Restaurant Review #2: Chameleon’s Pub and Grub; Mount Vernon, IA

When my wife and I moved to the area we immediately checked out Chameleon’s. Great food and a surprisingly very good selection of beer was available. A few months ago we found out the bar was put up for sale and tonight was the first night we stopped in to check out what the new owners were offering. The menu was small, which sometimes is a good thing. This was typical bar food with nothing mind-blowing, but we were both satisfied with our meals. A philly cheesesteak and a turkey club with a side a fried jalapenos. What was good for us is that they cater pretty well to kids and that seems to be the big difference between the ownership now and then. More kid friendly than before. I was happy to hear the new owner talking to a customer questioning the beer options. He was wondering what New Belgium Hoptober was and the owner said they get all the seasonal New Belgium products which made me as happy as a pig in shit.
They had New Belgium Hoptober on tap and its only the middle of August which was great. I love Octoberfest beers and this one went down smooth.
Eastern Iowa residents: If you are in the Mount Vernon, IA area and are in need of a cool, refreshing, fresh beer, some decent pub grub and cool, cozy, and comfortable atmosphere; check out Chameleon’s.

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review #2: Chameleon’s Pub and Grub; Mount Vernon, IA

  1. YARDEN says:

    I agree on Chameleon’s. Mt. Vernon is a college town and every college town needs a place like this. It’s not a typical bar with the beer selection on Busch Light, Bud Light and Miller Lite. They have the best beer in the world on tap….Guinness

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