Restaurant Review: Dubuque Mining Company; Dubuque, IA

This was meant to be posted a few months ago as that was the last time I ate at the Mining Company. I remember it very clearly as it was the day my daughter was born and I went with my brother to have a bite to eat. We both were wanting something with a little grease that wasn’t in a chain restaurant but something local and good. I remembered eating at the Dubuque Mining Company a year earlier and how I was pleased with it.
This place has everything I’m looking for in a pub/bar. A nice comfy feel that doesn’t have 50 feet ceilings, 90 tvs, loud music, and $5 shitty beers. It was cozy, a little dark, and had the type of food I was looking for, although the beer selection could have been a bit better; they did have Boulevard Wheat and Sam Adams seasonal on tap, so it’s not too terrible. When I sat down I was pleasantly surprised to see a brat burger on the menu. I’m a huge advocate of the brat burger, don’t get me wrong, I love brats, but the burger form is much easier to eat and less messy. Anyway, got one of those piled with warm sauerkraut and yellow mustard with a side of fries and life was good. They have an extensive burger list and the food hits the spot.
Here’s the link to check out the menu:

Have you been there before? Let me know what I need to get next time!

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