Blackstack, Untitled Art, Phase Three, and Weldwerks coming from Pequod this week!

Triple 755- Triple NEIPA
Love Language- Foeder Sour w/ Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Guava

Untitled Art

  • Juice Drops: Prickly Pear Strata- Hazy IPA

Phase 3 Brewing Company 

  • Fresh Pixel Density!!
  • Frog Stack – Fruited Sour

WeldWerks Brewing Co.

  • Bamm Bamm Rubble Rubble- Fruity Cereal Sour
  • Evil Haze Factory- Dbl NEIPA
  • Red Velvet Cake Stout
  • Luminosa DDH Juicy Bits

Cerebral Brewing coming to Iowa via Pequod!

New Brewery: Cerebral Brewing

  • Neon Lite– American Lager
  • Rare Trait- Flagship IPA
  • Forever Awake– Imperial Coffee Stout NOLA Style
  • Momentum Shift– IPA w/ Nelson, Citra & Moteuka
  • Cryptic Message– Foeder Fermented Schwarzbier
  • Dark Galaxie- 6.5% Oatmeal Stout
  • Inhabited Form- DH Oat Lager w/ Galaxy & Citra

Here’s more on the brewery courtesy of their website, super excited for this!

Cerebral Brewing was brought to life in 2015 by co-founders Sean Buchan and Dan McGuire in Denver’s Congress Park neighborhood along the city’s famed Colfax Avenue. Since the beginning, Cerebral has focused on quality, innovation, and evolution in all endeavors, from the beer we brew to the culture we create. We’re here to serve our community through our craft – raising funds and awareness for local causes we care about.

Need Pizza announces “Craft Beer Dinner” with Dimensional Brewing on Feb. 21st!

Need Pizza’s next beer dinner paired with some of Iowa’s finest beers and breweries will showcase not only the talents of Need’s kitchen staff but also beers from Dimensional Brewing out of Dubuque! This will be a five course ticketed meal. Stay tuned for more info or visit Need’s event page on Facebook by clicking

Eden Heritage and B. Nektar bottles and cans coming from Abu Nawas!

Eden Heritage Cider CANS & Bottles:

  • Eden Heritage Cider 6/4/16oz CANS – Authentic Heritage Cider. Locally grown Heritage Dabinett • McIntosh • Empire • Spartan • Esopus Spitzenburg varieties. Pressed at harvest, fermented slowly and cold to preserve every drop of flavor. No added sugar, color or flavoring. Kingston Black, McIntosh, Empire, Bulmers Norman, Gravenstein. 6.2% ABV – VT
  • Eden Brut Nature Sparkling Champagne Cider 12/375ml – Half-Bottles – Naturally sparkling dry hard cider made from heirloom and bittersweet apple varieties. Bubbly, very dry, balanced flavors. 8.4% ABV – VT
  • Eden Imperial Rose Cider 12/375ml – This elegant hard cider is reminiscent of Champagne. Barrel-fermented and aged 1 year in French Oak puncheons • Secondary fermentation in the bottle using juice, no sugar added.100% Vermont Apples. 8.5% ABV – VT
  • Eden Brandy Limited Release Barrel-Aged Heirloom Blend Ice Cider 6/375ml – This special limited release of Heirloom Blend ice cider has been aged in apple brandy barrels for 8 months. 13% ABV – VT
  • Eden Heirloom Blend Ice Cider 6/375ml – Ice Cider brings the essence of pure apple to a sophisticated dessert wine. Vermont’s natural winter cold is used to concentrate cider to the optimum balance of sweetness and acidity. Our unique blend of traditional and heirloom apples produces a complex, delicious flavor that compliments food yet may be savored on its own. It takes over 8 lbs. of apples to make just one beautiful bottle! 10% ABV – VT
  • Eden Honeycrisp Ice Cider 2015 6/375ml – This tangy, elegant ice cider is made 100% from Vermont-grown Honeycrisp apples. The Honeycrisp is a prized Northern USA apple variety. As its name suggests, there is a honeyed quality to its sweetness, accompanied by sufficient acidity to keep the flavor fresh and crisp. Enjoy with cheese, maple crème brulee, or butter cookies. 10% ABV – VT
  • Eden – Superstition Meadery Collaboration. Beeflustered 6/375ml – Limited Edition Heirloom Blend ice cider aged in Superstition Meadery cherry mead rye whiskey barrels. 13% ABV – VT
  • Eden Cellar Series: Guinevere’s Pearls 12/750ml – Single variety semi-sweet sparkling cider, bubbly, and intensely fruity. APPLE VARIETIES: 100% Northern Spy. Gluten free, Vegan friendly. 11% ABV – VT
  • Eden Iapetus Wines Collab: Orogenies 12/750ml – Collaboration with Iapetus Wines of Shelburne, Vermont. Apple-Grape Petillant Naturel with white wine grapes and heirloom apples. GRAPE VARIETIES: Louise Swenson • Itasca • APPLE VARIETIES: Gravenstein • St. Edmunds Russet • Rubinette • Binet Rouge • Cherry Cox.
  • Eden Puck Barrel Aged Ice Cider (2012) 12/375ml – In Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, Puck’s errand is to search out the sweet liquid of the magical Flower named ‘love in Idleness’. The potent potion leads to much mischief and unintended calamities. For your own love in this time of necessary idleness, we suggest sharing this deeply complex sweet cider that has aged for eight years in one stalwart French oak barrel. It will weave its own merriment without accident. • 8-Year Barrel-Aged Ice Cider. • APPLE VARIETIES: Ashmead’s Kernel. 10% ABV – VT

