Kickshaw Barrel Works Releases Account List for Upcoming Release

Kickshaw.jpgKickshaw Barrel Works’ owner/founder Bill Heinrich has the list of accounts that will be selling Kickshaw’s first release which is scheduled to be happening the 1st week of August. Very excited for this release and to see what Bill has in store for us! Here’s the list courtesy of Kickshaw’s Facebook page:

Initial list of accounts for the first Kickshaw release:


John’s Grocery, Iowa City
Benz Beverage Depot, Cedar Rapids
North Dodge Hyvee Wine and Spirits, Iowa City
Mount Vernon Road Hyvee Wine and Spirits, Cedar Rapids
Lion Bridge Brewing Co., Cedar Rapids


Lincoln Wine Bar, Mount Vernon
Club 76 The Lodge, North Liberty
Red Vespa, Solon
Big Grove Brewery, Solon
Lion Bridge Brewing Co., Cedar Rapids

The first run is going to be pretty short, but if you’d like to get on board with some Kickshaw, please let me know and we’ll see what we can do. And there will be more coming, barring any catastrophes.

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