Beer Review #51: Left Hand 400 LB Monkey

The next beer to review is Left Hand’s 400 LB Monkey ( I was pretty excited to find this beer at my local liquor store which is rare, since my local liquor store has a horrible beer selection that is usually way overpriced. Anyway, grabbed a six pack of this and was looking forward to getting into it.
When I bought this I thought I was getting an American version of an IPA, however, this beer resembles more of an English IPA which I think has more sweetness to it than the hop punch from the American versions. I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, I enjoyed the beer, but the flavor was a little unexpected.
I can’t really give you a good idea on the price for a sixer of this since my liquor store over-charges on everything but I’m guessing anywhere from $8-$10.

 Pour: Amber pour with a nice white head.
Aroma: More floral aroma and sweetness than most IPA’s.
Taste: Hops are there but more sweetness added.
Overall: B-
Eastern Iowa Residents: Bought this at my local liquor store and would assume it is widely available.

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