Brewery Review #2: 3rd Base Brewery; Cedar Rapids, IA

My brother and I visited 3rd Base Brewery in Cedar Rapids not too long ago on a whim. It is located in a little strip mall and by looking at it you wouldn’t think much of it. However, once we tried the beer and the food we were happy we stopped.
We ordered some wings first and were pleasantly surprised. Wings fried and then slathered in sauce with some very good ranch dressing. My first beer was the Black Cobra Oatmeal Stout. I was impressed; smooth tasting stout that was easy to drink and refreshing. My brother ordered their Golden Hawk Wheat. Easy drinking, not much on flavor but not bad overall.
Overall a very good stop. Good fries, wings, and the Oatmeal Stout is very good. If you are in the Cedar Rapids area give this place a try. (


2 thoughts on “Brewery Review #2: 3rd Base Brewery; Cedar Rapids, IA

  1. Stagger says:

    I tried the Hefeweizen at 3rd base and was not overly impressed with it. Although it was refreshing, it just did not have the flavor I was looking for. But it did put the slight fire in my mouth out from the wings.

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