Cedar Rapids Brewing Society hosts “Drink Local Festival” tomorrow (8/21) @ Benz Beverage Depot at 1 p.m.!

If you are in the Cedar Rapids area tomorrow, it is the perfect time to support local brewers as the Cedar Rapids Brewing Society is hosting the “Drink Local Festival” starting at 1:00 p.m. at Benz Beverage Depot! Here’s isore on this event:

We’re excited to announce that our annual beer festival is back for 2021
Join the Cedar Rapids Brewing Society, Home brew clubs from across the state, and Professional Craft Brewers in celebrating the art of Craft Beer.Tickets are $30 and can be purchased via eventbrite.https://www.eventbrite.com/…/drink-local-festival…

The perfect chance to try the best homebrews the state of Iowa has to offer, including the infamous F*** Your Face Triple IPA!

Humble Forager, Energy City, MORE, Mason Ale Works, Modist, Aslin, Fair State, and Untitled Art brews coming from Pequod!

Humble Bumble V3 – 5% ABV
Mango piña colada (mango, pineapple, Calamansi, coconut, tiger lily blossoms, Wildflower honey).This mango infused piña colada is reminiscent of a fresh fruit cocktail.  

Pineapple Orange Zephyr Turbine
This is a jam packed breakfast beer that will transport you to a tropical oasis! Imagine fresh squeezed orange juice topped with spoonfuls of crushed pineapple and garnished with a flower of Citra Hops in this American Sour Ale.

Mango’rine Sorbet IPA
Creamy mango, zesty tangerine and floral Citra hops combine to create a pungent and succulent experience. With all the fruit added after fermentation this is truly a slushy version of a NEIPA. 6.8% ABV

Apple Cranberry Crumble Mosa
This dessert-themed hard smoothie seltzer showcases a full gooey body from baked apple pectins along with spicy cinnamon, rich brown sugar and warming alcohol. All that comforting goodness is nicely balanced with tart cranberries and a white wine-like finish. 6.5% ABV=

Mango Strawberry Mosa
This is a liquid version of a decadent fruit sorbet! We added tons of mango purée to create a sweet and creamy base. We then layered in enough fresh strawberries for some tartness and a floral finish. 6.5% ABV.

Dusty – 6% ABV
A New England-style Pale Ale brewed and dry hopped with loads of Citra hops to create flavors of grapefruit, passionfruit, lychee, and orange zest.

Lemon Meringue Dbl Marbles – 7.5%
Newest addition to the Marbles series… A Milkshake-style Double IPA with Meyer lemon, vanilla, & milk sugar added. Not overly sweet, with nice lemon flavor and medium body. This is truly an impressive beer.

Creature McMason – 13% ABV
Earlier this year we got with our friends over at Creative Creature to do an Acai Bowl inspired pastry sour. Our end of the collab had the same idea, but in stout form! This huge, sweet, fruity, and rich stout will be sure to leave you wanting more after every sip. With a finishing gravity of 14 plato, the 13.5% ABV won’t even be detectable. Beware! If you have a sweet tooth this one may be dangerous.

Nelson Revengence – 8% ABV
Absolutely bursting with Nelson, this collaboration single hopped IPA with our friends over at beer zombies is exploding with the gooseberry and tropical flavors that nelson is known for. All late addition hops and dual dry hops also get rid of any potential bitterness lending to an absolute juice bomb of a Hazy DIPA.

One Man Riot – 7.5% ABV
Named for that friend we all have who can single handedly destroy a room without even trying, One Man Riot is our year-round Hazy IPA. Loaded up with Mandarina Bavaria, Citra and Nelson hops, this beer is juicy as hell. Enjoyed best with friends, homies, Star Wards fanatics and Conor McGregor…

Zombie Aneurysm – 8.5%
DDH hazy double IPA with Galaxy, Citra, Talus & Pacific Sunrise. Big bursts of bright citrus featuring lemons and clementine followed by tropical fruits and stone fruit jammy sweetness. With a hint of earth and pine on the back end

Greens Greens Hazy IPA 
What does it take for your average pink blob to become a hero? Does it have to do with inhaling, holding it in your lungs for a bit, and releasing? Does it have to do with absorbing your enemies and becoming a little spacey? No. GREEN GREENS makes its triumphant return.
Welcome the return of GREEN GREENS, our New England IPA hopped & double dry hopped w/ Sabro, Galaxy & Simcoe Cryo

Half Believeing TIME – Apricot, Cara Cara Orange, Coconut, almond, vanilla Fruited Berlinerweisse 
Ponder time and life itself with Half Believing Time, our latest in the Half Believing series: a Fruited Berliner Weisse w/ wheat malt, apricot, Cara Cara orange, cherry, coconut, almonds, milk sugar & vanilla beans.

