Review #49: Corona Extra

A beer that is glorified through commercials of beaches, good-looking women, and parties; Corona Extra has really become very popular in recent years. I’ll be honest, I could easily grade this beer as an “F”, it tastes and smells very skunky, but on a 95 degree day in Iowa, add a little lime and as long as it’s cold, it hits the………Screw it, this beer sucks, there are much better things to drink during the summer. If you want Mexican beers to drink go for a Negro Modello, Dos Equis Amber, or a Pacifico.
 Pour: I have never actually had a Corona poured in a glass before.
Aroma: Skunky aroma, not very pleasant.
Taste: Same as the aroma, skunky
Eastern Iowa Residents: Available everywhere. Save your money.

One thought on “Review #49: Corona Extra

  1. Skunk says:

    I agree. This beer was great when you first started drinking beer, but ones you taste a Pacifico and Dos Equis, this stuff tastes like piss.

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