It's Time to talk Winter Brews……but this is good news…. I think!

Usually, when Fall winds down I fall into a deep depression that I’m facing the seasonal hell of winter brews; probably my least favorite besides summer brews. I know I can continue to drink stouts, porters, etc. but coming off a high of fantastic Octoberfests and pumpkin ales it’s tough to get excited about winter ales…..until now…………. Just got my newsletter from Sam Adams and they are bringing two new brews to their winter lineup. A new white ale and a gingerbread stout! Check it out!

Source: Boston Beer Company Newsletter

“As the temperature continues to drop and we inch closer towards the winter season, we have been busy brewing a variety of styles that perfectly suit these colder days. Early November will mark the beginning of one of our long standing favorites, Winter Classics. This year’s lineup will include Samuel Adams Boston Lager®, Winter Lager, Old Fezziwig Ale®, Holiday Porter, Chocolate Bock and a brand new holiday brew, >White Christmas.

An unfiltered white ale brewed with holidays spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and orange peel), White Christmas brings together the familiar citrus and wheat characters of a white ale with classic warming holiday spices. This limited edition winter brew can be found in the Winter Classics variety pack as well as in its own 6-pack.

We’re also excited to introduce Samuel Adams® Merry Mischief, a gingerbread stout, as the latest addition to our small batch brews. Only available for a short time starting in November, this rich, dark gingerbread stout bursts with the aromas of the holidays. The smooth sweetness and heartiness of dark roasted malts and a touch of wheat combine with rich warming spices like cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, & ginger to create the essence of gingerbread for a spicy and festive holiday treat.”

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