B. NEKTAR CANS & Bottles:

  • B. Nektar Zombie Killer 6/4/12oz CANS – Hard Cider with Honey and Cherry Added. Crisp, clean apple cider, round, ripe tart cherry. 100% Gluten Free. 5.5% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Black Fang 6/4/12oz CANS – Mead with Blackberries, Clove, and Orange Zest. Sweet and smooth with a full-bodied, dark berry wine character. Reminiscent of Spanish sangria and Garnacha grape wine. 100% Gluten-free. 6.4% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Blood Amulet 6/4/12oz CAN – Hard Cider with Raspberry & Cranberry. Floral bold cranberry, earthy apples, and light raspberry notes. 6.2% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Sunrise Bay 6/4/12oz CANS – Mead with Pineapple. Delicate notes of fresh pineapple lend a subtle sweetness to the understated honey character. Mild citrus acidity compliments and balances the gentle sweetness. Light body and soft mouthfeel with a semi-dry finish. 4% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Mango Sorbet 6/4/12oz CANS – Mango mead w/ a hint of black peppercorns. Bright and crisp with fruity mango, sweet honey, and citrus notes. Light-bodied and clean with a lingering subtle black peppercorn finish. 100% Gluten Free. 6% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Orange Cream Delight 6/4/12oz CANS – Mead with Natural Orange and Vanilla. 100% Gluten Free. 5.9% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Lime Cream Delight 6/4/12oz CANS – Mead with Natural Lime and Vanilla. A refreshing lime and vanilla beverage with added lactose for a creamy texture. It’s the adult version of a popsicle. 100% Gluten Free. 5.9% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Punk Lemonade 6/4/12oz CANS – Raspberry & Lemon Hard Cider. Mildly tart apple and lemon character that flows into a light raspberry sweetness. 100 % Gluten Free. 6.3% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar New Wave Lemonade 6/4/12oz CANS – Mead with Blueberry & Lemon. Sweet blueberry and creamy honey followed by notes of blueberry ski and tart lemon. 100% Gluten-free. 6.4% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar New Wave Lemonade 12/500ml – Mead with Blueberry & Lemon. Sweet blueberry and creamy honey followed by notes of blueberry ski and tart lemon. 100% Gluten-free. 6.4% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Ow! My Mangos 12/500ml – Honey Mango Wine with Natural Flavors and Habaneros. Originally started as a B. Nektar’s B-Side, a rare collection of limited edition batches that are often our mead makers’ pet projects. 100% Gluten-free. 11% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Punk Core Crusher 12/500ml – Bone-Dry Hard Cider. Fresh Rich Apples. 6.8% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar The Dude’s Rug 12/500ml – Hard Cider with Tea and Chai Spices. Sweet, fresh apples with notes of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, ginger and raisin. 100% Gluten Free. 5.9% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Prickly Pear Kill All The Golfers 12/500ml – Mead with Prickly Pear Black Tea, Lemon. 100% Gluten Free. 6% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Wildberry Pyment 12/375ml – Mead with Natural Wildberry. Striking aroma of Blackberries, Strawberries, Orange Blossom Honey and Red Grapes. 15% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Mutant Killer Zombie Manhattan Project Thingy 12/500ml – Apple Mead with Cherry Aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels. 100% Gluten Free. 10% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Zombies Take Manhattan 12/500ml – Apple Mead Aged on Ryes Whiskey Barrels for 9 Months. 100% Gluten Free. 11.8% ABV – MI
  • B. Nektar Dragons Are Real (Dragon’s Milk barrel aged mead) 12/375ml – Cherry Chipotle Mead Aged in New Holland Brewing – Dragon’s Milk Barrels with Cacao Nibs. 14% ABV – MI