Mostly M’s 
Mmmmm a *new* DIPA. Mostly M’s is a mouthful. Idaho7, Mosaic & Motueka mingle masterfully to manifest a magnificently multidimensional malt. Mosey on into the weekend with a 4-pack (or maaaybe three??) of this heavy hitter

Notes from the Underground – Drekker Collab
Notes From The Underground is a Double Dry Hopped DIPA we did in collaboration with @drekkerbrewing! We’ve got a fever and the only prescription is… Voss yeast and dry hopping with Sultana, Sabro, Citra and NZH107! You thought we were going to say, “cowbell?”

Demonic Woodland Creatures
Demonic Woodland Critters is a collaboration with our buds @thinmanbrewery out of Buffalo, NY. This Sour Ale is packed with raspberries, blackberries & lemon for a fruit-forward puckery flavor. Mellow marshmallow, macadamia nuts & milk sugar give it a delectably creamy mouthfeel & a touch of sweet.

pterodactyl Trampoline IPA
Citra, Motueka, Sabro, Vic Secret & milk sugar.

Purple orange Starfish
Starfish but make it PURPLE. A twist on one of our ol’ reliables, Purple Starfish is hopped with Citra, (a bit more) Mosaic & rounded out with Galaxy.
This IPA is juicy & full of citrus-y flavor but still totally crushable.

Bringing Extra Sexy Back 
This DIPA is an amped up version of a favorite, dry-hopped with Mosaic. It’s giving us sweet berry, ripe peach, & mango, all wrapped up in a smooth dank finish.

Jenerik Triple IPA – 13% ABv ALL CITRA
Jenerik is a triple dry-hopped, triple IPA with ALL Citra hops. Yeah, all Citra.
Basic, but like, in the best way.

Mango Freeze 
Mango Freeze is our NEW Sour Ale brewed with Mango & non-dairy vanilla frozen yogurt. Gently tart, full of mango flavor & big on creaminess.

Hazelnut Imperial Milkstout – Collaboration with Mikerphone Brewing (see photo)
One of the highest rated beers from Untitled Art returns with the 2021 version. Ratings Link  it’s bold and smooth with big notes of hazelnut and chocolate. 

Bourbon Barrel Aged Hazelnut imperial Milkstout – 2020 version Collaboration with Mikerphone Brewing
This is the newest 2020 version of their infamous Bourbon Barrel aged beer. NOW IN CANS!

Festbier Oktoberfest Lager – 5.7% ABV 
We’ve brewed this beer every fall since 2014, and it’s usually one of our very favorite lagers of the year. We decoction mash Festbier, which means we actually boil part of the grain in order to capture the elusive malty but not sweet body that makes it such an absolute joy to drink in quantity.

Tasting Notes – Crisp but beefy, strong malt character, malty but not sweet. Well-balanced

Art & Agriculture DDH Hazy IPA  – Collaboration with Pinthouse Pizza 6.6% ABV
Beer is in large part an agricultural product, even though we don’t think about it that way very often. The aromatic quality of an IPA, for example, is determined by the quality of the hops that go into the tank. Art & Agriculture is a beer that’s all about hop selection. We happened to select the same lot of Mosaic from the Yakima valley for our 2020 crop year Mosaics as our friends at Pinthouse, and we thought we’d celebrate by brewing a beer with them. The hops selected for this year bring a ton of tropical and dank character to our beers, with a super high degree of intensity, and we’re happy to have a chance to show them off.

Cedar Rapids Craft Beer Week returns August 21st!

