New Samuel Adams Longshot Variety Pack Released

samSam Adams new Longshot variety pack is now available. The pack includes 2 of the following beers; Zack Adams Magnificent Seven, (an Imperial IPA using 7 different hops), James Schirmer’s Beerflower Wheat (American Wheat), and Dave Anderson’s Strawberry Lager. This variety pack should be available at all beer stores in Eastern Iowa but feel free to drop a line letting us know where you found it. Press release courtesy of

(Boston, MA) – Samuel Adams is proud to announce that the much-anticipated Samuel Adams 2012 LongShot Variety Six-Pack hits shelves this month, fulfilling the dreams of three winning homebrewers by giving them the chance to see their hard work brewed, bottled and distributed nationwide. The winners, Connecticut resident Zack Adams’ Magnificent Seven and California resident James Schirmer’s Beerflower Wheat, triumphed over nearly 1,000 competing homebrews to become the 2012 Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest winners. In addition to James’ and Zack’s winning brews, the variety pack will also include Samuel Adams Employee Homebrew Winner Dave Anderson’s Strawberry Lager.

Each year, founder and brewer Jim Koch and the other brewers at Samuel Adams recognize the most talented homebrewers for their world class brews through the Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest. When Samuel Adams began the contest more than 16 years ago, it was Jim’s dream that it would be a springboard for aspiring brewers, bringing attention to the quality of homebrewing, and perhaps launch a career or two. To date, Bob Gordash, winner of the 1996 LongShot Homebrew Contest, and Don Oliver, winner of the 2006 Samuel Adams Longshot American Homebrew Contest, have gone on to become professional brewers, turning their homebrewing hobby into a career. Through the contest, Jim encourages homebrewers across the United States to follow their dreams and test the boundaries of beer, just like he did when he brewed the first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager® in his kitchen in 1984.

Aspiring homebrewers have another shot at achieving their dream by entering the 2013 Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest. Those interested can check online at for contest rules, regulations and information on purchasing a homebrewing kit. In addition, they can view Jim Koch’s video, “The Art of Homebrewing” offering his personal tips on making a successful homebrew. Entries will be accepted this spring and the winners will be announced at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival.

What Jim Koch, Samuel Adams Founder and Brewer has to say about the winning brews:

“Having started as a homebrewer nearly thirty years ago, I know firsthand the challenges and personal rewards of developing and brewing a quality beer at home. We’re seeing more Americans try homebrewing than ever before, and the unique brews that are coming out of this experimentation are a testament to the ever changing landscape of craft beer today. Year after year, I’ve been so impressed with the quality of entrants and the creativity of the brews submitted to the Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest by aspiring brewers, and this year the competition was especially steep. Zack’s Magnificent Seven, James’s Beerflower Wheat and Dave Anderson’s Strawberry Lager are extraordinary brews, and we are honored to give them the Samuel Adams seal of approval. Because of their hard work and passion, we’re excited to make their dreams a reality by sharing their brew with beer lovers across the country.”

How they were picked as the ultimate 2012 winning brews and brewers
A panel of industry judges including Tony Forder from Ale Street News, Win Bassett of All About Beer, Bob Townsend of Atlanta Journal-Constitution and other beer writers John Holl, Jay Brooks, and Marty Nachel joined Jim Koch in selecting the consumer winners. Together, they selected the winning brews based on the American Homebrewers Association Beer Judge Certificate Program guidelines. Each beer was carefully evaluated on the aroma, appearance, flavor and mouthfeel according to the style category under which it was submitted.

Samuel Adams employees also competed in their own annual homebrew competition. The staff contest challenges employees to channel their passion and knowledge for craft beer by experimenting in their own kitchens. Once all the employee homebrews are submitted, Jim and the other brewers spend a day tasting their entries and select three finalists. The finalists are sent to the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), for the final showdown. Attendees at the festival sample the employee homebrews and vote for their favorite. The crowd at the 2012 GABF chose Dave Anderson’s Strawberry Lager as their selection.

How to get your hands on the beers:
The 2013 Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest Variety Six-Pack is available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $8.99 – $10.99 (price varies by market) per six-pack beginning in April. The variety pack will include two bottles each of Zack’s Magnificent Seven, James’ Beerflower Wheat and Dave’s Strawberry Lager.

Tasting notes from the brewers:
James Schirmer’s Beerflower Wheat is an ideal balance of smooth, sweet malt flavors with an exotic kick of citrus and herbal notes. Brewed with hot summer weather and fun gatherings in mind, this American wheat beer pours a dark amber color, and imparts a light floral and sweet aroma with the delicate flavors of hibiscus. Beerflower Wheat is a medium bodied brew that finishes crisp and refreshing on the palate.

Zack Adams’ Magnificent Seven is a showcase of seven American hop varieties that impart a big piney and lingering resinous flavor. A true Imperial American IPA, this brew pours a rich bronze color. The slightly sweet malt character is pleasantly balanced by a pronounced hop bitterness with grapefruit, pine and earthy notes from the American hops. This medium-bodied IPA also delivers caramel, citrus, lemon and piney aromas.

Dave Anderson’s Strawberry Lager is a bright and fresh wheat beer, with a strong strawberry character balanced with toffee and citrus notes – the brewer’s vision of the perfect summertime beer to enjoy after a round of golf on a hot day. Brewed with fresh strawberries, this beer pours a bright golden color and imparts a malty sweetness with hints of lemon and earthiness. Strawberry Lager finishes with a wonderful intensive strawberry flavor without being overwhelming and leaves a lingering creamy sweetness on the palate. Dave has worked as a member of the Samuel Adams Packaging Operations team since 2007.

Learn more:
To watch the Art of Homebrewing Video visit:
For Samuel Adams recipes and pairing suggestions visit
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