Hop Butcher, Blackstack, Phase Three, Mikerphone, MORE, and Modist beers coming from Pequod!

  • Cosmic Glow – DIPA w/ Citra, Rakau, Waimea & Mosaic
  • Extra Green Relish– TIPA w/ Citra and Sabro
  • Loophole Technicality– Amarillo, Strata, & Galaxy
  • Lord Octopus – DIPA w/ All Mosaic

BlackStack Brewing

  • Wedding Season – DIPA w/ Thiolized Yeast, Cascade, Phantasm, El Dorado & Citra Cryo collab w/ WeldWerks
  • STRATA.. BUT MAKE IT POP- NEIPA w/Strata and CryoPop

Phase 3 Brewing Company

  • LULZ Smoothie Seltzer R+R- guava, coconut, pineapple, & orange 
  • TDH Triple Perpetual Sounds- TIPA
  • DDH Placeholder Text- DIPA
  • P3 Pils- Pilsner
  • Pixel Density FRESH!
  • Pressed- Maple Imperial Coffee Porter

Mikerphone Brewing 

  • Raise Your Weapon- TDH Imperial IPA
  • U Rah Rah!- DIPA collab w/ BlackStack

MORE Brewing

  • Three Right Turns- NEIPA collab w/ Noon Whistle
  • Double Space Boots – DIPA w/ loads of Citra & Galaxy
  • Mango Double Marbles- Mango Milkshake IPA

Modist Brewing 

  • Sea Salt Lime Supra Deluxe- Rice lager w/ sea salt and lime. 

Hop Butcher coming to Iowa via Pequod! Plus, Wild Minds, Urban Artifact, 450 North, Blackstack, Phase Three, Fair State, and Untitled Art!

  • Double Grid – Citra Mosaic Double IPA
  • Run to Daylight – Hazy Triple IPA
  • Beef Dipped – All Simcoe Hazy Double IPA
  • Greener Times – All New Zealand Hazy IPA

NEW From Wild Mind Ales

  • Secret Prism – Hazy IPA w/ Mosaic, Mosaic Cryo and Vic Secret

Urban Artifact – Astronaut Food Peach

This Fruit Tart is the most expensive alcoholic beverage in the world. It’s 15% abv this drinks like a wine, showcasing depth of flavor not possible with traditional brewing techniques. The freeze-dried peaches allow for an intense expression of fruit on the palate, as well as a higher alcohol content.

There are 10 peaches in a 4-pack of Astronaut Food

Urban Artifact Brewing Company

  • Pinwheel – Orange Fruit Tart 
  • Teak – Tropical American Fruit Tart brewed with 800lb of Pink Guava, 800lb of Pineapple, and 400lb or Key Lime per 30bbl batch
  • Peaches and Cream NITRO – Peaches and Cream, Nitro Fruit Tart. Made with half a peach per can and an awful lot of whole vanilla bean
  • Pickle Pack – 12pk!! – Pickle Pickle Pickle. 1000 lbs of fresh cucumber and two pounds of fresh dill weed. Pickle Pickle Pickle  
  • Reefer Nuggets – Hazy IPA –  Cashmere, Mosaic, Citra
  • Slushy XL – Cereal Leche – Dulce de Leche flavor, Double Lactose, Blueberry, Cherry
  • Slushy XL – Herbert Sherbert – Rainbow Sherbet, Watermelon, Pineapple, Raspberry, Orange – 5cs Available
  • Slushy XL – Wedding Cheesecake – Pineapple, Cream Cheese, Banana, Graham Cracker, Vanilla Cream
  • Slushy XXL – Biscutits – Orange, Shortbread, Pineapple, Cranberry, Vanilla Cream, Lactose
  • SlushyXXL – White Bluntz – White Peach, Passionfruit, Peach, Lychee
  • Slushy XXL – Bluntz – Banana, Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Lime

BlackStack Brewing

  • Loud Pack XL – DANK Triple IPA – Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado, Galaxy

Phase 3 Brewing Company

  • DDH Illo IPA  – Hazy IPA w/ Amarillo Hops

Fair State Brewing Company

  • Mirror Universe – Fresh Cases!
  • Legalize Big Doinks – DANK West Coast IPA
  • Smell Test IPA – Smell Test is an IPA built around a brand new hop, Hopsteiner Experimental 17701, and a favorite hop blend of ours, Cryo Pop from YCH. 
  • Hop Water Reloads – 3 Flavors Available

Untitled Art Brewing Co

  • Pineapple Lychee – Fruited Seltzer 
  • Raspberry Passionfruit – Fruited Sour