing on the success of their Enjoy By series of beers, this series takes the opposite tack and recommends you cellar the IPA until at least the date on the label so it has a chance to develop and mature.  This IPA will be “spiked” at the time of bottling with Brettanomyces wild yeast and the date on the bottle indicates the earliest you should open the beer because that is how long it will take to be fully carbonated.  Stay tuned for release details.

Blackstone Restaurant + Confluence Brewery One Night Stand; Friday, August 29th

August 28, 2014

CBC_14_SocialMedia_BlackstoneBlackStone Restaurant & Confluence Brewery

One Night Stand
1 brewery, 1 night
Friday August 29th, 4:00 PM
Draft lineup:
Des Moines IPA 
Capitol Gold Lager / Blue Corn Lager to follow
Thomas Beck Black IPA 
Weiss grip Hefeweizen – last keg of this limited hefe
Port Barrel Aged Camp Fire  
Cedar Ridge Barrel Aged Milk Man Stout – aging since last year
Mayday Mayday Maibock 
Barley & Me Pale Ale 
Farmer Johns Wheat 
Rock Dodger Double IPA – last keg of this DIPA 
Entrée Specials 
Grilled Sausage Stacks 
Skewers of Italian sausage, pearl onions & herb cheese stuffed peppers with arugula, spicy mustard & sweet onion vinaigrette 
Brisket Sandwich 
Fire braised beef brisket, horseradish slaw, pickled onions, brioche bun 
Port Aged Beef Tenderloin 
Wild mushrooms, port aged smoky black lager, broccolini & a sherry compote butter
Beer Battered Apple Rings 
Granny smith apples, dark porter jelly caramel, powdered sugar 
Draft beer flights will also be available as well as some beer schwag, t shirts, prizes and more. 
Upcoming One Night Stands
Goose Island – 9/19 – Bourbon County variants…
Founders Brewing, Part Three – 10/10 – stout season is approaching..
Cheers to great food and tasty brews!


New Belgium Hop Kitchen #7 Releasing this Week: Hop the Pond Double IPA

August 27, 2014

hopThe following comes from New Belgium’s press release:

New Belgium Brewing’s “Hop Kitchen” is a hoppy playground for the brewers to play around. The seventh edition of the series is a veritable United Nations of hops additions you’ll come to know as Hop the Pond. So named, because the beer features hops and malts from many nations.

Hop the Pond IPA is a trip around the world in 80 IBUs. Experience Admiral hops from England, Galaxy from Australia and Citra from the US of A. The malt bill hails from Chile, Germany, England and Canada. Set sail with one sip.

New Belgium Hop the Pond will be available in 22oz bombers, and draft.

Style: Imperial IPA

Hops: Admiral, Galaxy, Citra

Coming this Fall from Founders Brewing Co.

August 27, 2014

foundersThe following comes from Founders Brewing press release. Sounds like some more deliciousness is headed our way this fall: 

Fall is around the corner, and it’s a good time for beer. We’ll be releasing the four beers above over the next couple of months, so be on the lookout.

  • Mosaic Promise is our single malt, single hop beer brewed in honor ofArtPrize. It will be released starting on September 13 in Michigan, Wisconsin, greater New York City and greater Chicago. Read more.
  • Breakfast Stout‘s release harks the beginning of Stout Season. An oatmeal stout brewed with coffee and chocolates, it will be released in late September or early October, depending on distributor shipments in your area. Read more.
  • Dark Penance is an Imperial Black IPA and is the newest addition to our portfolio of world-class IPAs. It’s the first beer to be added to our lineup since All Day IPA in spring 2012. It will be available across our footprint starting on October 1. Read more.
  • Harvest Ale is a limited release wet-hopped ale that celebrates the hop harvest. Its release is dependent on when we get our delivery of whole-cone hops into the brewery–it will likely be available sometime in October.

Quarter Barrel Brewery/Arcade Opening in 2015 in Cedar Rapids

August 26, 2014

quarter barrelDave Dewitte of Corridor Business ( just released an article on their website saying another microbrewery will be opening up in 2015 in Cedar Rapids. This one, however, has a different twist. It will be a retro arcade game brewery. Here are some highlights from the article:

Quarter Barrel, a vintage arcade-themed microbrewery, is aiming for a spring 2015 opening. Customers will have to decide whether a game of Donkey Kong goes down best with ale, porter, stout or other handcrafted brews.

Entertainment will revolve more than 30 video arcade games from the 1970s to the late 1980s, such as Mr. Do’s Wild Ride, Donkey Kong and Galaga. The period was the “golden age” of video arcades, according to co-owner Chris Ellis, and a generation of Gen-Xers and baby boomers still remember them fondly.

The trio set its sights on downtown Cedar Rapids, and purchased 616 Second Ave. SE earlier this year. It is a century-old storefront building that had been built to house an electric automobile charging station and battery store in the days when most automobiles in Cedar Rapids were electric.