May be an image of drink and text that says 'RAPIDS BEER BEER CEDAR WEEK O WIE'

Just a reminder that Cedar Rapids Craft Beer Week is back starting on August 21st and going until August 28th! I’ll try to post updates on brewery events and announcements. Here’s more:

Cedar Rapids Craft Beer Week is back August 21st-28th! Watch for announcements about each brewery’s events and mark Saturday, August 28th on your calendar for beers, fun and games at a wrap-up brewnival at NewBo Market.

Updates will continue leading up to the week of as to what is being brewed and offered and what other events and food are taking place, so check back often here or hit up Keeping it Craft or Iowa Beer on Facebook by clicking the link in the title! Breweries included:

*Thew Brewing
*Lion Bridge Brewing
*House Divided Brewing
*Iowa Brewing
*3rd Base Brewing
*Clock House Brewing

Prairie Beers coming from Abu Nawas!

Prairie Artisan Ales:

  • Prairie Artisan Ales Lemon Slice 6/4/12oz CANS – Prairie’s take on a lemon meringue pie! Packed with lemon juice, lemon zest, and vanilla! 5.2% ABV.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Just The Juice 6/4/12oz CANS – Imperial Pastry Sour brewed with Apricots, Blood Oranges, Mangoes, and Vanilla. 7.4% ABV.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Spicy Pickle Monster 6/4/12oz CANS – Sour Ale with Spicy Dill Pickles, Orange, Lemon, and Lime. 5.8% ABV. Surprisingly Delicious!
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Sour Mix Pack 2/12/12oz CANS – 2 – 12 packs per case. Each pack includes 4 Cans Rainbow Sherbet 4 Cans Vape Trick 4 Cans Punch
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Rainbow Sherbet 12-Pack 2/12/12oz CANS – ****NOW IN 12-PACKS**** Have you ever drank a rainbow? Well, now you can! Sour ale with raspberry, pineapple, and orange. 5.2% ABV.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Rainbow Sherbet 6/4/12oz CANS – Have you ever drank a rainbow? Well, now you can! Sour ale with raspberry, pineapple, and orange. 5.2% ABV.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Slush 6/4/12oz CANS – Sour ale with Strawberry and Raspberry. Finished with fresh lemon and lime zest. 6.1% ABV.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Vape Tricks 6/4/12oz CANS – Sour Ale Aged on Cherries. 5.9% ABV.  
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Millennial Mansion 6/4/12oz CANS – Imperial Sour Ale with Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Lime, Blueberry, Cherry, and Marshmallow. 7.7% ABV.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Cocoa Berry 6/4/12oz CANS – Imperial Sour Pastry Ale with Orange, Lemon, Lime, Raspberry, Blueberry, Grapefruit, Cacao Nibs, and Toasted Marshmallow. 7.5% ABV.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Spectrum 6/4/12oz CANS – Sour Ale with Cinnamon, Hibiscus, and Chili Peppers. 5.3% ABV.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Plum Conundrum 6/4/12oz CANS – Sour Ale with Plum, Black Currant, and Blackberry. 5.2% ABV.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie Flare 6/4/12oz CAN – Gose with Citrus Fruits and Coriander. 5.4% ABV.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Standard 6/4/12oz CAN – Light, Crisp Farmhouse Ale Dry-Hopped with Motueka hops, a lovely New Zealand hop with a spicy lime-like flavor and aroma. 5.6% ABV.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Phantasmagoria 6/4/12oz CAN – Big, Bold Double IPA. 8.0% ABV.  
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Moscow Mule 6/4/12oz CANS – Moscow Mule Double Hard Seltzer. 8.7% ABV.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales BOMB 12/12oz – The beer that started it all for Prairie. Imperial Stout aged on coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and chili peppers. 13.0% ABV.
  • Prairie Artisan Ales You Gotta Horchata 12/12oz – Horchata inspired Imperial Stout with Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Sugar. This treat is packed with cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar and will satisfy your craving whether it’s sweet or boozy! 10.8% ABV. 
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Paradise 12/12oz Bottles – Imperial Stout with Vanilla and Coconut. 13% ABV.

Iowa Craft Brew Festival set for August 7th!

