Beer Trends…2018

With the explosion of IPAs, barrel-aged beers, and sours I got to thinking will there be another craft beer trend that will push one of those 3 styles out?

There are many different sub styles or all three of those; hazy IPAs are the craze right now but maybe a newer or a past IPA sub style will be the next Hazy IPA. Barrel-aging has gone from being with stouts and porters to pushing into sours, IPAs, browns, and more; is this a trend that will continue or will that fade a bit? Sours/goses/berliners/flanders are right up there in terms of popularity and demand as well.

I don’t see IPAs slowing down; sure some substyles will trend up but the overall IPA I think will continue to dominate the craft beer market. The same can be said with barrel-aged stouts/porters. I do think classic styles will continue to make their return to breweries/retail. Pilsners, Kolschs, Lagers, and Porters have seen an increase of demand recently. I’m a huge fan of Saisons and think this is a style, which popular by some degree already, could make a splash as well. Maybe not necessarily a style but that can be factored in to additions would be new Hop varieties. It seems like we are hearing on a daily basis about a new hop and it’s flavor profile.

One style I do see making a big jump, especially with warmer months approaching is the the Mexican-Style lager. Putting a craft spin on what used to be a Corona with lime in it could be a great gateway to craft but also could be excellent for the beach/river/pool come this summer. So, my question, at the end of 2018, besides the first 3 listed above, what will be the new craze in craft beer?