Beer Review #96: Sun King Osiris Pale Ale

sun kingMy first trip to Indy was a few years ago during the Big 10 basketball tournament and one of the most memorable parts of that trip was a visit to the brand new Sun King brewery ( What made this place stick out to me was that they were just starting out and happened to be having a tasting event that day. For $10 we got 10 tickets, which means 10 drinks, as well as the opportunity to sit and visit or look around the brewery. As people were leaving they would give us their tickets which meant more beers for us. Needless to say, we got a little bit of buzz going but I remember the beers being very good.

Sun King doesn’t distribute outside of Indiana, yet, but my brother-in-law would bootleg Sun King products back to Iowa when they would return home to visit. Osiris isn’t a pale ale that is lighter in flavor, this pale ale bites back a bit with a nice resinous hop presence followed by some sweetness to balance it out. From the brewery:

Osiris Pale Ale is an assertive American Pale and is not meant for the timid. Crafted by our Brewers for our Brewers, Osiris blends three choice varieties of American hops to create a spicy, citrus hop punch that is sure to satisfy any hop head. Every batch of Osiris is dry-hopped towards the end of fermentation for maximum hop flavor, aroma and character.

Sun King products come in 16 oz cans with very cool artwork. Like the description says, an assertive American Pale. Nice citrus hops flavor with a nice bitter finish. A very easy beer to drink, well crafted by Sun King. I’m hoping they continue to push out great beers and eventually make it to a closer market for Eastern Iowans to enjoy.


Style:  American Pale Ale

ABV: 5.6%

Purchased at: Somewhere in Indiana

Pour: Light orange pour, nice white head.

Aroma: Citrus hops, a little pine, a bit of yeast.

Flavor: Reisinous hops, citrus, and a nice bitter touch.

Ratebeer rating:91

Beeradvocate rating:90

Overall: B

My recommendation: Once again, they don’t make it this far west but hopefully they will be able to make it to Chicago soon.

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