Untitled Art, Wild Mind, Humble Forager, Fair State, and Collective Arts coming from Pequod!

Lychee Sherbet – Berlinerweisse
A bright Berlinerweisse made with Lychee Juice and Milk Sugar for body and mouth feel. 

Non – Alch Lychee Sherbet
A non alcoholic version of the beer above – Berlinerweisse made with Lychee Juice and Milk Sugar for body and mouth feel. 

Humble Bumble is finally back and better than ever. Due to the wild success last year, this year Humble Forager’s Seltzer line – Humble Bumble Buzzed Seltzers will go into 16oz cans – still 4pks.

  1. Version 1 – Blood Orange, Orange Blossom Honey, Tangerine, Staghorn Sumac Blossoms, Calamansi Lime
  2. Version 6 – Passion fruit, Rio red grapefruit, Red Dragon fruit, Hibiscus Blossom, and wildflower honey
  3. Version 7 –  Mandarin, Calamansi Lime, Mango, Chamomile flowers and Wildflower Hoeny
  4. Version 8 – Morello Cherries, Calmansi Lime, Pineapple, Honeysuckle Flowers, and Basswood Honey

All of All of Us – IPA 
Orthodoxy is usually limiting, wherever it pops up. IPA is no exception. Hazy IPAs must be straight juice, malt sweetness, no bitterness. West Coast IPAs must be hard-edged, super bitter, and piney. We need to free our minds, people! All of All of Us is one vision of the future for IPA. Hazed, yes, but more as a byproduct of hop-loading than as an intentional aesthetic. Juicy and tropical, absolutely, but blended productively with old-school hops chosen carefully to lend a balance of pine and citrus to the picture.

Vienna Lager
Crisp and malty amber lager brewed in the Viennese tradition for maximum drinking pleasure. Toasty but not heavy, with a well-balanced hop profile, Vienna Lager is truly “beer flavored beer” for those who enjoy, well, drinking beer.

Fairstate Pils
A German-style pilsner, dry and crisp with a grassy hop aroma from a large kettle addition of Hallertau Mittelfrüh. One hop, one malt, lager yeast. Simple and delicious.

Roselle – Sour 
Roselle is infused with hibiscus flowers at flame-out, lending the beer it’s citrus flavor, ethereal fragrance and deep pink color.

Heated Agreement Hazy DIPA
Heated Agreement is a thing that happens to all of us—you find yourself in what feels like an argument, but you’re actually just agreeing with someone over and over, at an elevated volume. This DIPA is the liquid equivalent of that. Fermented with an insane yeast that produces abundant tropical aromas, and hopped to the gills with our Perrault Farms Mosaic, Mosaic Cryo, and some choice Idaho 7. Think freshly bottled Sprite mixed with some funky tropical chewing gum, overlaid with a waft of dankness.

Big Doinks IPA  
Extra dank IPA with the stickiest of hops available

IPA #20 

How much Citra can we put in one IPA? We decided to find out and bring it to you in the latest of our IPA Series! We used FOUR different types of Citra hops for a beer that showcases everything we love about one of the craft beer world’s go-to hops. Regular Citra combines with Citra CRYO, Citra INCOGNITO and Citra SPECTRUM for sweet, fruity aromas of bright grapefruit and orange citrus, with flavours of lemon meringue pie combined with juicy tropical fruits. 

Dark Fruit Citrus – Fruit sour This beer is dark, tart and uses our award-winning Prophets and Nomads as the base! With a cloudy midnight coloured pour, the first sip is surprisingly sour but full-bodied with berries. The Himalayan Sea Salt and Coriander give this beer a through-line of salinity and dry finish.⁠

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