Beer Review #58: Boulevard Single Wide IPA

Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City ( is known for making pretty solid beers. Their IPA isn’t a punch you in the face hopmonster that most IPA’s nowadays are, and I would almost consider it being a really good pale ale. It does have that hop bitterness in there, but not the extent that most IPAs have. Another thing that makes Boulevard great is their distribution. In Iowa we can get almost all of their beers here and they are usually remarkably priced. The product is usually anywhere from good to great, and you are putting money in the pocket of a hard-working craft brewery and not a mass-produced bottle of swill. The ABV is a nice 5.7%,  have a few and enjoy them!
 Pour: Amber, copper pour with a nice white head. Great lacing that sticks on the glass.
Aroma: Citrus fruit and pine.
Taste: Nice and smooth, a little hop bitterness.
Overall: C+
Eastern Iowa Residents: Available everywhere. Support Boulevard and all other craft beers!

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