Mr. Ellis said Quarter Barrel plans to be a small, 7 to 10-barrel brewing operation that initially, at least, would brew beer for on-premises consumption. But Mr. Ellis hopes to break free of what he considers a limiting formula for beer menus in most brewpubs that leans heavily on popular standards. A hops-heavy pilsner, for example, could be offered as a substitute for an IPA. A Baltic porter might be featured instead of a stout beer. They are also planning a crowdfunding campaign that will involve some specialty beers for subscribers.

To view the entire Corridor Business article follow this link:

Beer Review #118: Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Natale Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top

August 25, 2014

eveil twinThe name sold me on this brew, and with most Evil Twin offerings I was expecting it to be good. Some of their brews have been great, and some I thought missed the mark for my tastebuds, but this one seems like a can’t miss. Adding sour cherries to an imperial porter had me salivating on the spot so I grabbed a bottle which my local Hy-Vee had marked down to $7.99 from the original $13.99 price tag. 

I shared this bottle with a buddy of mine and before drinking it I went ahead and read some reviews on Untappd from some people whose opinions I respect and half of those fine folks found this beer to be a bit medicinal and didn’t care for it while others thought it to be one of their favorite porter style beers they’ve had. Here’s what I found:

Off the pour with a decent sized tan head. Dark black color and quite a bit of lacing around my glass. The aroma wasn’t dominated by the cherry at all but much like any imperial stout/porter; chocolate and coffee were very present. The taste right away was a bitter chocolate with a small amount of dark fruit present. Not a cherry overload, but I was hoping for more cherries than what I got. Maybe the “cherry on top” in the title suggests a tad bit of cherry flavoring and not a more abundant amount, so if that’s the case, my bad.

Overall, it was decent. At $13.99 a bottle I would pass as I was hoping for a little more than “decent”, but the $7.99 price tag made me feel better about the purchase. Was this something that needed to be fresh? If so, that’s my fault. I think a Founders Porter or Deschutes Black Butte could satisfy my porter needs just as well as this imperial, if not better.


STYLE: Imperial Porter

ABV: 11.5%

PURCHASED AT: Oakland Road Hy-Vee

POUR: Dark black with a thick, tan head.

AROMA: Dark chocolate and coffee.

TASTE: Dark chocolate and coffee with a touch of dark fruits. rating: 98/100

Beeradvocate rating: 92/A

Overall: C+

My recommendation:I might take a little flack for this rating but it just didn’t do it for me. It was decent. That’s the bland word I would use to describe it. A lot of great porters out there that I would buy over this.

New Holland Brewing coming to Iowa by September!

August 15, 2014

new hollandThe following comes from a New Holland press release and is courtesey of More beer coming our way, can’t wait!

(Holland, MI) – Holland, Michigan-based craft brewery and artisan distiller, New Holland Brewing Co. has announced plans to distribute their products to four new markets across the great plains and into the Rocky Mountains beginning mid-August. Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa will soon be a part of the brewery’s now 24-state territory for beer and 17-state territory for spirits, including Washington D.C. To celebrate, New Holland will be hosting a handful of events in each state in August and September to kick off their launch in Central U.S.

“We are inspired by our mission to contribute flavorful choices to the passionate and thirsty craft drinkers,” stated Fred Bueltmann, VP of Brand and Lifestyle. “We feel connected to these markets for so many reasons, and have heard the call of demand for our beers and spirits. It’s clear there is a strong and growing craft scene, with passionate and dedicated people moving it forward”

New Holland has tapped several respected companies as their distributors for the new territories. CR Goodman in Colorado, Quality Brands of Omaha and Double Eagle in Lincoln, Nebraska, Worldwide Wine and Spirits in Kansas, and Glazer’s of Iowa. “It is amazing to see the remarkable level of service in the craft distribution game,” stated Bueltmann. “We have come a long way as an industry and we are impressed and excited to work with our new partners.”

New Holland will release their Year Round series of craft beer (Mad Hatter IPA, Sundog Amber Ale, Full Circle Kolsh, Monkey King Saison, The Poet Oatmeal Stout and Dragon’s Milk Barrel-Aged Stout) and many of their spirits (Knickerbocker Gin, Hatter Royale Hopped Whiskey and Clockwork Orange Liqueur), as well as several seasonal offerings, with their popular but allocated Beer Barrel Bourbon to follow as production allows. Additionally, the New Holland and Carhartt collaboration brew – The Carhartt Woodsman – will be launched in mid-September.

“As Midwesterners, we have great affinity for the lifestyle of the Great Plains and the Rockies. We embrace the outdoors, craftsmanship and taking time to linger over flavors and conversation. We’re looking forward to sharing New Holland’s Stop and Taste way of life.”


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