Backpocket Brrr Fest Pre-Party Details!

The party before the party! Backpocket Brewing in Coralville will be hosting a pre-party before the big Brfr Fest event on Saturday, January 29th! Some amazing beers and tasty food plus much more, check it out:

Did you get your BrrrFest tickets? Join us at Backpocket for a BrrrFest Pre Party! We will be releasing our 2022 BrrrFest: Dark Day German Chocolate Cake Barrel Aged Imperial Chocolate Stout , and Maple Syrup BA Waffle Stout. We will be serving up ALL YOU CAN EAT breakfast from 9-11AM, and releasing a pin variant at 10 AM.

Tickets are $30 and include…(1) Ticket for all you can eat breakfast. (Breakfast will be served from 9 am to 11 am.)(1) 4.5 oz. pour of 2022 BrrrFest: Dark Day:German Chocolate Cake(1) 4.5 oz. pour of Maple Syrup BA Waffle Stout and early access to purchase (4)12oz bottles of BrrrFest Dark Day: German Chocolate Cake and (4) 12oz bottles of Maple Syrup BA Waffle Stout.
FAQ-1. What are we having for breakfast? Breakfast will be Ham, Egg Bake, French Toast, Smoked Cheesy Hashbrowns, Yogurt Parfait Bar, Orange Juice and Coffee.
2. How many bottles can I purchase?Limit (4) BrrrFest Dark Day: German Chocolate Cake bottles per person. Limit (4) Imperial Waffle Stout per person. ABOUT THE BEER.BrrrFest Dark Day: German Chocolate CakeBrrrFest: Dark Day BA Imperial Chocolate Stout was Boiled for twenty four hours, this chocolate stout is the longest boil we have ever done. This imperial stout aged for 12 months has layers of different chocolate and caramel malts. With toasted coconut, roasted pecans, and a hint of cherry puree. Believe us when we say this dessert stout is not like the others. Imperial Waffle StoutImperial Stout barrel aged in maple syrup barrels for 12+ months infused with 150lbs of waffles, with maple syrup, and vanilla. TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE!…/brrrfest-pre-party-2022…Tickets are now on sale for our BrrrFest Pre Party!

Untitled Art, Blackstack, and Equilibrium coming from Pequod!

Barrel Aged French Toast Stout
13.5% imperial stout with maple syrup, cinnamon, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans and milk sugar. All the french toast flavors truly come out in this beer and who doesn’t love some homemade french toast for breakfast? 

Viewers Like You Sour –  PBS MN Collaboration
Inspired by the Shrubs that farmers would drink during harvest time to replenish during long, hot days & steamy apple pies cooling on a window sill. We took a preposterous amount of Honeycrisp, Sweet Tango & Haralson Apple Cider & blended it with our Mixed Culture, Oak Fermented Berliner Base & a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar before conditioning on Cinnamon & Baking Spices.

Disintegration QIPA
You won’t need much help smearing your lipstick after this one. We decided to make a tribute to one of the greatest break up albums of all time. Our Hand-Selected Strata surrounded by a supportive group of our selected Citra Cryo, Sabro Cryo, Mosaic Cryo, Amarillo Cryo, Azacca Cryo, Cashmere Cryo, Idaho 7 Cryo & Ekuanot Cryo. Boys may not cry, but they certainly do Cryo… Get lost in this one

Amarillo By Morning IPA
We got together with our favorite Austin Oil Acolytes, Pinthouse Pizza, to give a little love to the king. An extremely tasty lot of Pinthouse’s selected Amarillo from Oregon and our selected Amarillo from Washington. Amarillo By Morning, Amarillos On My Mind.

Mobius Porter
We’ve gone through great lengths to refine the process to yield a Rich and Creamy Flavor and mouth feel to showcase the decadent flavors yet leave the harsh taste that dark grains can often leave behind. Incredible mouthfeel yet not cloyingly sweet to aid in its drinkability. 

