Tin Roost offering beer delivery on Black Wednesday! Featuring brews from Adventurous, Barn Town, Big Grove, Lua, and Pulpit Rock!

Tin Roost saves Thanksgiving!! An awesome idea from the North Liberty restaurant as they will be delivering beers directly to your doorstep on Wednesday, November 25th. Preorder will start Tuesday night. Here’s more from Tin Roost:

Alright, we’re just going to drop this little teaser right here! Mark your calendars because you are not going to want to miss this one. Our online store is going live Tuesday, November 24th @ 11am. We collaborated with 5 of our best buds in the Iowa Brewing scene to put together one KILLER Thanksgiving Beer Pack. The BEST part? We’re going to drop it like it’s hot directly on YOUR doorstep on Black Wednesday (contactless delivery, of course). Adventurous Brewing LLC. Barn Town Brewing. Big Grove Brewery. Lua Brewing. Pulpit Rock Brewing Company. More details with how to order and beer included coming soon. See you on Wednesday, November 25th with the fresh pack that’s gonna make your untappd buddies soooooooooooo jelly.

Crane Brewing + Hubbard’s Cave beers coming from Abu Nawas!


  • Crane Brewing Beet Weiss 4/6/12oz CAN – The beer that made Michael Crane famous is an earthy, zinger that pairs great with food. Our Fall seasonal Berliner-style Weiss combines a sour German wheat beer with an unlikely vegetable, and, frankly, they look really good together. “Not Your Grandma’s Canned Beets!” 4.5% ABV.
  • Crane Brewing Lady Midday 4/6/12oz CAN – Gose brewed with Green Hatch Chiles, Apricot, and Mint. 5.5% ABV.
  • Crane Brewing Farmhouse IPA 4/6/12oz CAN – Dry Hopped Belgian Style Farmhouse IPA. 6% ABV.
  • Crane Brewing Odd Bird 4/6/12oz CAN – Mexican-Style Lager named for the Odd Bird Farm, who collects and uses our spent grain to feed their heritage Meishan pigs. 4.7% ABV.
  • Crane Brewing Omar 4/6/12oz CAN – Named after our cat that passed away too soon, Omar is a take on the traditional English porter. The fruity esters compliment the notes of bitter chocolate, licorice, and a hint of caramel sweetness. Almost an acceptable substitution for snuggles with our sweet Omar! 6% ABV.
  • Crane Brewing Thundergong 4/6/12oz CAN – Wheat Ale with Orange Peel. 1$ from every case donated to Steps of Faith Foundation for amputees in need. 5% ABV.

Une Année / Hubbard’s Cave Brewery:

  • Une Annee TRIPEL 6/4/16oz CANS – Belgian Abbey Ale. 8.7% ABV.
  • Une Annee No Regrets 6/4/16oz CAN – American Wild Ale fermented w/ Limes and Dry-hopped w/ Mosaic. 5.5% ABV.
  • Une Annee Framboise 12/2/16oz CANS (2 Pack) – American Wild Ale fermented w/ Raspberry. 6.5% ABV.
  • Une Annee Peche 12/2/16oz CANS (2 Pack) – American Wild Ale fermented w/ Peach. 6.5% ABV.
  • Une Annee Le Seul VI – Elderberry 12/2/16oz CANS (2 Pack) – American Wild Ale fermented w/ Elderberry. 6.5% ABV.
  • Hubbard’s Cave FRESH PALE 6/4/16oz CANS – Will be Canned on 10.21.2020 – Hazy Pale Ale w/ Citra and Simcoe hops. 6% ABV.
  • Hubbard’s Cave FRESH IIPA ONE HOP GALAXY 6/4/16oz CANS – Canned on 10.14.2020 – Hazy Imperial IPA w/ Galaxy hops exclusively. 8.5% ABV.
  • Hubbard’s Cave ICED MOCHA 6/4/16oz CANS – Stout w/ Chocolate, Coffee, Lactose, and Vanilla. 6% ABV.
  • Hubbard’s Cave HAZELNUT COFFEE & CAKES 12/2/16oz CANS (2 Pack) – Imperial Stout w/ Coffee, Maple Syrup, and Hazelnut 12% ABV.
  • Hubbard’s Cave ME LOVE TO EAT OREO COOKIES 12/2/16oz CANS (2 Pack) – Imperial Stout w/ Chocolate, Oreos, Vanilla Beans, and Lactose. 12% ABV.
  • Hubbard’s Cave ROCKY ROAD 12/2/16oz CANS (2 Pack) – Imperial Stout w/ Almond, Walnut, Chocolate, Marshmallow, Vanilla, and Lactose. 12% ABV.
  • Hubbard’s Cave EL ZACATON 12/2 /16oz CANS (2 Pack) – Imperial stout fermented with almond flour, chocolate, cacao nibs, cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, ancho chilies, guajillo chilies, habanero chilies, and cherrywood. 12% ABV.

