Beer Review #16: Bells Octoberfest

A seasonal type of beer that I’ve come to appreciate more is Octobefest styles. Bells and Sam Adams are responsible for my transition into a fan of Octoberfest beers. Bells Octoberfest ( has a nice malty flavor with that hop bitterness in the end. It is perfect for a fall day. Although I would rather have a Sam Adams Octoberfest, Bells is still a close second.  Octoberfest beers pair excellent with a nice grilled bratwurst or any other type of sausage. 

Pour:  Copper/Amber pour with a thick white head.
Aroma: Roasted malts with caramel.
Taste: Sweet caramel flavor with hop bitterness in the end. Very smooth.
Overall: It is the time of year for us to be drinking Octoberfest beers. If you can’t find Bells, Sam Adams is widely available. A nice cool day and cold Octoberfest go great together. Cheers!

Eastern Iowa residents: This beer is/will be available at John’s Grocery in Iowa City. I’ve seen many Bells products at Hy-Vee but their selection does change. It should be available by the end of August until November.

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