Alleyway Brew IPA
Alleyway Brew has healthy dose of white wheat, flaked oats with a large dry hop of Nelson from Hop Revolution and Citra. Alleyway Brew pours an extremely vibrant opaque yellow with potent flavors of tangerine, passionfruit, mango, and Riesling grape with lighter notes of berry, and New Zealand earth. Alleyway Brew has a creamy mouthfeel and our signature #EQjuice finish that will have you windmilling in the pit at your next NYHC show.

Double Fractal Gosper Island DIPA
Our Double Fractal Series brings you all the goodness of our Fractal and Super Fractal series but in DIPA format. Named after the famous Gosper Island Fractal Set pictured on the label, Double Fractal Gosper Island combines our fractal fermentation, simple 2-row base malt bill, and the brand new HBC 586 hop. If you’re unfamiliar with the still unnamed HBC 586 Hop, read MANGO MANGO MANGO! Pouring a vivid yellow, a dominant ripe tropical mango profile leads into supporting notes of guava, lychee and assorted creamy citrus creamsicles making this a liquid tropical fruit medley. With a luscious body and our escalating #EQjuice profile, Double Fractal Gosper Island will have you seeing fractals and spirals after a few juicy sips.

Fractal HBC 586/Citra IPA
Fractal HBC 586/Citra pours a vibrant yellow releasing complex aromas and flavors of mango, green grapes, dank grass, passionfruit, and earth. The taste follows the aroma with a resinous creamy mouthfeel and a firm but rounded bitterness.

Island Crush Sour
Our newest Sour IPA uses crushed white grapes, passion fruit, pink guava, and pineapple to bring you beach vibes year around. Island Crush pours a tropical yellow sunrise releasing waves of thirst-quenching flavors of tropical paradise in drink form. This tropical fruit bowl medley is fruity, vibrant and is buoyed by a luscious and creamy finish with a #BalancedAcidity that’ll make you feel like you’re chilling on the beach.

Y’all Really Need Science DDH DIPA- Cerebral Collab
Y’all Really Need Science uses a big base of oats & wheat and adds a hop bill of Citra, Nelson, and Strata, before a healthy double dry hop. Y’all Really Need Science pours bright yellow with an aroma of assorted citrus and dank grass. The flavor profile is loaded with citrus, peach fruit cup in syrup, ripe mango slices, lime gummies, and weed in a crazy drinkable dank finish loaded with #EQjuice.

Astro Fluff IPA
Astro Fluff takes one of our latest tropical fruit forward IPA’s and adds astronomical addition of Marshmallow. Pouring like a glass of hoppy haze milk custard, you’ll instantly get pleasant whiffs of tropical fruit salad topped with marshmallow fluff and Grandma’s peaches and cream. Big flavors of passionfruit, fresh squeezed OJ, mango sorbet, and melted orange vanilla creamsicles transform into a luscious mouthfeel leading into a Big Bang of rainbow melon and our #EQjuice finish.

Lion Bridge releasing 3 new beers this week!

Lion Bridge Brewing is giving all of us an early holiday gift as they prepare to release 3 new beers this week! Here’s what’s coming down the line and all available for pre-order as well:

Just in time for turkey day we have THREE new beers coming your way this week! All three available on tap and in package.Pre-order online at…

**Raspberry Cheeseshake (Fruited Sour, 5.5%) – A kettle-soured golden ale with copious amounts of Raspberry, a healthy dose of cheesecakey goodness, and a graham cracker finish. Hope you saved room!

**Blueberry Cheeseshake (Fruited Sour, 5.5%) – A kettle-soured golden ale with copious amounts of Blueberry, a healthy dose of cheesecakey goodness, and a graham cracker finish. Hope you saved room!

**Oakonut Delight (Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Coconut and Caramel added, 9.5%) – Coconut and chocolate and caramel blend with a carefully selected blend of barrel aged beers from our cellar to produce this liquid treat.

Aslin, Blackstack, Modist, Untitled Art, MORE, and Wild Mind coming from Pequod!

