Guest Review by Slim: Boulevard Zon

Thanks to Slim for another great guest review. Here it is:

ABV:  4.4%

Style-Belgian Wit

This beer was briefly mentioned in one of the IA Beerbaron’s earlier articles. I thought this would be a good one to review because I had not tried it in awhile but I remember it being a pretty solid summer seasonal. I stumbled into it at my friend’s wedding. I was impressed by the fine selection they had at the reception. It included 4 different types of Boulevard alone. And it came along with those precious words that will instantly bring a smile to your face…open bar. With unlimited Boulevard Zon’s at disposal, it was shaping up to be a rough night for sLiM.  But I made the wise decision to focus on enjoying the beer instead. I feel that Zon is an underappreciated offering by Boulevard. It’s super easy to drink and sweet like the unfiltered wheat. But I feel like it gives you a different type of sweet that you aren’t exposed to with the wheat. It’s a nice alternative to the wheat. My only complaint to this beer is that it doesn’t seem like you’re drinking a beer after about two of these. Very tasty, though, and without a doubt one of the best beers you can grab for any occasion during the summer.


Pour-Hazy yellow pour with a thin white head. Minimal Lacing

Aroma-Mostly a sweet, citrusy smell, not overpowering by any means

Taste-Great taste out of a summer seasonal. A great balance of citrus and lemon, but wish there was more of a trace of hops.

Overall– B+. I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted this beer after going a few years since last trying it. It was much better than I remembered.  My taste has evolved over the years but I can still appreciate a very clean, easy to drink brew and the Zon fits the bill perfectly. I think this is one of Boulevards best offerings and I would drink this outside of the summer. Don’t know how well it would do being sold year-round but I would buy it regularly.

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