3 New Schalfly Beers Coming: Grapefruit IPA, Noble Lager, Expo IPA

schaflySchlafly will be releasing 3 new beers, 2 of which will be a part of their year-round lineup, and the Noble Lager will be in rotation for the lager series. With the success of Tasmanian IPA and American IPA Schafly continues to impress with their ipa releases and if you’re a fan of Sculpin’s Grapefruit Sclupin I’m guessing the grapefruit IPA release will make you happy. Thanks to beeradvocate member Bottlecaps80 and thewineandcheeseplace.blogspot.com here’s more info on these 3 new releases. Stay tuned on exact release dates for these 3 beers.

grapefruitGrapefruit IPA:

Schlafly Grapefruit IPA is all about the delight of citrus, using real grapefruit as well as citrusy aromatic hops to create a delightful refreshing IPA experience.  Available year round

Noble Lager:noble later

Schlafly Noble Lager has a full-bodied malt character with the perfect balance of hop bitterness and a floral aroma, creating an exceptional example of the classic traditional lager that’s rich, slightly sweet, crisp and clean.  Part of our rotating lager series.

schlafly expo

Expo IPA:

Schlafly Expo IPA delivers the best of all worlds with a fusion of global ingredients from the foremost sources to create a harmoniously delicious world class ale.  Available year round.

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