Great Iowa Beer Festival Category Vote: Hazy/New England Sytle IPA

From BA: NEIPA is essentially an unfiltered IPA or Double IPA that’s been aggressively hopped. Appearance ranges from slightly hazy or cloudy to opaque or muddy. Dry-hopping, the use of high-protein grains (flours, flaked oats, wheat), certain yeast strains, water chemistry, CO2 levels, and other techniques may also contribute to the beer’s haze and mouthfeel. But the overall goal is typically a hazy, juicy IPA packed with fruity and floral flavors

la Brassiere Fantome, Jolly Pumpkin, and Clown Shoes coming this week from Abu Nawas!

Some fun and exciting beers coming from Abu Nawas including a favorite brewery of mine, Jolly Pumpkin. Here’s this week’s drop:

la Brasserie FANTOME:

Fantome BBBoo! 12/750ml BOT – Special Fall Belgian ale from the cult Belgian Brewery. 8% ABV. 👻👻👻

Fantome Saison 12/750ml bottles – Fruity, complex Saison beer from the Ardennes forest from a tiny farmhouse brewery very hard to find even in Belgium. Many drinkers out there who believe this is the “Nectar of the Gods.” Certainly, no other brewer makes beer like this, in Belgium or anywhere. 8% ABV.

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales:

Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela 12/750ml – Jolly Pumpkin’s first pumpkin beer. Brewed with pumpkin and spices. 7.5% ABV.

Jolly Pumpkin Fuego del Otono 12/750ml – Brewed with Chestnuts, Star Anise, Crystal Ginger, & Cinnamon Sticks. To catch a bit of soft radiance in each bottle, Jolly Pumpkin waits for fall colors to begin their bright and fleeting glow before brewing this wonderful ale under their autumn fire. 6.1% ABV.

Jolly Pumpkin Bam Di Castagna 12/375ml – A fall-inspired version of Bam Biére. Brewed with chestnuts in the mash, Bam de Castsagna pours a rich auburn and is gently tart. Notes of earthy chestnuts, flavors of cashew, taro with traces of autumn smoke. 4.5% ABV.

Bam 375 Jolly Pumpkin Weizen Bam 12/750ml or 12/375ml – Weizen Bam Biere is ruddy golden, with yeast driven esters of banana, spicy clove, and nutmeg all wrapped up with a generous dose of rapscallion delight. Lots of brewers use oak barrels to age their beers these days, but Jolly Pumpkin actually ferments in the wood, and the result is beer of extraordinary complexity and earthiness. 4.5% ABV.

Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo Especial 12/750ml bottles – A rich brown ale inspired by the enigmatic monastic brews of Belgium, and the mysterious mist shrouded jungles of the tropics. Brewed with real cacao, and spiced with cinnamon and sweet orange peel for a sensual delight. A brew to be sipped, savored, and enjoyed!7.5% ABV.

Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura 12/750ml bottles – A Belgian inspired stout that is as dark as a moonless midnight, brimming of roasted malts and bitter hops. It will keep you good company in all places, be thay light or dark. 8.1% ABV.

Jolly Pumpkin Luciernaga 12/750ml bottles – The Firefly, an artisan pale ale brewed in the Grand Cru tradition. Enjoy its golden effervescence and gentle hop aroma. Coriander and Grains of Paradise round out the spicy palate, melting o so softly into a silken finish of hoppiness and bliss! 6.5% ABV.

