Release Updates: Millstream, Surly, Prairie, Boulevard

A few updates on some beers and breweries hitting Eastern Iowa shelves:

millstream*Millstream* – following up their successful release of Raspberry Latte Stout Millstream is going to try their hand on a double IPA. From my

Here’s a new bottle coming from Millstream Brewing in Amana, IA.  This is Bitter End and it is a Double IPA.  This beer will be packaged in 12oz bottles.

Haven’t read on the exact date of release so if you hear any info on that please pass it my way.

surly*Surly Brewing* – from various people in the industry that I’ve talked to, we can expect their full slate of releases to enter the state in February. I’m hoping we get to see a little Abrasive hit the state as that is an early 2015 release.
prairie artisan ales*Prairie Artisan Ales*- will be releasing Limo Tint. This milk stout, aged on chocolate, will be released in late January so keep your eyes peeled for this one. I believe it’s only a 4% stout, so very sessionable compared to what we are usually used to from Prairie.

coffee*Boulevard Brewing* – coming in February will be a Coffee Imperial stout. Boulevard has a bunch of new beers added to their 2015 schedule which I will post very soon. They will still have their regular imperial stout, but the Coffee Imp comes soon!

Prairie Christmas Bomb hitting shelves in a few weeks; will Iowa see it?

christmas bombPrairie Artisan Ales will be releasing Christmas Bomb in the coming weeks with their normal Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Georgia distro and also through Shelton Brothers. The question is, will Iowa will be seeing any of this? I’m guessing it will be similar to Pirate Bomb and we will get a limited number. Here’s more on Christmas Bomb, sounds delicious!

In just a few more weeks, Christmas Bomb! will be hitting the shelves. This beer is the amazing base beer we all know and love with the addition of Christmas spices. With the weather starting to cool off and the leaves changing colors, I can’t think of a better beer for the season. This beer will see normal distribution in OK, TX, AR, GA and through the Shelton Brothers.


Bomb has hit!

prairie artisan alesFrom Oakland Road Hy-Vee and also got a Facebook message from Johncy’s Liquor Store in North Liberty as well. Prairie Bomb and Pirate bomb have landed!

We have 2 fantastic beers that have just hit the floor. We have reloaded on Prairie Bomb and have received Pirate Bomb as well, which is Prairie Bomb aged in rum barrels. Stop in a grab a bottle while supplies last. Thanks and have a great day.


Imperial Stout aged on Coffee, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Beans & Chili Peppers

Bomb! is an imperial stout aged on espresso beans, chocolate, vanilla beans, and ancho chile peppers. All the flavors meld to create a truly unique beer. The peppers add just the right amount of heat to compliment the intense coffee and chocolate flavors.

ABV 13%



Prairie Ales release updates

prairieThe following comes from A huge updated list of future releases of Prairie Ales, sounds like more Bomb! coming in the future!

Prairie Wine Barrel Noir landed earlier this month and also made its way to Texas. Per ablog post from late April, “Wine Barrel Noir is also headed to Arkansas.”

Prairie Bierica! Sour Ale kegs were released a couple weeks ago. 500ml bottles are coming soon.

Prairie Jazz Millions Farmhouse IPA celebrated the 20th anniversary of a local jazz band. It won’t leave the state.

Prairie Birra kegs have finally hit Texas just in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

In collaboration news, Prairie’s beers made with Brewfist (Spaghetti Western) and (Okie Matilde) saw distribution through Shelton Brothers this month.

Still to come…

Brouwerij Okie Batch One is set to be released the first week of June. There will be a 500 x 750ml bottle release event at the brewery. The beer will not leave Oklahoma. Several label iterations have been made up for Brouwerij Okie and all are hand-pressed. Check out the cool video below showing the process. Batch two is in the tanks now.

Prairie Cherry Funk “coming soon.”

Prairie Apricot Funk will make its way “all over [the company’s distribution footprint] this summer.”

Prairie Fred’s Blend Barrel Aged Imperial Stout: “Limited run on this one. OK only.” No release date made available.

Prairie Pirate Bomb will return late this fall. The company showed off a photo as it was filling 100 rum barrels.

Finally, back in February, the company shared a few beers that it was working on for release down the road: “Welcome to Earth!” 100% Brett fermentation series, “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” barrel fermented Flemish series and “Cuvée Tim” Stolen yeast series.

New to Shelves: Prairie Artisanal Ales

prairie artisan alesEastern Iowa should be seeing a brewery from Oklahoma hitting the shelves. Prairie Artisanal Ales out of Kress, Oklahoma should have their bottles on our shelves soon (possibly today). Here’s the brewery description:

Welcome to the world of Prairie Artisan Ales. A company started by two brothers. We didn’t start it due to a lack of good beer, or whatever people like to say in this part of their website. We wanted to do something that was awesome. We have the talent, and most importantly the years of experience needed to get it done. So we did it. We have funded the company on our own, and only want to work with people that care about beer, super good beer. Our goal is to show people what is possible when you start with “step one”.

They have many different Saison styles beers and a bourbon barrel aged stout. A very promising brewery if you dig saisons. Check this link to read more on their brews: