“Keeping it Craft” Episode 5 Part 2! Big Grove Brewery Solon!

Part 2 of the fantastic voyage to Big Grove – Solon. This time we go in the kitchen with Chef T.J. and Chef Brandon as they show us how to make the favorite White Sausage Pizza, as well as their Duck Pasta Carbonara. The Baron even gets his hands dirty in the kitchen this go-round. Watch out!

“Keeping it Craft” Episode 5 Part 1 from Big Grove Solon!

Keeping It Craft is all about showcasing the experiences, stories, and people that make our favorite restaurants, breweries, and bars special. Part one of our trip to Big Grove Brewery shines the light on a process many of us never get to see. Join us as Chef Ben Smart and Chef Sean Towley show us how they butcher and break down a suckling pig for the upcoming Big Grove Beer Dinner on April 19th. If you care about where your food comes from, and the care that goes into making it great this one is for you.

Stay tuned for Part 2 with Chef T.J., Chef Brandon, Big Grove G.M. Andrew, Pasta Carbonara, and White Sausage Pizza paired with some of the best beer in the state! Cheers!