Big Grove Citra Triad Releases Around CR/IC

big-groveBig Grove Brewery will be releasing their Citra Triad today at the brewery and will follow with more tappings of these three brews at other locations. If you’re in the CR/IC area you’ll want to get your hands on these! These three beers are Arms Race, 16 Minuteman, and Trident, get them while you can! Here’s the info:

Thursday, December 22nd
11am-30Hop Crowler fill
12pm-3pm-Johns Grocery Minuteman & Trident sampling and growler fill
4pm-Zepplins Que Sera Lime & Honey pin tapping with Citra Triad
5pm-Brick’s Bar & Grill
6pm-Shorts Burger & Shine
8pm-The Mill
Friday, December 23rd
11am-1pm-HyVee North Dodge IC, Citra Triad sampling & growler fills
2pm-Need Pizza
4-6pm Film Scene Citra Triad & Third Base Brewery & Another Road collab “Friends Forever” sampling
Reds Alehouse will be tapping Citra triad Monday 26th

Eastern Iowa Tropical Burn sightings courtesy of Slim

Short’s Burger and Shine-Iowa City

shortsAs you may have already seen, the Mango DIPA is tapped and flowing at Short’s Burger and Shine in Downtown Iowa City. If you’ve never been, you need to change that soon! As if this wasn’t already one of the prime dining locales, you can add one more reason to the laundry list of great things that this restaurant offers; TROPICAL BURN! A limited brew by Firetrucker Brewery, Tropical Burn is a Mango double IPA that comes in at 9.1%. It features 4 types of hops including the Australian Galaxy and Citra. What results is a hazy, orange pour that reminds you of fruit juice. There’s loads of mango in the nose as well as the taste which goes down smooth and carries a mild, lingering bitterness.

It was tapped this past Monday and it’s really tough to think of a better venue to enjoy one of these at than Short’s. It’s the diverse and interesting combinations of the burgers and chicken sandwiches that make this place great. The names are catchy by themselves and then you read what makes up each burger and it’s on. My personal favorite is the Tingley, with Green chili, pepper jack, avocado mayonnaise. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Especially once it’s served to you; you know you’re in for a tremendous dining/brew experience.

Brr Fest-Marriott Coralville

It’s been confirmed that Tropical Burn will be available at Brr Fest. One of the premier tasting events in the state of Iowa, Brr Fest is Saturday, January 30, at the Coralville Marriott Convention Center. There’ll be nearly 100 breweries this year! Look for the logo and enjoy some delicious Mango along with some of our other beers!