Jolly Pumpkin La Roja 12/750ml Bottles – An artisan amber ale brewed in the Flanders tradition. Deep amber with earthy caramel, spice, and sour fruit notes developed through natural barrel aging. Unfiltered, unpasteurized and blended from barrels ranging in age from two to ten months. 7.2% ABV.

Jolly Pumpkin La Roja Kriek Vintage 12/750ml – Special version of Amber Sour Dark Ale with Kriek Sour Cherries. 7.5% ABV.

Jolly Pumpkin i.O. Saison 12/750ml – Ale Brewed with Rose Hips, Rose Petals, and Hibiscus. Let’s face it, Beer is an art form that excites our senses and stirs our imagination. This truth gave Jolly Pumpkin an idea. We’d create a limited series of beer by throwing caution to the wind and following our creative muse no matter where it leads. This is how we discovered Baudelaire Beer. 6.8% ABV.

Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza 12/375ml bottles. A JP Beer that is Dear to our Heart. Strong, pale, tart Farmhouse ale. 8.0% ABV.

Clown Shoes:

  • Clown Shoes Rainbows are Real 6/4/16oz CAN – Hazy IPA Infused with Terpenes. 6.75% ABV.
  • Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter 2020 6/4/16oz CAN –  American Porter with Pecan Pie Flavor. 8% ABV.
  • Clown Shoes Churro Sombrero 6/4/16oz CAN – Mexican Style Chocolate Stout with Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Cinnamon. 7% ABV.
  • Clown Shoes Space Cake 6/4/16oz CAN – Double IPA with Mosaic and Citra Hops. 9% ABV. 
  • Clown Shoes Haze Cake 6/4/16oz CANS – Hazy Double IPA with Mosaic, Citra, and Centennial hops, Honey, and 2-row malts, wheat. 9% ABV.
  • Clown Shoes Pineapple Space Cake 6/4/16oz CAN – Pineapple Double IPA. 7.77% ABV. 
  • Clown Shoes Clementine 6/4/16oz CAN – White Ale with Spices, All Natural Clementine Flavor, Sweet Orange Peel, Coriander, Mandarina Hops. 6% ABV.
  • Clown Shoes Mango Kolsch 6/4/16oz CAN – American Kōlsch with All Natural Mango Flavor, Columbus, and Huell Melon Hops. 5.5% ABV.

The Great Iowa Brewing Festival Awards!

This coming weekend The Great American Beer Festival would usually be packing beer lovers into the lovely Denver, CO for a weekend of fun, beer, and food and some of our wonderful Iowa breweries have been well represented there. This year, the festival goes virtual, so I thought it would be fun to do an Iowa only beer festival. I’ll be posting polls on here (blog), linking from my Twitter account, and various Facebook Iowa beer pages. You will only be able to vote once in each category so make sure you read the entire list. Brewer’s, I would love for you to send a video my way bragging up your beer so feel free to email those to me! The categories will be:

Hazy IPA
Pastry Stouts
Porters + Browns
American IPA
Stouts/BA Stouts/Imperial Stouts

Each beer selected will be by using untappd filter as to the number checked in or recently added. Feedback is welcomed as I probably missed a beer or two to add to the categories. If there is a category I need to add please let me know! This is all for fun but I welcome the discussion, cheers to Iowa breweries!

Limited Omnipollo + Evil Twin/Westbrook collab coming from Abu Nawas!

A nice early week surprise coming from Abu Nawas! Limited Omnipollo and an Evil Twin/Westbrook blended strong ale coming! On to it!