Mark your calendars for August 7th and get online and click HERE to purchase tickets to this year’s Iowa Craft Brew Festival. The festival will be taking place at Water Works Park, Lauridsen Amphitheater in Des Moines! It will feature of 50 of Iowa’s best craft breweries, cideries, and meaderies. Here’s more on this popular event courtesy of the Iowa Brewer’s Guild:

General Ticket Info

Saturday, August 7th, 2021

The Iowa Craft Brew Festival is back with a new location and plenty of space to spread out. We have moved to Lauridsen Amphitheater at Water Works Park, a space large enough to accommodate over 100 Iowa Breweries.

Craft beer lovers will enjoy live music from The Sheet, Mike Vallely & The Complete Disaster, all while enjoying unlimited samples of over 300 varieties of beer.

Food will be available for purchase from some of central Iowa’s favorite food trucks and a bike valet will be provided courtesy of the Iowa Bicycle Collective. All tickets include a commemorative sampling glass, and free parking is available adjacent to the festival grounds.

$55 VIP Ticket – Enjoy one hour early entry to the festival along with access to limited release offerings beginning at noon. Ticket also includes unlimited samples until 4:00, live music and commemorative sampling glass.

$40 GA Ticket – Access to the festival at 1:00 with unlimited samples until 4:00, live music and commemorative sampling glass.

$5 Designated Driver Ticket – Includes access to the Festival and live music.

Iowa Craft Beer Festival will be held rain or shine and all tickets are non-refundable. This is a 21 and over event.

Timber Ales, Hoof Hearted, Stillwater, Off Color and Evil Twin brews coming from Abu Nawas!

Another week means more beers on the way from Abu Nawas! Here’s what’s coming down the line:


  • Timber Ales / Phase Three Collab. Chasing the Chaos 6/4/16oz CANS – Neapolitan Imperial Stout, brewed with Vanilla, Cocoa, and Strawberry. 12% ABV. 
  • Timber Ales / Horus Aged Ales / Mindful Ales Collab. Vanilla Maris 6/4/16oz CANS – An English-style Barleywine Aged on Vanilla Beans. 12% ABV.


  • Hoof Hearted Drop the Fries 6/4/16oz CANS – Frappe Double IPA with Cacao Nibs, Vanilla, Milk Sugar, and French Fries. 9% ABV. 🍺🍟
  • Hoof Hearted Tailpipin’ 6/4/16oz CANS – IPA brewed with Pilsner Malts and Hopped with Citra and Sirachi Ace. 6.5% ABV.
  • Hoof Hearted Skin Froot 6/4/16oz CANS – Fruited Sour Ale with heavy amounts of Peach and Mango. 4.5% ABV.
  • Hoof Hearted Rose Gose 4/6/16oz CAN – Gose Brewed with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Coriander, Hibiscus, then soured with Lactobacillus and fermented with Saison yeast. 4.2% ABV.
  • Hoof Hearted One More Again 4/6/12oz CAN – Czech-Style Pilsner. 4.5% ABV.
  • Hoof Hearted TURBOWATER – Methode Champenoise 6/4/16oz CANS – Chardonnay Grape, Vanilla, and Almonds Hard Seltzer. Collaboration w/ Evil Water. 5.5% ABV.


  • Stillwater Moonmosa 6/4/16oz CANS – Dry-Hopped Sour Ale with Blood Orange & Mango, Sprinkle of Sea Salt. 6% ABV.
  • Stillwater Sparkling mixed 12-packs. Each case contains 2 x 12pk  and each pack will contain 3x12oz cans each of Citrus Haze, Ritual Pineapple, Rose Rosé, & Electric Yuzu. Just in time for summer! ****5 Cases Only****
  • Stillwater Premium (Postmodern Beer) 6/4/16oz CAN – A deconstruction of the post-prohibition industrial lager. Fermented with Brettanomyces – heavy dose of Hallertau Mittelfrüh & Blanc, and an accent of Galaxy. Welcome to the future! 4.5% ABV. 
  • Stillwater New Gold 6/4/16oz CANS – Outstanding Hoppy Modern Blonde Ale. all the vibes you want from an IPA with a Blonde Ale Twist. 6% ABV.
  • Stillwater EXTRA DRY 6/4/16oz CANS –  Definitely one of our Island Beers. Sake Style Saison brewed with sake rice and dry-hopped with Citra, Hallertau Blanc, and Sterling. 4.2% ABV.
  • Stillwater Stateside Saison 6/4/16oz CAN – Stillwater’s flagship beer, An ‘American Farmhouse Ale.’ It’s a Belgian-inspired brew that uses a combination of European malts, hops from New Zealand and the United States.. and a classic farmhouse yeast to achieve a fruity, yet spicy, melange of flavors and aroma. Show Less. 6.8% ABV.
  • Stillwater Insetto 6/4/12oz CANS – Dry-hopped Sour with Italian plum. The beer-drinkers’ rosé. 5% ABV.


