Kickshaw “Curio” Coming Soon!

curio.jpgKickshaw brewer/owner Bill Heinrich has updated his next project coming down the bottling line. “Curio” will be hitting shelves hopefully by the end of September. Here is Mr. Heinrich’s description of this brew:

While the art of the barrel may be blending, the soul of the craft brewer is experimentation. This batch of golden ale has a malted rye variation that seemed like a good idea when we brewed it at Lion Bridge Brewing CO. I hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoyed trying it. – BH

Stay tuned for further release details and locations!

Kickshaw Barrel Works Releases Account List for Upcoming Release

Kickshaw.jpgKickshaw Barrel Works’ owner/founder Bill Heinrich has the list of accounts that will be selling Kickshaw’s first release which is scheduled to be happening the 1st week of August. Very excited for this release and to see what Bill has in store for us! Here’s the list courtesy of Kickshaw’s Facebook page:

Initial list of accounts for the first Kickshaw release:


John’s Grocery, Iowa City
Benz Beverage Depot, Cedar Rapids
North Dodge Hyvee Wine and Spirits, Iowa City
Mount Vernon Road Hyvee Wine and Spirits, Cedar Rapids
Lion Bridge Brewing Co., Cedar Rapids


Lincoln Wine Bar, Mount Vernon
Club 76 The Lodge, North Liberty
Red Vespa, Solon
Big Grove Brewery, Solon
Lion Bridge Brewing Co., Cedar Rapids

The first run is going to be pretty short, but if you’d like to get on board with some Kickshaw, please let me know and we’ll see what we can do. And there will be more coming, barring any catastrophes.

Former Big Grove Brewer Bill Heinrich Presents Kickshaw Barrel Works

barrelSome big news coming locally today as former Big Grove brewer, Bill Heinrich, has announced that he is starting up Kickshaw Barrel Works and Lion Bridge Brewery will be the host brewery for Kickshaw Barrel Works which will be a migratory brewery. It sounds like Mr. Heinrich is going to be focusing on sours, so if you like brett and lacto, this is going to be right up your alley! Congrats to Bill on this exciting new venture and I can’t wait to try the results! Here’s Kickshaw Barrel Works exclusive press release:

 Kickshaw Barrel Works
And now, a note to the beer universe:
I don’t know about you, but I love the intersection of sour beer and wood. I have an affinity for the multitude of forms that beer takes at that point, from light to full; soft to sharp; still to effervescent. The Belgian classic acid ales and the American experimental sours have each shown the depth and breadth of great beers that come from barrels and have always held me in awe of what can be created from natural complexity.
So I suppose that’s the starting point: a love of microbes, wood, malt, and hops that yield a complex matrix of acids and alcohols, esters and tannins, execution and presentation that is the world of creating and consuming sour beers. It seemed like an impossible dream to do it on my own, to explore the many techniques and styles while simultaneously bringing them to the people with whom I share this community of beer.
Fortunately for me (possibly for you, too, assuming I can make anything good), Quinton and Ana McClain at LION BRIDGE BREWING COMPANY have been unbelievably gracious in their offer to make theirs the inaugural host brewery for the migratory brewer Kickshaw Barrel Works. Quinton and I have worked together multiple times over the last eight years, and his vision for collaboratively creating this project is the rational anchor for my crazy-assed ideas for barrel fermentation of sour beers.
We will celebrate the formation of this effort with a collaboration brew utilizing the strengths of both Lion Bridge and Kickshaw, as we celebrate the strengths of oak, Brettanomyces, and Lactobacillus. And then it’s off to the races, as we fill Kickshaw barrels with all the experimental microflora and use all the experimental techniques that I can come up with.
Get yourself some antacids, friends, because things are about to get weird.
Bill Heinrich
Kickshaw Barrel Works

Big Grove Head Brewer, Bill Heinrich, Leaving Big Grove

big groveBig Grove Brewery head brewer, Bill Heinrich, will be leaving the brewery. His last day will be April 1st. Since Big Grove has opened Bill has been the head brewer and has supplied us with some amazing beers. You will have until April 1st to get over to Big Grove to taste his terrific beer. On a personal note, every time I would visit the brewery, Bill was always gracious enough to talk beer, give samples, and was always interacting with customers. I want to wish Bill the best in whatever he decides to do next, and hopefully he continues making some amazing beers! Cheers Bill!

Big Grove Brewery Richard the Whale Release Schedule and Tasting Notes

big grove


Here’s what we’ve been waiting for! The Big Grove Brewery Richard the Whale Release information big groveand tasting notes. The regular Richard the Whale was absolutely delicious and these variants are sounding amazing as well! I hope everyone gets a taste of what a great local Iowa brewery can do with dedicated brewers and staff. Cheers to Big Grove and I hope to see you at the 2nd Anniversary party!

Big Grove Brewery Thirsty happens.™ Richard the Whale Tasting Notes and Release Schedule

Click the link below to open up the PDF file to check the schedule! 

Richard the Whale Release Info (1)