Burly Oak Brewing coming to Iowa via Pequod!

About Burley Oak:

Our name Burley Oak Brewing Company was derived from the name of the town, our traditional brewing methods, and the history of our brewhouse. It just so happens that our building was originally a Cooperage making oak barrels to fill with local produce and seafood to ship off to nearby areas in the early 1900’s. We have been hard at work building Burley Oak keeping in mind sustainable practices and using local ingredients and craftsmen, and are proud of our barley and wheat that is grown only 15 miles away. Our goal is to produce distinctive beers whose quality is unsurpassed using new and traditional brewing methods.

100 Mosaic – Triple Dry Hopped Double IPA  8.5% ABV (Untappd rating 4.19)
This triple dry hopped Double IPA is hopped exclusively with 100% Mosaic Hops, providing heavy notes of Citrus, berries, and sweet fruit. This DIPA has an incredible aroma and taste experience to say the least!

Cherry Limeade Jelly Not Jam Fruited Sour – 4.4% ABV – cases only 
This slightly tart and sweet sour ale was conditioned on heaps of tart cherries and juicy limes. Bringing a rich and fruity flavor profile that has just enough balance of Tart and sweetness to jam out with some jelly goodness!

Citralaxy IPA – 7.5% ABV 
This Double dry hopped Juice bomb of an IPA was brewed with copious amounts of Citra and Galaxy hops, creating an incredible flavor profile with heavy fruit forward notes of peaches, papaya and mango. 

Eternal Midnight 24hr boil Imperial Stout (coconut, Marshmallow, Peanut butter) 11.5% ABV -cases only 
Fermented on High gravity ale yeast this 24h boiled imperial stout is conditioned on mounds of tropical coconut, creamy marshmallow fluff, and incredibly smooth peanut butter; creating a rich, decadent, and heavy hitting flavor combination! 

Raspberry Coconut White Chocolate Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast J.R.E.A.M. 4.8% abv (Untappd rating 4.35)
WOW that is a mouthful of a name but holy smokes is it good… “This variation of our fruited JREAM series was showcased at this year’s Sourfest held at our brewery. Featuring jammy Raspberries, tropical coconut, white chocolate, cream cheese, cinnamon, vanilla beans, dark brown sugar, and milk sugar for the smooth and creamy experience. Woah!

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