New to Shelves: New Belgium Cocoa Mole, Bier De Mars; Sam Adams, Summer Shandy

A few more beers hitting the shelves this week in the Eastern Iowa area. Some of these were released last week, but I missed the releases on those. The first beer to talk about is Leinenkugels’ Summer Shandy. (www. ) The commercial description is pretty weak, but here it is:
“Beer with natural lemonade flavor.”
Released very early this year due to popularity last year, you can find this beer in 12 pack cans or 6 pack bottle 12 oz.

Beer #2 is one that I’ve been waiting for, for a long time. Samuel Adams Noble Pils. This was their spring seasonal last year, and the great news is that this is now going to be a year-round product. A fantastic pilsner that uses 4 hop varieties. Excellent stuff! Here’s the product description:
“2009 Beer Lover’s Choice Contestant – Sample A. Similar to a traditional Czech Pilsner, our Samuel Adams Pils is brewed with a blend of 5 Noble Hop varieties from each of the world’s only remaining Noble Hop growing regions. The spicy, herbal and citrus hop character is well-balanced by the Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner malt, adding honeyed malt character and full body without sweetness.”

New Belgium has released two more beers to go along with their Lips of Faith series. The first one is their Cocoa Mole. Description: “Say hola to a spiced up ale full of cocoa and ancho, guajillo, chipotle peppers. But don’t fear the heat, because plenty of caramel and chocolate malts bring a smooth, complex flavor. Scents of cinnamon when poured will have your saying “¡Ole For Mole!” Sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle.

The 2nd beer from New Belgium this week is Bier De Mars. Description: “Biere De Mars is New Belgium’s exploration of the classic French and Belgian brews celebrating the half-winter, half-spring month of March. Our bottle-conditioned version, however, goes where no BIERE DE MARS has gone before. After gazing at its cloudy, yet glowing orange hue, prepare yourself for a celestial collaboration of oats, wheat, barley malt and lemon verbena, all of which is set into orbit by unidentified flying yeast strains.”

That’s it for this week, please pass along any notes as where you can find these beers and any tasting notes. These are all available at John’s Grocery and various Hy-Vees in the area.

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