Talking with Toppling Goliath Brewery; Bottles on the shelves

toppling goliathWe are getting close to the moment when we can head to our beer fridge, open the door, and stare in awe at a bottle of Pseudo Sue or maybe even Golden Nugget from Toppling Goliath. Yes, the bottles are coming! and they should be here soon. Nothing would be better than spending my time watching March Madness and downing a six (or 12) bottles of Pseudo Sue along with some grilled food or pizzas. With their bottling line operational I decided to ask them some questions, and they were polite enough to take the time to respond. Let’s get to know Toppling Goliath!

Hello Toppling Goliath!

1.The most important question: Which beers will be available in bottles and where can we pick them up at?

 – We will start out with pseudoSue and other hop partrol IPA’s and Pale ales.  We will fit Dorothy’s in at some point too.  Normal points such as Hy Vee and Dirty Johns…..Benz in CR.

 2. What is the story/background of Toppling Goliath brewery?

  -Started the brewery after messing around with home brewing and falling in love with the creation process of brewing and the detail required to produce a consistent, high quality ale that is hop forward yet balanced.

 3. Where did the name for the brewery come from?

 -We started a company called Toppling Goliath Inc in 2002 that helped start up businesses get over perceived and real obstacles such as business plans, financing, government regulation, etc.  Unable to achieve our goals with that, we kept the corporation active because we liked the name.  When we decided to start a brewery in 2009, after a 26 year career in the beverage industry, we did a dba because the named just seemed to fit in with our mission that goes against the global consolidation of beer, and focuses on the local dedication to full flavored, explosive beers that are fresher than anything produced for shelf life.  Cutting edge and ever changing, instead of pump the supply chain full, we are not worried about how much beer we ever make.  We are concerned that you find all our beer to be our best effort we can muster!

 4. You have been compared to many of the best breweries in the country and are quite often referred to as the best in the state of Iowa if not the midwest and beyond; what is your recipe for success? Do you try to use other breweries as inspiration?

   -I admire so many breweries, New Glarus is only a couple hours away and they have been pretty inspiring.  And the list of breweries I admire is basically a never ending smile in my history.  Our head brewer Mike Saboe joined me early and although like myself he has a long list of breweries he admires and draws inspiration from, we both really wanted to cut our own path with an extreme edge to existing styles and create styles of our complete own. 

 5. What led to your decision to put in a bottling line?

 -Our fans have requested to drink our beer in their homes.  We have to listen to them because they are, after all, our bosses!  Some day we will can as well.

6. Will seasonal be bottled?


 7. Q: Would you classify your beers as traditional or more of a unique style?

  -A few of our beers are traditional, but more of them are our new unique style of hop forward, bold pale ales and IPAs unlike many of those similar styles in the world. 

Thanks for your time! 

                -You’re welcome, thanks for your business!

Clark Lewey

TG Chief

One thought on “Talking with Toppling Goliath Brewery; Bottles on the shelves

  1. beer counselor says:

    I am still getting over the excitement of bottles and now I hear cans. Great things ahead to this brewery and their customers!!!

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