Volcano Sauce Sour
The tectonic plates have shifted, letting forth an eruption of gushing blackberries and blueberries. Each burst filled with milk sugar & vanilla for creamsicle smoothness. A freshly canned sour ale with explosively delicious flavor.

Cherry Lime Freeze Sour
Sour Ale brewed with cherry, lime and vanilla frozen yogurt.

Velocirabbit IPA
Using the same amounts of Mosaic, Simcoe and Chinook as Laser Raptors, this beer has a powerful berry aroma and nice pine note. The oats and wheat maintain the creamy mouthfeel that Laser Raptors is known for, lending the lower ABV the ability to make a crispy break just as the hops surprise your palate.

How Now Brown Cow PB/Chocolate/Coffee Milk Stout
The weathers getting colder. How Now Brown Cow will warm you right up. Drinkable peanut butter cup meets coffee all wrapped up in a Milk Stout. Get ready for rich aromas of peanut butter, light roasted coffee, and a smooth chocolatey finish.

Species x Hyperthermic DIPA
Certain yeast strains of Norwegian origin, known as “kveik”, can ferment at extremely high temperatures with little to no off-flavors. Popular with craft brewers for good reason, we naturally decided to put a lot of these strains in the same beer. On top of this, we scrounged around for some additional strains and species of yeast that also perform well at kveik-like temperatures. The result is a big-bodied juice chimera for the ages. 

Drippin’ on the Cheap DIPA
Drippin’ On The Cheap DIPA drinks like absolute silk!! Smooth, Mosaic’s berries & dankness stealing the show upfront, with Citra’s stone fruit and candied clementine to balance it all out.

TDH Sponge Bath DIPA
Our constant pursuit of pillowy hop perfection leads us down many paths, but some combinations lather better than others. Triple helpings of our hand selected Citra Cryo, Mosaic, Cashmere Cryo & Strata. Soothing and refreshing, just like a sponge bath at Burning Man. Relax, Rinse & Repeat.

Pyramid Scheme TIPA
Our hand selected strata and simcoe with some preposterously stinky new zealand motueka & nelson sauvin on a spelt heavy base. Believe us, you’re gonna want to get in on the ground floor of this one. 

Local 755 IPA
Our Foggy Favorite. Azacca, Amarillo & a Gwop of Citra. Soft, Juicy & Hazy like 70’s Home Movies. 

Fugazi Italian Style Pils
Italian-Style Pils dry-hopped adoringly with Czech Kazbek. It’s the Real Deal.

Hex Code
Quantum Mirror x REM5 VR Lab x Modist
Lager brewed with Premium Pilsner malt, milk sugar, marshmallows, pineapple, toasted coconut and Madagascar vanilla beans 

Knees in the Breeze 
There’s not much better than the open road, driving up the west coast, Knees in the Breeze and not a care in the world. Now imagine, after a long day of cruising, cracking open a balanced West Coast IPA.
Introducing Knees in the Breeze, our West Coast IPA w/ pale ale malts, wheat malt, hopped & dry hopped w/ Simcoe, Citra & Cryo El Dorado.

Cinnamon Roll – Gold Stout
Bakery in a glass! This gold stout is a liquid cinnamon roll in a glass. Perfectly balancing the Cinnamon which can be overdone, and landing in at only 8% ABV. I mean, who doesn’t like cinnamon rolls?!
**Lactose Free**

Non-alcoholic Smores Dark Brew
Think of the regular Untitled Art S’mores stout, but now in a non-alcoholic form! This beer will have you warmed up and feeling like you’re sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows. If you’re looking for a N/A option for Thanksgiving, the Smores Dark Brew is the way to go! 

Huntley Helles 
The perfect lounging lager is back and crisper than ever! Whether it’s to beat the end of Summer heat, or embrace the coming of the Fall season, 𝗛𝘂𝗻𝘁𝗹𝗲𝘆 𝗛𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗲𝘀 has you covered and coming back for more. (4.5% ABV)

Arga Strawberry/Kiwi Seltzer
AGRA Strawberry Kiwi is a delicious blend of ripe juicy strawberry and fresh kiwi nectar.

