Madhouse Brewing Announces 2018 Carpe Diem Release Party for Friday March 2nd!

madhouseOne of my favorite beers is going to be available again! Starting this Friday, Carpe Diem will once again grace our presence and if you are in the Des Moines area you need to hit up the Madhouse Taproom to get a taste of this terrific brew! Here’s more from a Madhouse Brewing press release:

carpe diem 2018

The official release event for Carpe Diem will be held at Madhouse on Friday, March 2nd.
Doors open at 4pm!
  • Bottle sales will begin promptly at 4pm.
  • Distribution will depend on what stock is remaining after the release party.
  • As always, bring your favorite bottles for sharing!
Carpe Diem is a bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Breakfast Stout made with oats, cacao nibs, Kona coffee, and Iowa maple syrup. 13.5% ABV.

Winestyles Iowa River Landing Hosting Brrr Fest Blowout Sale and Madhouse Tap Takeover Jan. 26th!

winestylesBrrr Fest weekend gets even better as the Iowa River Landing Winestyles location is hosting a Madhouse Brewing tap takeover Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th during Brrr Fest weekend! Here are the deets courtesy of Winestyles Facebook page:

To help celebrate the BrrrFest Awesomeness, we will be having a 2 dayMadhouse Brewing Company Tap Takeover & BrrrFest blowout sale, Friday and Saturday:

10% off all Beer Sales (15% off for Beer Club members)

25% off a large selection of Beers!!

$2 off all Draws

Madhouse Tap Takeover Featuring:

Freedom Toast
New Release: Gin barrel-aged sour with juniper berries (yet to be named)
New Release: New England IPA (yet to be named)
Honey Pilsner
Hopburst IPA
Monk Town

We will also have some very special beer surprises available for purchase.


Drink This! Madhouse Carpe Diem

madhouseAn obvious choice for a Drink This! post but this beer is soooo damn good it’s worth another mention. People lining up anticipating the release, constant social media mentions of the brew and the beer trader pages with the many ISO: Madhouse Carpe Diem tell me that this isn’t a hidden secret of a brew and many of you already know about its greatness.

There are a few releases that I get excited about every year and this is one of them. Since Madhouse has made this beer, every year it has gotten better to the point where I would say that this year’s version is as satisfying and delicious of a beer that I can remember having. Some might say it’s too sweet, or not enough coffee, yadda yadda, to each their own, but for me, pretty damn close to perfection.


Stores sold out fast but call around, maybe there are a few hiding somewhere or maybe Madhouse still has it on tap, or maybe you need to be one of people on the beer trading sites that put out the:

ISO: 2017 Madhouse Carpe Diem

I’m not sure what protocol is but I like to buy a beer and be able to try it, so if you are able to score one, my opinion is to drink it fresh; taste that delicious maple, coffee and chocolate as it mixes perfectly with the oats to make a creamy breakfast masterpiece! One of the best beers coming out of Iowa folks!

Do what you need to do and make sure you get to Drink This brew! Cheers!

Madhouse Brewery Releasing Carpe Diem Tomorrow (February 17th)!

madhouseThe highly anticipated release of Madhouse Brewing’s bourbon barrel aged imperial breakfast stout, Carpe Diem, will be taking place Friday February 17th and Madhouse Brewing in Des Moines, IA. One of my favorite beers of the past year will be released along with some other breakfast themed beers from Madhouse. Here’s more courtesy of Madhouse’s Facebook page:

A breakfast-themed beer release party! Miss Molly’s Jamaican Patty food truck will be on-site serving Jamaican and breakfast foods.

Beers to be released:

CARPE DIEM: Bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Breakfast Stout made with oats, cocao nibs, Kona coffee, and bourbon barrel-aged Iowa maple syrup. Available in 750ml bottles.

FREEDOM TOAST: Bourbon maple barrel-aged Wee-Heavy with cinnamon and vanilla. Draft only.

BLACK & BLUE: Barrel-aged sour Imperial Stout with blackberries and blueberries. Available in 750ml bottles.

CATAWBA-WABA: Barrel-aged sour Saison with fresh Iowa Catawba grape juice added. Draft only.

The event starts at 4:00: For more information visit Madhouse’s Facebook page here and feel free to pick the Baron up a bottle!!

3 Iowa Beers to Drink Now!

beerbaronI couldn’t do just 1 Drink This! edition this time around as the state of Iowa is sending out so much great beer I had to do three! As we approach the 2017 Coralville Brrr Fest and with the program released this past week anticipation is mounting for ticket holders to get a taste of Iowa’s finest breweries and beers. Within the last 5 days I’ve had the opportunity to try 3 amazing beers from 3 amazing Iowa breweries. So here are three beers the you have to DRINK NOW!

img_0990**Big Grove Brewery – Buster Triple IPA** – Buster released this past Tuesday and I knew for sure I had to hit Big Grove and try this baby fresh. Mosaic hops shine with flavors of juicy fruit gum, tropical fruits, and some grassiness. A wonderful dank ass triple IPA. There is one thing that can be bad about this brew…it’s scary drinkable. An 11.4% ABV triple IPA can definitely put you on your ass if you don’t pay attention! This might arguably be the best or one of the best double/triple IPAs in the state. Follow this link to see my post on where it will be available and they also just hit the Cellar Peanut Pub in Pella with a hell of a lineup! So good, can’t wait for another glass! Cheers Big Grove!


