Best of Spring Seasonals

With spring being here it is time for some very good beers to start becoming available. Here’s quick look at my favorite spring seasonal beers. Hopefully you can find these on your shelves somewhere and give them a try.

#1 Dogfish Head Apriohop
Dogfish Head Brewery

Even though this beer is not available in Iowa, come spring, and actually all throughout the year I find myself craving this fantastic beer. Dogfish is always trying new and exciting things with their beers, there are big time hits and sometimes there are misses. With this beer though, I think they hit it right on top of the head. The perfect balance of an IPA with just a tad bit of apricot added makes this the perfect spring brew.

#2 Samuel Adams Noble Pils
Boston Beer Company

I know this available year round but up until this year it was only available from March-June. Talk about a fantastic lawn-mowing beer, this is yet. It is hard to find a great pilsner that impresses me, but this one sure does and it is very sessionable. Great brew, glad it is now available all year as it will now be in my fridge all year.

#3 New Belgium Dig

New Belgium Brewery

Their latest releases replaces Mighty Arrow, which I was really fond of. But after trying Dig, I can rest easy as this is a suitable replacement. A very tasty pale ale with the perfect blend of malts to balance out the bitterness of the hops. Good stuff from New Belgium.

#4 Ale Asylum Bedlam!
Ale Asylum; Madison, WI

This a Belgian style IPA so it won’t be as hop forward as some of your west coast IPA’s are. But Ale Asylum does a great job adding the malts to balance out the hops. This beer is a sweeter IPA, think of an orange marmalade type flavor and that is what I get from Bedlam!

#5 Three Floyds Rabid Rabbit
Three Floyds Brewing

I had my first bottle of this beer last week and was blown away by it. A fantastically refreshing farmhouse style ale that would go perfect on a mild spring day. Malty and spicy, it goes down easy, but be careful, 7.4% ABV can sneak up to you.

**I know I’m missing some beers but please feel free to add to this list or let me know your thoughts on the ones that I have posted.**

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