Drink This! Kickshaw Barrel Works Pipo

KickshawThis past summer I waited with baited breath on the release of Ballast Point’s Watermelon Dorado, seeking that refreshing melon flavor that defines summer. When it finally arrived and I cracked my first one, the overwhelming jolly rancher watermelon flavor was a bit too much for me. I know some of you enjoyed it, and that’s great, but it just wasn’t for me.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. Sitting at the C + D Lounge with the one and only William Heinrich and he brings out a bottle of his Pipo. An oak aged golden ale I suppose? with local Kroul Farms watermelon added. First sip, watermelon + watermelon rind, perfect flavor. Not over the top “fake” melon additive, but the real, fresh out of the garden melon flavor that I had been seeking. The acidity was very balanced and the brett really blended well with the melon flavor. This is the beer I had been seeking this summer, and even though I’m looking out my window at the snow falling, I have another bottle of Pipo sitting in front of me waiting to be cracked for a perfect Iowa winter day!


Had paired this beer with Thanksgiving dinner. It went very well with turkey, ham, and some smoked ribs, but it really shined with just a dinner salad with some vinaigrette!

Cheers Bill, you nailed this one and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!  Pipo is in stores, get to your local store, grab a couple of sixers and then a few bottles of Pipo and Drink This!

Coming to Shelves: Green Flash Porter, Boulevard Session, Crooked Stave, Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado, Lagunitas Sour

Hoping to make my first trip to Quarter Barrel Arcade Brewery in Cedar Rapids this weekend and making a few pit stops at Lion Bridge and maybe a journey to Big Grove for a growler fill or 3. It should make for a great super bowl weekend. Some new beers will soon be gracing our shelves, some sound pretty unique and worth trying. Here we go:

cosmic*Green Flash Cosmic Ristretto – this is a baltic porter with Espresso beans and will become part of Green Flash’s new year-round lineup starting this month. It will be available in 22 oz bottles and clocks in at 8.2%. More on this brew from Green Flash:

Marvel at its rich black appearance with bruleed edges and mocha-colored beer foam. Breathe in its coffee aroma and sweet malts, and savor its smooth, espresso, chocolate flavor.


bully*Boulevard Frequent Flier Session IPA – Frequent Flier is the new name for their Pop-Up session IPA with a slight adjustment in the recipe along with new logo and its availability in cans. It checks in at 4.4% ABV.

stave*Crooked Stave – a ton of Crooked Stave releases upcoming. I’m not quite sure on their availability for us in Iowa but I will keep you posted with news on their releases. Lots of info on the releases of: Persica, Motif, L’Brett, Petite Sour, Salvador Cybies, Silly Cybies, Serenata Notturna, Hop Savant, Colorado Wild Sage, Surette, Nightmare On Brett at mybeerbuzz.blogspot.com here.

watermelon.jpeg*Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado and Thai Chili Wahoo – two new beers from Ballast Point that sound interesting. First is Watermelon Dorado, a double IPA brewed with….you guessed it! Watermelon! It checks in at 10% and sounds pretty damn refreshing. More on this beer courtesy of Ballast Point:


This Double IPA is not one to back down from big flavors. Mash, kettle, and dry hopping blend to create a huge hop profile that is balanced with a blast of watermelon.

thaiThai Chili Wahoo is wit beer brewed with thai chili, lime and ginger and checks in at 4.5%. More on this beer from Ballast Point:

Our Thai Chili Wahoo is a favorite in our tasting rooms for its complex balance of ingredients. Citrus and spice have long been a part of our Wahoo White. In this edition, we added a dose of Thai chilies, even more head from ginger, and a counterpunch of lime. The flavors in this beer need to be experienced first-hand, so grab one and try it for yourself.

lagunitas.jpeg*Lagunitas Aunt Sally – last but not least is the beer I’m most looking forward to besides Crooked Stave. Aunt Sally from Lagunitas Brewing is a sour ale that is dry-hopped and comes in at 6.2%. For those wondering….I believe it’s a kettle sour…I’m still looking forward to it! Stay tuned for more on this brew!


**Anything I’m missing? Drop me a line @benmed15@yahoo.com. Love to hear from Iowa breweries as well as bars for upcoming events! Please let me know and I will post your info! Thanks!