Amplify The Absurdity Sour
This smoothie style sour ale with raspberry, banana, vanilla and marshmallow comes together for a decadent treat in liquor form! We took our base sour ale recipe and amplified it with some of the most delicious flavor combos we could think of along with a healthy dose of milk sugar.

Barn Town releasing “Barrel-Aged Cicada Killer” November 20th!

Add November 20th to your beer calendars and plan a trip to West Des Moines to get in line for the release of Barn Town’s BA Cicada Killer! Here’s more from Barn Town on this sought after release:

Mark those calendars! Saturday, November 20th, BARREL AGED CICADA KILLER is back in two new versions! We are super stoked about these two and look forward to you getting your hands on them! First, COCONUT FUDGE! Thicc and brewed with a ton of toasted coconut and cacao nibs aged for over a year. Second is CINNAMON, COCONUT, CARAMEL, & CHOCOLATE, also aged for over a year. Both will be in new formats of 500 ml bottles. Stay tuned for allotment and price info.

Club 76 announces “9th Annual Stouts, Sours, and Oysterfest” for Saturday March 26th!

Club 76 in North Liberty has announced the date for their always amazing “Stouts, Sours, and Oysterfest” event! Saturday March 26th is the date and tickets will be going on sale on November 28th! Click HERE to follow their Facebook page with updates. Here’s more from Club 76 on this event:

Oysterfest is back. We discovered last year that most people who attended enjoyed the setup change we used last year. We also discovered it worked better for the volunteers and staff as a fewer ticketed and more intimate event with the opportunity to reserve tables. Same great food and spectacular beers selection. Tentative date for tickets to go on sale is November 28. We will update the page if that changes as we are going to try to make the process even easier this year. We will be having our Whiskey Raffle again. This is a great event for the American Legion and the proceeds helps us help the community including brand new scholarships this year locally at Liberty High School for sons and daughters of American Veterans. We also appreciate any feedback back on how we can help local organizations in the community in need especially Veteran or Children in need.

Along with the amazing food, you know there is going to be an amazing, hard to get tap list of some of the best stouts and sours that are attainable in Iowa. Here’s a list of possible brews being tapped at Oysterfest:

2017 Stone Mikhail
2019 Prairie Bible Belt
30th Boulevard Imperial Cuvée
Richard Port Barrel
2015 Sierra BA Narwal
2020 Clown Shoes Hammer of the Holy and Hammer of the Lion
Cascade Kentucky Peach and Pear Mary
Big Grove Trip in the Woods
Multiple Bourbon County’s 18 and Varietals

Urban Artifact coming to Iowa via Pequod! Plus Kinship, Fair State, MORE, Hoosier, Humble Forager, Untitled Art, Blackstack, and Octopi!

Spyglass Sour 
A lemon & lime golden sour ale, Spyglass is tart and refreshing with a lower calorie count.

Paperweight Midwest Fruit Tart
Apricot Midwest Fruit Tart. 3,000lbs of apricots per 30bbl batch.

Bushel Gose
A gose with heritage cider apples and baking spices. Tart, salty, and delicious

Sour Mixed Variety Pack
The mixed twelve packs will feature three cans each of four different beers, two of which are going to be exclusive to the mixed packs. Harrow, Keypunch, Spyglass & Pinery

The Tumi
The Tumi is brewed with 3,000 lbs of Yellow Mombin per 30 bbl batch. Yellow Mombins, also known as caja or hog plums, originate in the rainforests of Central and South America. The taste is vaguely tropical with hints of mango, banana, papaya, and pineapple. 

The Gadget Midwest Fruit Tart 
A Midwest Fruit Tart brewed with 1,200 lbs of blackberries, 1,200 lbs of raspberries, and 30g of vanilla beans per 30 bbl batch

Xmas Pickle Gose
Naughty or Nice, our beloved Pickle Gose is ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed this holiday season. The light and refreshing taste of cucumber and dill make the perfect pairing for all the heavy, holiday feasts to be had. 

Astronaut Food
This otherworldly brew is made with freeze-dried blueberries, and has more fruit than any other beer we’ve made. With a 15% ABV and a dizzying amount of blueberries, this beer is out of this world.

Dear Annie Hazy IPA
Deliciously juicy and hazy love note of lemon peel and orange pith with medium hoppy notes and light bitterness. 

Off the Leash Pils
Modern Iowa Corn Pilsner – Our approach to a refreshing corn lager. Clean, crisp, and off-the-charts crushable.

Kobes Unleashed Kölsch
Light, refreshing, and clean. With a mild bitterness, this traditional brew is super crushable.

Spirit Foul DDH Hazy IPA
Brewed in collaboration with San Diego’s Modern Times Beer, Spirit Foul was Fair State’s first hazy IPA. Brewed with the freshest Strata hops and plenty of Citra and Mosaic for its passion fruit aroma. Pilsner malt, pale wheat, flaked oats, and flaked barley give this beer its soft body and signature haze. Super juicy, tropical, and dank.

Luxury of Restraint IPA
IPA you can see through? Yes, you read that right. The Luxury of Restraint is a collaboration with Shared Brewing (St. Louis, MO), hopped liberally with hand-selected Strata, Simcoe, and Nelson Sauvin. Assertive but polite bitterness, crispy malt character, and notes of stonefruit, gooseberries, nebulous tropicalia, and a waft of dankness. Can- and keg-conditioned for extra intangibles.

Double Hi-Five DIPA  – Collab W/ Ology
This Triple Dry-Hopped Double IPA brewed with our good friends at Ology Brewing is just bursting with tropical notes from 3 massive dry hops of Citra, Galaxy, Idaho 7, and Mosaic. 

Huntley Helles  – Kegs Only
Named to honor the home of our Huntley facility, this German-style lager is brewed with our soft water and some of our favorite German malts and hops, then lagered in our horizontal tank. An extremely soft mouthfeel with a pleasant malt profile and hints of noble hops, then ends in an ever so smooth finish.

Fruit Fusion Blueberry/Mango Yogurt
Fruit Fusion is all about pushing the limits. This brew is no exception as we have paired two amazing fruits (BLUEBERRY & MANGO) with tons of real vanilla yogurt and a touch of granola. This is a thicc boy, and absolutely smooth and delicious.

Chubby Bunny Kiwi Mallowmellon
 Marshmallow and real Kiwi puree.. what more can you ask for!?! Sweet/tart/and absolutely delicious all the way down the hatch. This is the first time that HBC has used Kiwi and we must ask ourselves… why have we waited this long?

Haze Head Seven Candles
Celebrating our seventh year in style with Seven Candles. This one has stupid amounts of hops. Like all of our NEIPAs– they are balanced with a strong backbone of chewy malts, but we pushed hard to give this one an edge as we incorporated seven of our favorite hops! This beer is absolute heaven to the hazy and IPA lovers. This may be the silkiest NEIPA we have offered thus far!

Spin 2 Win Pit Boss
Blueberry, Pomegranate, Black Currant: Three fruits perfectly matched by cupid himself. This brew features ungodly amounts of pure fruit. It is tart, rich, and features a wonderful mouthfeel.

Swingin’ Sticks Imperial Sweet Stout – Collab w/ Angry Chair
Austin teamed up with our friends at Angry Chair Brewing out of Tampa Bay Florida to bring you an Imperial Sweet Stout with coconut from Sri Lanka, pistachios from California, and cocoa nibs from Bolivia. This decadent brew should remind you of a rich chocolatey pistachio ice cream with the perfect amount of coconut and caramel swirl!

Hiking With Pulpit Rock
This newly developed pastry seltzer showcases Pulpit Rock Brewing Company’s innate talents for creating outstanding pastry sours while blending Austin’s style and love for new creations; like his previous Forager Brewery “Seltzer Pops”. The two styles come together for an epic Dole whip meets a citrus gin and tonic one-of-a-kind refreshing summertime beverage that begs you to wonder— just how did they do it?

