GIVE AWAY TIME! Darkness Day Free Pass!


It’s giveaway time! I will be giving away (1) free weekend pass to Surly Darkness Day which is held this year from September 27th to September 28th at the Somerset Amphitheater in Somerset, WI. The party kicks off on Friday with Dawn of Darkness beer festival which features 20 breweries from around the country not found in Minnesota or Wisconsin and will include Mikerphone, J. Wakefield, Other Half and TRVE. Then it’s the main event on Saturday when Darkness Day happens! This is when you will get your bottle of Darkness and have the opportunity to get variants as well –Double Stuffed, Mole, and Old Fashioned. There will be other exclusive beers, cask tappings and a day of music!

 Here’s what YOU need to do to enter the giveaway:
*Share this post on either Facebook or Twitter
*Tag me @iabeerbaron and use hashtag #SurlyDarknessDay
*Tag one friend who would be interested in attending
*Comment on your favorite Surly beer

*Names will be entered and then 1 winner will be randomly drawn on Thursday August 1st (1 week from today) which hopefully gives the winner enough time to plan their trip up north!

Here’s what YOU win!
*1 weekend pass to Darkness Day (Sept. 27th-28th)
*1 bottle of Darkness
*Reserved campground/parking from 9/27-9/29)

 Here’s what I’ll need from the winner:
*Full name
*email address
*street address
*phone number
The tickets will be sent via email and you’ll need to show an ID at the gate before entering. 

• All details on the event will be posted and updated here:


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Former Big Grove Brewer Bill Heinrich Presents Kickshaw Barrel Works

barrelSome big news coming locally today as former Big Grove brewer, Bill Heinrich, has announced that he is starting up Kickshaw Barrel Works and Lion Bridge Brewery will be the host brewery for Kickshaw Barrel Works which will be a migratory brewery. It sounds like Mr. Heinrich is going to be focusing on sours, so if you like brett and lacto, this is going to be right up your alley! Congrats to Bill on this exciting new venture and I can’t wait to try the results! Here’s Kickshaw Barrel Works exclusive press release:

 Kickshaw Barrel Works
And now, a note to the beer universe:
I don’t know about you, but I love the intersection of sour beer and wood. I have an affinity for the multitude of forms that beer takes at that point, from light to full; soft to sharp; still to effervescent. The Belgian classic acid ales and the American experimental sours have each shown the depth and breadth of great beers that come from barrels and have always held me in awe of what can be created from natural complexity.
So I suppose that’s the starting point: a love of microbes, wood, malt, and hops that yield a complex matrix of acids and alcohols, esters and tannins, execution and presentation that is the world of creating and consuming sour beers. It seemed like an impossible dream to do it on my own, to explore the many techniques and styles while simultaneously bringing them to the people with whom I share this community of beer.
Fortunately for me (possibly for you, too, assuming I can make anything good), Quinton and Ana McClain at LION BRIDGE BREWING COMPANY have been unbelievably gracious in their offer to make theirs the inaugural host brewery for the migratory brewer Kickshaw Barrel Works. Quinton and I have worked together multiple times over the last eight years, and his vision for collaboratively creating this project is the rational anchor for my crazy-assed ideas for barrel fermentation of sour beers.
We will celebrate the formation of this effort with a collaboration brew utilizing the strengths of both Lion Bridge and Kickshaw, as we celebrate the strengths of oak, Brettanomyces, and Lactobacillus. And then it’s off to the races, as we fill Kickshaw barrels with all the experimental microflora and use all the experimental techniques that I can come up with.
Get yourself some antacids, friends, because things are about to get weird.
Bill Heinrich
Kickshaw Barrel Works

Coming Soon to Shelves?! Abrasive, Sucks, The Abyss, Millstream Raspberry Latte Stout

surlySome things that may or may not be heading to Iowa in the upcoming weeks/months. There are a few that haven’t been confirmed for Iowa but we have seen in the past. So here are a few things that we will hopefully see soon.