  • Off Color Apex Predator 6/4/16oz CAN – Sometimes John gets tired of telling the yeast what to do. For Apex Predator Farmhouse Ale, he pitches the yeast cold, turns off the temperature control, and let the yeast do its thing. 6.5% ABV.
  • Off Color Very, Very Far 6/4/16oz CAN – Golden Belgian Style Ale has subtle fruity notes of Apricot, Lychee, Currant, and Honey layered with Noble Hop spice. 6% ABV.
  • Off Color Beer for Cafes 6/4/16oz CANS – Chai Style Ale with Black Tea and Chai Masala Spices (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves) added. 4.0% ABV
  • Off Color Beer for Golf 6/4/16oz CANS – Witbier brewed with Lemon & Black Tea. 4.5% ABV.
  • Off Color Cherry Beer for Pizza 6/4/16oz CANS – Cherry Cola-Style Ale. Secret Ingredient, Maraschino Cherries. 4.5% ABV.
  • Off Color Beer for Pizza 6/4/16oz CAN –  Cola-Style Ale, Inspired by pizza and pop parties. 4.5% ABV.
  • Off Color Beer for Tacos 6/4/16oz CAN – Gose Style Beer with Lime Juice, Pink Himalayan Salt, Coriander. Margaritas anyone? Just make sure you grab some Tacos. 6.5% ABV.


  • Evil Twin Lemon Meringue 6/4/16oz CANS – Sour Ale brewed with Lemon & Marshmallow. 6% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Grape Soda Beer 6/4/12oz CANS – Orange Sour Ale. A beer that tastes exactly like Grape Soda. It really does. 5% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Orange Soda Beer 6/4/12oz CANS – Orange Sour Ale. A beer that tastes exactly like Orange Soda. It really does. 5% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Root Beer Soda Beer 6/4/12oz CANS – Root Beer Sour Ale. A beer that tastes exactly like Root Beer Soda. It really does. 5% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Low Life 6/4/16oz CANS – Hoppy Pilsner. Why drink a high life when you can have a Low Life? 5.5% ABV.

N/A beer for the beer drinker is here! Athletic Brewing Company has what you need!

Finally, a brewery that is making some N/A craft beer and N/A seltzers for those who aren’t able to drink alcohol! Athletic Brewing Company is here for you! No matter the reason for you not to imbibe on an all alcohol beer/seltzer, Athletic has given you an option that for reaches a sixer of O’douls, especially if you are a craft beer fan. Many options are available from this brewery as far as style goes, you can pick from any of the following:

*Hazy IPA
*Golden Ale
*Mexican Lager
*Extra Dark
*Justin’s Peanut Butter Brew

I’m looking forward to trying more Athletic beers as they become available, and right now, in Iowa, the distro is limited but I’m hoping to help expand that. So, if you’re interested, hit the link below, try a few, pass it on and hopefully we can get some more Athletic on the shelves! Right now, you can get 10% off of your order, if you are in the IC/CR area and want a taste, please reach out and I can try to make that happen for you. Bar owners, please let me know if you are interested in a N/A beer to carry in your establishment! Cheers!


Lark releasing “Jordan’s Brunch Maple Stout” this Saturday (4/17)!

Lark Brewing will be releasing “Jordan’s Brunch Maple Stout” this Saturday starting @ 10 a.m. for brunch at the Lark taproom! This is a small batch release and will be limited to in house pours only so make the trek over and get a taste! Here’s more on this beer courtesy of Lark’s Facebook page:

Jordan’s Brunch is a small batch Imperial Stout, aged with vanilla and chocolate, and blended with BLiS barrel aged maple syrup. Jordan Davis has been requesting a Lark Maple Stout since we first met. Without further delay, we will be releasing Jordan’s Brunch this Saturday @ 10AM…for brunch…Cheers!
(Small Batch – in house pours only)