IMG_0992.JPG**Lion Bridge Brewery – GAZPROM 2017** – I’ve been waiting for this release since last year. Lion Bridge takes the shitty, dark, long ass month of January and makes pretty damn enjoyable with their Barrel-Aged January releases. A new release, every week, for the month of January and all barrel-aged beers. I’ve loved the Winter Warmer and the Royal Wee but the big dog for me is GAZPROM!. The sweetness from the syrup is the perfect balance to booziness from the barrels. I say this a lot but this is a top-tier beer for me….maybe top 10? Top 5? Either way, I can’t wait to have more of this and thank you Quinton and Alec and Lion Bridge for making January tolerable!


img_0994**Madhouse Brewery – VIP Barrel Aged Vanilla Porter** – was happy my Mt. Vernon Road Hy-Vee had a few bottles of this, wasn’t sure if we would see it all. I had been hearing good things coming from the fine beer folks in Des Moines and was hoping to land one of these. I’ve been hit and miss with vanilla added to my beers. Sometimes I dig it when it’s not over they type vanilla extract and with Madhouse VIP I’m really digging it. The slight sweetness from the vanilla pairs with the barrel and just a faint hint of cigar smoke on the aftertaste. Viscous, tasty, and warming. An excellent companion to a chilly January evening.

There you go Iowa. Three newer beers for you to try. Hopefully all 3 make it somewhere close to your area and you get a taste, and hopefully you enjoyed them as much as I did/do! Cheers!

Madhouse Brewing Sour Release Party set for Friday May 15th

madhouseSaw the following on Facebook. The folks at Madhouse are really getting people buzzing with their sour releases and I’ve heard great things so get there if you can and support an Iowa brewery (feel free to grab me a bottle, can’t make it 😦 Here’s the release:

Yes folks… this is actually happening!! This Friday, Madhouse Brewing Co. will be releasing the first three beers in our line of sour/Brett beers. They will be available in the taproom on draft and in 750ml bottles in very limited quantities. These sour beers are oak-barrel fermented with our house blend of yeast including Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus and then aged for complex flavors and a tart and dry finish. The brewers at Madhouse have been drinking and experimenting with sour beers for over 2 years now, and these beers are the result.

Madhouse Brewing Releasing Sour Beers starting in May


Madhouse Brewing Company out of Des Moines will start releasing sour beers coming this May according to their website. Here’s more courtesy of Madhouse’s webpage:


Madhouse sour beers are uniquely American. We do not try to replicate European styles, but instead use the New World tradition of borrowing Old World techniques from countries including Belgian, Germany, and France to produce innovative new beers. Our sours are made with a unique house blend of yeast (including Brett) and lactic acid bacteria.


Satori Saison- Tart and funky saison.

A.M. Haze- Dry hopped with Amarillo and Mosaic.

Sour Diesel- Dark sour ale.

Blue Dream- Blueberry sour ale.

Hitting Shelves: Wasatch, Green Flash Silva Stout, Oberon Returning, Madhouse El Hefe

Some new beers will be hitting Eastern Iowa shelves soon. 2 new releases, one of which will be extremely difficult, and an old standby returns. If you know of any new beers hitting shelves feel free to drop me a line! Here we go:

wasatchWasatch Polygamy NITRO Porter – this beer will be available in 12 oz bottles and will be a new year round release for Wasatch brewery. Here’s more on this beer courtesy of Wasatch and

To date there are less than a handful of breweries successfully packaging nitrogenated craft beers.

“Getting nitrogen to pour properly in a bottle is about a hundred times more challenging than nitrogenating a keg.” Schirf said. “I could not be prouder of our guys putting their cumulative brewery experience of more than a hundred years together and pulling off a game-changing achievement in the craft brewing industry. You really have to try it to fully appreciate the love.”

The Wasatch Polygamy Nitro Porter aroma comes off as cocoa in the nose from the use of chocolate malt. The silky smooth texture and mouthfeel is provided by fine nitrogen bubbles.

To enjoy the ultimate experience of nitro beers, it requires an aggressive approach. “Pour it harder into your favorite glass and enjoy watching a bazillion little nitrogen bubbles make their way to the top of the glass,” brewmaster Dan Burick says. “Watch the beautiful dark mahogany fluid that Polygamy Porter is cascading through the rising bubbles. This necessary foreplay creates a dense head of foam that invites you to enjoy a silky smooth Porter.”

