Big Grove Brewery Announces 7 Course Beer Dinner Featuring Sours Sept. 14th

big groveFollowing their successful 2 year anniversary party this past Saturday, Big Grove Brewery is at it again as they announce plans for a 7 course beer dinner that will focus on sour beers September 14th. Here’s more from Big Grove’s Facebook page:

Anniversary was another huge success, what else could we possibly have in store you ask? Well a 7 course beer dinner sounds like a thing we should do.

How about 7 of the best/rarest/sour beers from around the world paired with Chef Benjamin Smart’s food?

Yes, yes we shall do this. Monday September 14th. Ticket are on sale now – $150 (tax & tip included) 319-624-BEER

If you’re a sour beer fan then this is for you! I’ll post more information as it becomes available, stay tuned!

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