Beer Review #48: Point Belgian White

My local grocery store is always displaying beers from Point Brewery ( out of Steven’s Point, WI. so I decided to try one of their six packs. I went with their White Ale. I guess I can sum this beer up pretty quickly, it wasn’t all that impressive. It wasn’t a terrible white ale, but it did nothing to stand out. It was drinkable but I wouldn’t throw the $6-$7 for another six pack of this. John’s White Ale and BLue Moon are better white ales than this one.
I will try their Cascade Pale Ale next to see if that one is any good.
 Pour: Hazy yellow pour with a white head.
Aroma: Light spice smell, wheat, and yeast.
Taste: Sweet flavor with the spice notes in the end.
Overall: C-

Eastern Iowa Residents: My local grocery store carries this beer and I have seen it at all Hy-Vee and major liquor stores. Looking at $6-$8 a six pack, save your money and grab a Millstream John’s White Ale or Blue Moon.

One thought on “Beer Review #48: Point Belgian White

  1. Slim says:

    Most of Point’s beers aren’t going to blow you away but they are usually tasty, reasonably priced, and you can feel good knowing you’re supporting a local brewery.

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