Guest Review #2: SLIM Reviews Sierra Nevada Kellerweiss Hefeweizen

Thanks for the review SLIM!

Guest Review by SLIM: Sierra Nevada Kellerweis, Hefeweizen

 The first beer I’ve chosen to review is also the first offering I have ever had from Sierra Nevada ( I’m not completely sure why I have avoiding trying this brewer until now but it could be because it’s pretty mainstream and made in California . They’re most famously known for their pale ale (I’m not too crazy about pale ale’s…almost always pick a hefeweizen or a stout over a pale ale). I certainly did enjoy Kellerweis, though. It had a lot of flavor, was very drinkable, and finished okay. I recommend this beer to anyone but don’t think I would go as far to say it is as good as Boulevard Wheat. It is moderately priced though and worth a look.

 Review (Unfortunately, I don’t have quite as good of a flavor-catching pallet that the beerbaron boasts but I will do the best to relay my opinion on the quality of this brew to the best of my ability.)

Pour-Hazy golden pour with an all white head.

Aroma-Smell of citrus and a slight hint of hoppiness.

Taste-Very fruity, sweet, but somewhat artificial tasting finish.

Overall: B

  Eastern Iowa Residents: You will generally find this at any Hy-Vee and at most liquor stores. This isn’t quite as widely available as the Pale Ale but you should be able to track it down without much difficulty.

One thought on “Guest Review #2: SLIM Reviews Sierra Nevada Kellerweiss Hefeweizen

  1. MGP says:

    Tried this one many moons ago. Pretty tasty from what I remember. As far as Sierra Nevada goes….gotta try the Bigfoot. It packs a punch!

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