Hitting Shelves: Fall Releases, Stone Oakmeal, Jubalale, BB Quad, Destihl

Quite a few new brews will soon be hitting packaging lines and then off to distro and HOPEFULLY!…hopefully hitting our shelves. Let’s get on with the list!

stone**Stone Oakmeal Bourbon Barrel Stout** – this is part of Stone’s Small Batch series so I’m not sure if we will see this beer or not. According to mybeerbuzz.blogspot.com this is Stone’s bitter chocolate oatmeal stout aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for 7 months. It will come in at 11.4% ABV and packaging will begin this month. More on this beer courtesy of Stone Brewing:

Brewed December 5, 2015
Originally inspired by the recipe of two Team Stone members, Stone 12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout became an instant classic. The onyx-hued beer also proved to be an ideal barrel-aging specimen, thanks to the rich, thick mouthfeel and chocolate-heavy flavors and aromatics. 

destihl.jpg**Destihl Wild Sour Series: Synchopathic** – another brew is making its way to Destihl’s popular Wild Sour Series and Synchopathic is a dry-hopped American Wild ale bursting with flavors.Here’s more on this brew courtesy of beerstreetjournal.com:

…with totally rad aromas and flavors reminiscent of grapefruit, orange, lemon, tangerine, pineapple and hints of pine, giving way to a biscuity-crackery malt back beat, low bitterness and a dry finish to bring everything in synch.

Destihil Wild Sour Synchopathic is available in 12 ounce cans and draft starting in mid-July.

Style: American Wild Ale
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
Release: Mid-July, 2016

6% ABV

**Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad** – the 750 ml are no more for this beer as we will be getting it in 12 oz 4 packs. It will still check in at 11.8% ABV and it sounds like it will become available in October. Expect the price to be a tad higher than most other Boulevard 4 packs due to it being barrel-aged. quad.jpg

deschutes.png**Deschutes Jubalale** – the annual release from Deschutes will be available starting in October. It will once again be available in 12 oz 6 packs and check in at 6.7%. Here’s more on this beer courtesy of Deschutes’ website:

Available October – December. Warm spiciness and tradition grace this bold winter ale. Intriguing, layered flavors unfold to reveal chicory, dried fruit and toffee notes with a hoppy kick to finish. The deep garnet color pairs perfectly with holiday celebrations.

bully**Boulevard Cranberry Orange Radler** – something you usually consider a summer-style beer, radler, is getting fall makeover courtsey of Boulevard. Their popular lemon/ginger radler will take a backseat as the cooler months approach and be replaced by Cranberry/Orange radler. We will see this one coming in October as well. Here’s more from Boulevard:

Beginning in the fall of 2016, Cranberry Orange Radler will be available in six packs of 12-ounce cans. Using our experience from creating Ginger Lemon Radler, we’ll follow the same process, but instead of using ginger and lemon juice, we’ll add (no surprise here) orange and cranberry to the beer.

Beautifully hazy and slightly pink in color, Cranberry Orange Radler will open with an aroma of sweet blood oranges and just a hint of cranberry. The blood orange character boldly manifests in the flavor giving way to cranberry tartness. The base beer, Unfiltered Wheat Beer, contributes a slightly sweet bready flavor to the malt profile of the beer that shines with bright citrus flavor and a touch of acidity. Cranberry Orange Radler clocks in at 4.05% ABV and 12 IBUs.

Jeremy Danner, Ambassador Brewer

Know of anymore releases? Send a message my way! Cheers!

Coming to Shelves: Rogue, Lagunitas?, Founders, Enjoy By, more!

A lot of tidbits in this update as we have a bunch of beers hitting shelves and I know I missed a bunch so feel free to drop me a line if I missed anything. On to the update!

rogue**Rogue** – going with their recent VooDoo Doughnut releases, Rogue is coming out with Lemon Chiffon Crueller Ale. A cruller for those who don’t know is just a style of donut. Another interesting flavor from Rogue and their VooDoo Doughnut lineup.

lagunitas**Lagunitas**- it’s been so great having Lagunitas in Iowa. Wonderfully affordable and even better tasting, Lagunitas is right up with Founders and Stone hitting our market. Their newest beer hasn’t been confirmed for Iowa and sounds very  limited. I’ll try to keep everyone updated if we see it here. Lagunitas Born Yesterday is a take on their pale ale recipe. Here’s more from Lagunitas on the beer:


founders**Founders** – according to Founders twitter account Big Lushious has been brewed and bottled and set for delivery. Here’s the tweet:

Founders Brewing Co.@foundersbrewing 2m

2 minutes ago

Big Lushious is on the bottling line today. Available beginning November 24: http://ow.ly/E4dLy 

More from the brewery:

We plan to introduce Big Lushious, a chocolate raspberry stout, this December to mark the eleventh installment in our Backstage Series. Like all of our Backstage Series beers, Big Lushious will be sold in 750mL bottles, with a suggested retail price of $14.99 per bottle.

Big Lushious is a deep, rich stout that’s packed with flavor: roasted malts, all-natural dark chocolate, a subtle suggestion of burnt coffee grounds and a kiss of tart raspberries. At 7.8% ABV, it’s big, sumptuous and extravagant, but also balanced.

“We thought Big Lushious would make a great release for the holidays,” said Co-Founder and Vice President of Brand & Education Dave Engbers. “It’s a luxurious beer for us. It’s meant for bringing to parties and is perfect for sharing with friends and family after a feast.”

Big Lushious will be released in limited quantities across our distribution footprint beginning on Monday, November 24 (note: updated from Monday, December 1, as previously announced),and will be available at our taproom that same week. This will be our last Backstage Series release in 2014—look for more in 2015.

destihl**Destihl Brewing** – coming out with another sour beer in their Wild Sour Series. I was fortunate enough, thanks to sLim, to try their Gose and really really enjoyed it so I will try to get my hands on this one as well. It is a Flanders Red that will clock in at 6.1%. More from the brewery:

Flanders Red is an acidic, sour ale with an initial impression of tart cherries and sour candy that dissipates into a complex palate displaying both a sharp lactic sourness with a backbone of caramel and biscuit malt profiles and minimal hop character. The dry, wine-like finish accentuates the complex malt profile and bright fruit notes showcased in this brilliant red colored hybrid of a modern Flanders and German-style sour.

Stone**Stone Brewing** –  Enjoy By 12/26 and Stone Master of Disguise both are scheduled to be shipped out of California on November 14th. Not sure when we will see it on shelves but it shouldn’t be much after the 14th date. More on Master of Disguise from a previous post here: https://iabeerbaron.com/2014/10/17/1st-look-at-stone-master-of-disguise-imperial-golden-stout/


Huge news of Green Flash purchasing Alpine Brewing as well. If they add Alpine to the Iowa market we have a tough lineup of beers on the shelves to beat! As always, if you have news, rumors, or reviews you would like posted drop me an email! Cheers!

Destihl Wild Sour Series Coming to Cans


Got the following information from Destihl Brewing’s website and also the picture is courtesy of http://www.craftcans.com.

Our new Wild Sour Series includes several beer styles that derive their tartness from wild fermentation in an extended sour mash process. Unlike our Saint Dekkera® Reserve Sour Series, which are long-term aged and soured in oak barrels, our Wild Sour ales not barrel-aged, but they are still soured with our same spontaneous, wild creatures derived from our Reserve Sour barrels.