Coming to Shelves? Stone Ruinten now a Triple, Central Waters, next Stone Stochasticity Project, Double Two Hearted Ale?

Some tidbits on some upcoming releases that may hit Eastern Iowa shelves. Here we go!:

stone*Stone RuinTen will now be a Triple IPA instead of double IPA. According to the 10th Anniversary release will still come in at 10.8% and will be available in 22 oz bombers. Stay tuned for more on this release.

*Central Waters Summarillo IPL – Central Waters will be throwing their hat into central watersthe ring of IPL makers as they will be releasing Summarillo, their version of an India Pale Lager. No word on the ABV or when it will be released, I’ll keep you posted on this brew.

stone*Stone Stochasticity HiFi+LoFi Mixtape Strong Ale – the following comes from the Stochasticity website:

A beer that pays homage to a centuries-old tradition of combining new beer with aged “stock ales.” Freshly brewed beers of the day often were very smoky and bitter tasting, and were blended with older beer that had mellowed with age to produce more drinkable libations. This modern brew will showcase our brewers’ talents by blending a stock ale aged more than three months in oak foudres (large wooden fermentation vessels) with a fresh version of the same beer to create a perfect harmony spanning end to end on the taste spectrum.

bells*Bells Double Two Hearted released a nice little teaser today of a keg label of Bells Double Two Hearted Ale. No word on if this beer will be available outside of Michigan, bottled, or draft only, but it sure is making my mouth water thinking about it. Hopefully more news to come on this possible brew.