Haizer Triple IPA Version 4
This triple IPA is brewed with motueka, nelson, citra & hort 4337. Coming in at 9.8%, this beer is incredibly smooth and easy drinking. One of their best TIPA’s to date!

Blackberry Cobbler A La Mode
This berliner weisse style ale with blackberry, pie crust & cinnamon tastes dangerous close to an actual blackberry cobbler. This one will seriously WOW you!

Can I Speak To Your Manager? NEIPA
A lil’ liquid shout out to all of our service industry compatriots. Strata, Mosaic, Ekuanot Cryo & HBC 568 in condescending quantities. Sometimes it’s just one of those nights.

Now Presenting Passionfruit/Plum/Grapefruit Sour
Our Foeder-Fermented Mixed Culture Berliner Base conditioned on gobs of Plum, Grapefruit & Passionfruit with a bit of Milk Sugar to round things out. 

Double Maple Imperial Morning Stout
Brewed with loads of coffee beans and a multiple of maple, this 11% brew goes down smooth. The first notes of maple sweetness are balanced out by the flavors of deep roasted coffee 

Modern Times coming to Iowa via Pequod!

Another week and another big time brewery bringing their beers to our shelves. This time, it is Modern Times coming to us using Pequod Distribution! Not sure on the timeframe of the release but it looks like Modern Times will be getting us their beers quarterly. Stay tuned for more, and take a look below at some of the possible beers we will be seeing!

  • Fortunate Islands –  Tropical Pale Ale
  • Fruitlands w Passionfruit and Guava – Fruit Gose
  • Laser Rain Gose – Gose w/cucumber, lime, & guava
  • Orderville – Hazy Mosaic IPA
  • Space Ways Hazy Nelson IPA – Hazy IPA with Nelson, Motueka, and simcoe
  • Sparkle Wolf – West Coast Ipa w/El Dorado and Mosaic
  • Terebellum – Hazy IPA w/El Dorado, Motueka, Mosaic, and Vics secret
  • Alien Radio Hazy DIPA – Hazy Citra, Idaho 7, Crystal, Simcoe
  • Fractal Realm – DIPA w/citra, Idaho 7, cashmere
  • Dungeon Map West Coast IPA – West Coast IPA w/strata, mosaic, nelson, cent

Limited release series 

  • Glimmer Void 2020 w/ Vanilla 12 x 375mL    BA Red Sour with Strawberries & Vanilla
  • News from Nowhere: Moscatel Cuvvee – red sour cuvee aged from 14-52 months in red wine, cognac, and sherry barrels. Then racked in Setubal Moscatel sherry pipes for 4 months
  • Phantom  Twilight – We aged this foeder-fermented saison in a terracotta amphora for two months before racking onto second-use Montmorency and Balaton cherries. The result is a stunning spectacle of funk with restrained acidity and a delightful mineral and berry character. 
  • Forgotten Landscapes aged in Tawny Port Barrels with Nectarines (Burial Collab)  2020 Release BA Fruited Sour
  • Cosmic Entity Pecan Pie Edition -This marvelously decadent imperial dessert-stout is loaded with house-toasted pecans, house-roasted coffee, coconut, cocoa, and vanilla. 

Reds Alehouse tapping Surly BA Darkness and Darkness on Friday 11/12 @ 5 p.m.!

Reds Alehouse in North Liberty will be hosting a special tapping of Surly’s popular barrel-aged Darkness and regular Darkness on Friday November 12th starting @ 5 p.m.! Here’s more from Reds:

With the Minnesota Gophers coming to town we thought why not have special tappings?!Tapping at 5pm will be Surly BA Darkness’20 and Surly Darkness’20 to pair side by side with a Seafood Special coming from our own Chef Al!Can’t wait till 5 for darkness? Have a couple new happy hour pints from surly while you wait! We’ll also be tapping Caribbean Dream- Sour and Midway Hazy- Hazy IPA.Grant From Surly will be here from 5-7 passing out samples and some swag!