*Millstream Raspberry Latte Stout – per a twitter conversation with @millstreambrew this will hit with distributors on December 6th. A great sounding stout for the winter months from an Iowa brewery.

*Surly Abrasive – a few reports/posts from message boards saying we can expect this when Surly rolls into Iowa full force come February. Hope to see a little trickle of it before then since it’s brewed in November, I believe.

Lagunitas Sucks – the 32 oz are supposedly suppose to hit our shelves in the next coming weeks. Haven’t heard about sixers of it but I would assume they would be as well. Anyone else have info on that to share it would be greatly appreciated.

Deschutes The Abyss- release at the brewhouse first and then to distro markets early November. Haven’t heard if we will be getting this one but I’m assuming so since we had last years.

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iabeerbaron's 4th Annual Family Beerfest Results!

For the last four years my family has gotten together and had our own little beer festival. Each person brings  six pack of beer, any beer they wish, and we rate the beers. The winner is determined by rating the beer on appearance, aroma, taste, and drinkability. The winner is awarded a nice little medal and bragging rights about winning the greatest beer competition ever. Anyway, here are this years results, going from worst to first with my comments about each beer added.

10. Indiana Pale Ale- usually you can’t go wrong with a Pale Ale. Citrus and hops dominate the flavor. However, for this beer something went really wrong. Aroma of bleu cheese, no hop character at all. Surprised it was even bottled. Terrible beer.

9. Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout- I think I might be the only one in my family who really liked this beer. Great chocolate flavor at the end, I think the high alcohol threw everyone off of this one. I would be more than happy to enjoy it again.
8. Steven’s Point Brewery Whole Hog Barley Wine Style Ale- Not a bad beer at all. The hard alcohol flavor was a nice warming feeling and the beer was smooth. I gave this beer a decent rating, just didn’t stack up with some of the other entries.
7. Potosi Brewing Company: Good Ole Potosi- I would put the Chocolate Stout and the Whole Hog way ahead of this one. I think it was decent, but the other two were much better to me. With Potosi expanding its distribution I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of their other beers at the family beerfest next year.

6. Millstream Brewing: Heferweizen- a good Hefeweizen beer with the banana, bubble gum, and clove flavor sticking out. Very smooth with a nice frothy head. This was Millstream’s third showing in iabeerbaron family beerfest; their John’s Generation finished second, and Iowa Pale Ale finished 4th.

5. Ale Asylum Hopalicious- my entry into the beerfest this year finishing with a respectable 5th place, (although I will go to my grave believing this should have been the damn winner). Nice hoppy flavor, citrusy and smooth. The beerbaron has yet to win but I stand by my choice. Might not be the last showing for Ale Asylum as the iabeerbaron sure loves their Bedlam! beer.
4. Goose Island Sophie- very tasty beer finishing in the top 4. Smooth and malty flavor. The beerbaron’s family is a big fan of Goose Island products so you can expect more to show up in a future festival.

3. Well’s Banana Bread- a very strong showing and a beer that really had a chance to win it. I think it scored high in every category except for drinkability. A love having one glass of banana bread beer but more than that would be pushing it.
2. Samuel Adams Winter Lager- The second Sam Adams entry as their Chocolate Bock finished second two years ago. A very nice winter ale with the perfect amount of spices and hops added to it. Finished in my top 4 and second overall. Nice showing!

1. Grays Oatmeal Stout- the iabeerbaron’s Family beerfest winner for 2010 is Grays Oatmeal Stout. The first stout to take home the prize. This beer was brought by the iabeerbaron’s lovely wife who has outshown the baron the last two years, although, the baron has taught her everything she knows about picking out a good beer:) A very nice oatmeal stout and very smooth. Was the hands down winner!

A great evening with some great beers and one really shitty one (thanks Tyler). Can’t wait for next year, what beer shall I bring?

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