Wasatch Brewery has been bottling a four percent session Polygamy Porter since 2001. Recognized at World Beer Cup and winning gold and silver awards in the session category. The name and edgy taglines – Take some home to the wifes! Why have just one? I’ve tried polygamy. – have grabbed the attention of craft beer drinkers over the years. It is not difficult to see it was time to add to the fun. 

silva stoutGreen Flash Silva Stout – a beer I’m really excited for is Green Flash’s Silva Stout. This is their double stout aged in oak bourbon barrels and comes in at 10.1%. Everything I’m reading online tells me this beer will for sure hit the Des Moines market with Doll in April but be extremely limited; I haven’t heard about when/if Eastern Iowa will see this brew. Here’s more from Green Flash:

Our Double Stout ages in oak bourbon barrels, and artfully emerges as Silva Stout. This midnight black ale features elegant notes of oak, vanilla, dark chocolate, coffee, roasted barley and ripe cherry. Round and delicately balanced in body, each sip envelops the palate with its impressively complex craft composition.


IBU’S: 45 ABV: 10.1

bellsBells Oberon Returns March 23rd – an always popular beer for the late spring/early summer months here in Iowa is Bells Oberon. This American Wheat beer will make its return on March 23rd. More from Bells:

Bell’s Oberon is a wheat ale fermented with Bell’s signature house ale yeast, mixing a spicy hop character with mildly fruity aromas. The addition of wheat malt lends a smooth mouthfeel, making it a classic summer beer.


Oberon release day was so popular the last few years, that a pint was poured every 15 seconds for 15 hours.

el hefe**Madhouse Brewing El Hefe** – A beer I’m very excited to try comes to us from our friends at Madhouse Brewing! El Hefe is a Mexican stout brewed with chili peppers, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and cinnamon sticks, and barrel aged. Extremely limited bottle release but check it out at their taproom THIS WEEKEND!

Wood-Aged Weekends: Presented by Madhouse Brewing Company

I just received the following email from Madhouse Brewing. The food sounds amazing and the beer sounds even better. Check it out if you are in the area!


When: Fridays, 5-9pm.

Where: Madhouse Brewery, 501 Scott Ave Des Moines, IA 50309

WhatThis winter, Madhouse will be releasing 4 barrel-aged beers in subsequent weekends, each representing a particular country of origin. These brews will be available on tap throughout the weekend of their release (Thurs-Sat), and thereafter will be available in 750ml bottles at Madhouse Brewery. (el Hefe will be distributed to select retailers on a very limited basis)

The Friday evening of each weekend, 
HoQ restaurant will be onsite serving paired dishes from 5-9pm. Food options will cost around $6 and the cuisine will draw inspiration from the featured beers country of origin. 

Feb. 20: Mussel Frites paired with High Tucker Belgian Dark Ale 

Feb. 27: Seafood Shepherds Pie paired with London Harlot English Stock Ale

March 6: Potato Fritters paired with Weak Ender Scotch Wee Heavy

March 13: Big Steak Tacos paired with el Hefe Mexican Stout

Also Check out our Deal on Living Social Here!


For more info-

Brewing phone- 515-988-5535

Thoughts from the Brrr Fest

brrrAnother successful Coralville Brrr Fest is in the books and it’s amazing how much better the beers and breweries are now then when this started 4? years ago. So many excellent breweries bringing their best beers and adding the Mellow Mushrooms pizza was a nice touch as well. Pizza and beer, tough to beat. I tried many outstanding beers on Saturday but here are the ones that stuck out for me: **515 Brewing – OJ IPA and Mediocre Pale Ale – I’ve had OJ a few times and enjoy it every time. Dave from 515 mentioned something about this batch being messed up but I thought it tasted excellent as always. The mediocre was an excellent surprise. Mosaic hop was showcased making this an awesome pale ale. **Big Grove Brewing – Progeny and Mellow Drama – I’ve had progeny before but for some reason it was tasting extra good on Saturday. I was getting ton of peach flavor and had to go back for seconds. The Mellow Drama is a collab beer with other Iowa breweries. Very smooth and delicious. **Exile Brewing – Beaknik Sour – tons of cherry in this beer and with Exile bottles hitting Eastern Iowa I would love to see a bomber of this brew show up on our shelves. Excellent stuff. **Galena Brewing – Brett Michels Saison – despite the name I really enjoyed this saison. Tons of spice on this saison making it wonderfully refreshing and flavorful. Would love to see this in bottles! **Lion Bridge Brewing – GAZPROM! and Maple Disaster – GAZPROM! is a barrel aged russian imperial stout with maple syrup added. A very smooth RIS and the syrup adds just the perfect amount of sweetness. Would love more of this! The maple disaster is a barrel aged brown porter with maple syrup. This beer was so good I had to the brewery the day after just to get some more. Great things happening at this brewery! **Madhouse Brewing – VIP – although it wasn’t on tap I still need a pour of this brew. My favorite Madhouse offering and thankfully I have a few bottles in the cellar yet. **Third Base Brewing – Another Passe IPA- glad to see this on the tap lines as I had it at the brewery a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Third Base flies under the radar a bit but I find myself taking the whole family for some good food and tasty brews. **West O Brewing – Coco Stout – the gold medal winner lived up to that honor pouring a wonderful thick stout that was full of flavor. An excellent stout. **Overall, another terrific experience. The breweries were all very friendly and engaging. This event keeps getting bigger and better so make sure you secure a ticket next year, because if this year is any indication, there will more and more excellent brews to try.