Restaurant Review: Stella; Iowa City, IA

As I finished my 10K race for the Ronald McDonald house this past Sunday in Iowa City in a dead-heat to claim first place, barely being inched out by a Kenyan who won the Boston marathon two years ago, I could only think of one thing…..Where can I get a beer after this?

Of course I’m lying, I didn’t do a 10K, I did a 5K, and I didn’t run one second of that 5K. Not sure if there was a Kenyan involved, didn’t mean to stereotype, but it was a nice leisurely stroll through some cool neighborhoods in Iowa City, but my good deed was done, and I think I earned myself a cold brew. My wife and I walked the 5K with her brother and his lady friend and they suggested we hit up Stella for a quick bite to eat afterwards. After all, it was only 10 in the morning, and we were pretty hungry and also looking for an excuse to have a drink.

For those not aware, Stella restaurant is what used to be Melorse Market, very close to Kinnick stadium in Iowa City. Walking in, the first thing I noticed was the great tap selection of beers they had. All from Iowa, nothing else. The decor of the restaurant was great but we decided to enjoy their patio. I had intended on a bloody mary, but seeing Toppling Goliath Golden Nugget on tap changed my mind really quick. This is a must try beer, and my vote for the best beer in Iowa. We didn’t plan on shoveling our faces too much so my wife and I shared a breakfast sandwich, and I also noticed they made their own sausage patties there.

The sandwich was great and refreshing with avocado on it and the sausage patties were spicy with just the right amount of sage in them, hardly any grease whatsoever. Before we left I made the comment that I could have sat there forever because along with a few Toppling Goliath brews, they also had Peace Tree Hop Wrangler, Great River Stout and Pale Ale, Millstream John’s Generation white ale, and many more. Would like to back again very soon!

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