  • Omnipollo Blueberry Maple Pancake Bianca 24/16oz Single CANS – Sour Ale brewed with 1300 Blueberries & One Whole Madagascan Vanilla Bean Per Can, & Maple Syrup. 6% ABV.
  • Omnipollo Raspberry Maple Pancake Bianca 24/16oz Single CANS – Sour Ale brewed with over 1,000 Raspberries & One Whole Madagascan Vanilla Bean Per Can, & Maple Syrup. 7% ABV.
  • Omnipollo Peanut Butter Chocolate Blueberry Pancake Bianca 24/16oz Single CANS – Sour Ale brewed with 1300 Blueberries & One Whole Madagascan Vanilla Bean Per Can, plus Peanut Flour, Cacao Nibs, & Maple Syrup.
  • Evil Twin / Westbrook Collab.  Do You Like Spicy Nachos? 12/22oz Bottles – Amarone-Inspired Blended Strong Dark Ale aged on Port, Bourbon, Marsala, & Cabernet Wine Barrels, brewed with Raisins, Cherries, & Black Currants. 12% ABV.

Stone 2021 release calendar

Press release courtesy of mybeerbuzz.com:
Of note:  Scorpion Bowl & Neverending Haze go year-round, new mix packs including a Hazy IPA mix pack, Enjoy By Super Dank, Enjoy By Hazy and a new Enjoy By variant coming in June, three Pilot Series releases, the return of Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale in Jan and the new Stonefest 3 and Stone Fest 4 coming later in 2021. Stay tuned for more details on all of these beers.

Lion Bridge fall releases and some future TBD releases announced!

Lion Bridge brewery has been busy and is bursting into fall with a plethora of releases! Their Cheeseshake sour releases have been extremely popular and delicious and if you haven’t tried Off Grid yet you need to do yourself a favor and get some! One of the best beers of the year IMO! Here’s what’s coming down the line this Fall and maybe into winter for Lion Bridge:

**Blackberry Cheeseshake Sour – the last of the Cheeseshake releases will be available on October 7th and will be available for online purchase starting this Sunday at 9 p.m. Click here for purchasing link!

**Zombie Awakening – released this week! In collaboration with Bloomsbury Farm. Black as the inside of a buried coffin, with enough Dash dark roast coffee to put a pep in the step of the even the most lumbering undead walker.

**Spice Must Flow – a seasonal favorite returns next Wednesday (10/7) as well!  This black Ale w/spices checks in at 7.0% and contains a melange of Maple, Saigon Cinnamon, nutmeg, and a robust black ale form this luxurious treat.

** Fun Size – releasing October 9th and according to LB this is a small beer w/chocolate and Sea Salt and checks in at 7.0% – This beer is brewed with Sea Salt and then fermented with a Scandinavian Kveik yeast called Lutra that ferments quickly and produces a very clean yeast profile. We then rest this beer on a lot of cacao nibs. The result is an adult treat for Halloween. No tricks needed!

**Oco Noco – releasing October 14th with an October 11th presale is this imperial milk Stout w/coconut that will check in at 10.5% – For batch 1001 we wanted to make something special. We decided to take an exceptional Imperial Milk Stout base beer and put an obscene amount of toasted and un-toasted coconut into it until beer and confectionary treat melded seamlessly together. Simple, but oh so decadent.


B. Nektar and Against the Grain coming from Abu Nawas this week!

Tons of liquids coming from B. Nektar meadery and Against the Grain brewery this week from Abu Nawas. Here’s the drop:

B. Nektar:

  • B. Nektar Wildberry Pyment 12/375ml – 10th Anniversary Grape honey wine. A ‘Pyment’ (pie-ment) is a mead made with grapes. This one is made with clover honey, shiraz grape juice, and natural wildberry concentrate. It is full bodied and semi-sweet. Makes a great sangria or try it over ice as a spritzer.
  • B. Nektar Totally Strawberry 12/500ml – Mead with Strawberries. 6.1% ABV
  • B. Nektar Core Crusher 12/500ml – Bone-dry hard cider. Encompassing the apple in its entirety. Slightly tannic with balanced acidity and medium body. Notes of earth and barn wood complement the dry, refreshing finish. 6.5% ABV. ***Great Price***
  • B. Nektar Zombie Killer 12/500ml – Deep Pink Hard Cider with Michigan Star Thistle Honey and Tart Cherries. Perfection. 5.5% ABV.
  • B. Nektar New Wave Lemonade 12/500ml – Orange blossom honey mead with blueberries and lemon. 6.3% ABV.
  • B. Nektar Punk Lemonade Cider 12/500ml – Raspberry & Lemon Hard Cider. 100 % Gluten Free. Mildy tart apple and lemon character that flows into a light raspberry sweetness. Medium body with a full mouth experience balancing sweet, tart and acidity. Refreshing sweet/tart finish. ***Great Price***
  • B. Nektar NECRO 12/500ml – Mango mead with black pepper. Fruity mango wine backed by citrusy honey brightness. Finishes with lively black pepper. 6.2% ABV.
  • B. Nektar Tuco Style Freakout 12/500ml – Mead with Orange Blossom Honey, Agave Nectar, Lime Juice and Lime Zest. 6% ABV. #BreakingBad

Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse:

  • Against the Grain 35K 6/4/16oz CAN – Not your typical “Jelly of the Month Club” beer. Dark roasted malt and bittersweet cocoa and coffee flavor and aroma burst from this pitch black milk stout. The full body and sweetness are derived from the addition of lactose (aka milk sugar) which is not fermentable by beer yeast. A healthy dose of English Kent Goldings hops provides a counterpoint to this ale’s rich and complex maltiness. 7% ABV.
  • Against the Grain A Beer 6/4/16oz CAN – When its time for a beer, you deserve the best. You deserve a super premium winner every time. You deserve A Beer. A Beer is a cold, refreshing lager and #1 at being the best. So whether you’re ready to crack one or crush one, make sure its A Beer. 4.5% ABV.
  • Against the Grain Citra Ass Down 6/4/16oz CAN – This beer is not candy or mother’s milk. It is not brewed by gypsies or aliens, nor does it contain any zombie dirt. This is an American Style IPA brewed with Citra Hops. It is citrusy, sticky, hoppy and delicious. Simply drink it and enjoy it. 8.2% ABV. 
  • Against the Grain Pile of Face 6/4/16oz CAN – American IPA. 6.5% ABV. 
  • Against the Grain Retitled Pils 6/4/16oz CAN – Pilsner Lager. 5% ABV. 
  • Against the Grain The Brown Note 6/4/16oz CAN – The brown ale to end all brown ales. Enjoy it, because there is no longer any reason to drink another. You’ve reached the pinnacle. 5% ABV. 
  • Against the Grain Fish Boi 6/4/16oz CAN – Refreshing Ale with Strawberry & Rhubarb. 3.2% ABV. 
  • Against the Grain / Hoof Hearted Clearly Everybody Wants Some 6/4/16/oz CAN – This “Hazy Boi” IPA is a hop lover’s dream featuring the juiciest hops & all the lupulin haze you need! 7.2% ABV. 
  • Against the Grain Gettin Limboed in Kentiki 6/4/16/oz CAN – Pineapple, Mango Sour Ale that’s as tropical and tikified as a riverside cabana. 6.5% ABV. ATG
  • Against the Grain Jorge Castaña 6/4/16oz CAN – Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Brown Ale brewed with Roasted Chestnuts. 10% ABV. 
  • Against the Grain Cellarless Keller 6/4/16oz CAN – Malty, balanced German-style Kellerbier aged with oak alternatives that result in a spicy, floral aroma and flavors that complement this lager and replicates the old-style wooden cask character. 5.8% ABV. 
  • Against the Grain / Freigeist Gegen Den Strom: Lichtenhainer 6/4/16oz CAN – A Traditional German Style Smoked Sour Beer. 4.7% ABV. 
  • Against the Grain / Freigeist Gegen Den Strom: Zerbster Bitterbier 6/4/16oz CAN – Traditional German-style smoked beer. 6.8% ABV. 
  • Against the Grain Snap, Carakale, and Hop 6/4/16oz CAN – A Middle Eastern Style IPA collaboration brew between Against the Grain and Carakale Brewing (Jordan). Made with dates and goat lactose. 6.5% ABV. 
  • Amager/Against the Grain Pocketful of Dollars 12/500 ml. A delicious Danish Collaboration Imperial Rye Lager. 6.9% ABV.