Clock House Brewing releasing “Forgotten Time” barleywine and Brrberry Sour this weekend! (1/21)

Downtown Cedar Rapids is going to be booming with beer releases this weekend! Along with Lion Bridge’s big Saturday, Clock House will be releasing 2 new beers, one of which is a collab with Lion Bridge! “Forgotten Time” is a barrel-aged barleywine and Brrrberry Sour will be coming at you when doors open at noon! Here’s more from Clock House’s Facebook page:

Forgotten Time: A collaboration brew with our friends at Lion Bridge Brewing. Forgotten Time is a Barrel-Aged Barley Wine that was brewed at Clock House then barrel aged at Lion Bridge for 18 months in 10-year-old Templeton barrels. Sherry, chocolate, dark fruit for days.

Available on draft and in 500 ML bottles. $19.99 per bottle.

Brrrberry Sour: A frosted Blueberry inspired sour! This super fruited beer features 42 pounds of blueberries per barrel with a touch of blueberry glaze. Draft Only

Doors open at Noon!

MORE, Alluvial, Blackstack, Untitled Art, 56 Brewing, Drekker, and Wild Mind coming from Pequod!

  • Blood Orange Dbl Marbles – Milkshake IPA
  • Blueberry Dbl Marbles – Milkshake IPA
  • L2 Orbit IPA
  • By Candlelight IPA
  • Shadows – WEST COAST IPA

Alluvial Brewing Company

  • Mosacious IPA

BlackStack Brewing

  • Full Disclosure NE IPA
  • Fugazi Italian Pils
  • Local 755 – Flagship IPA – 2 available
  • Trying to Find a Balance – Equilibrium Collab

Untitled Art

  • West Coast IPA (V2)

56 Brewing Comapny

  • Ssippi Squeeze IPA
  • Uncharted Territory Stout

Drekker Brewing Company

  • Fangs Out – Hazy Single IPA
  • Mass Shadows – Single IPA

Wild Mind Ales

  • Book Mobile Sour
  • Sonic Painting Sour 

SingleSpeed “Tip the Cow” (1/14) day release information!

Tip the Cow day approaches! This Saturday (1/14) in Waterloo, hit up SingleSpeed Brewing Company to get your hands and tastebuds on some excellent brews! Here’s what is releasing this Saturday:

Roll call: Saturday’s 𝘩𝘺𝘱𝘦𝘳-𝘭𝘪𝘮𝘪𝘵𝘦𝘥 Tip the Cow Day releases.

ꜱᴀᴄʀᴇᴅ (11.4% ABV): The intensity level of the distinctive barrel character is elevated beyond anything we have presented in a release before, creating a flavor ride filled with immense depth and personality. Waterloo (Draft) Exclusive.

ᴛᴡᴏ ᴄᴏᴡꜱ (10.9% ABV): The journey to the barrel had worn on our beloved cow friends. Both arrived weary from the travel. Once they reached their destination, they settled in for an extended oak-rest. A full year later, just in time for the day created in their honor, they are awake, they are refreshed, and they are ready to visit your palate. Available on tap and in bottles at our Waterloo Taproom + on tap in our Cedar Falls Taproom.

ᴄᴏᴄᴏɴᴜᴛ ᴍɪɢʀᴀᴛɪᴏɴ (7.4% ABV): If you like Piña Coladas, and/or getting caught in the rain, you’re gonna be feeling this beer. Available on tap at both locations, limited can quantity available at our Waterloo Taproom.

The key to not missing out on these three? This Saturday, January 14. 11am at our Waterloo Taproom. Be there.

Lion Bridge releasing “Heart Strings” kettle sour on January 25th!

Even though barrel aged January is upon us, Lion Bridge is still releasing other styles of beer besides barrel aged brews. On January 25th, they’ll be releasing their latest kettle sour titled, “Heart Strings”. This sour will have pineapple, raspberry, and blueberries. Here’s more from Lion Bridge:

Heart Strings (Pineapple, Raspberry Sour, 5.5%) – Tropical pineapple melds with tart and tangy raspberry. A new sour to bring a little more love into your life.