They're At it Again! Toppling Goliath prepping to bottle Kentucky Brunch!

brunchCraft beer fanatics rejoice as Toppling Goliath brewery out of Decorah, IA is set to start bottling Kentucky Brunch, a stout aged in whiskey barrels with coffee added. TG has been bottling for maybe a month now and the buzz they continue to create with each release has been tremendous. Kentucky Brunch follows Dorothy’s Lager, PseudoSue, Assassin 2013, and Mornin’ Delight releases. Dorothy’s and PseudoSue were released throughout the state and sold out in record time, Assassin and Delight had special releases at the brewery which had a fantastic turnout. If TG is doing a special release along the lines of Mornin’ Delight and Assassin, and you are questioning driving all the way to Decorah for a beer, my advice (I hit up the Delight and Assassin release) is to get there early, have a couple beers, get your bottles, fill a growler, buy a shirt, shoot the shit with fellow beer lovers and have a fantastic time! Don’t hesitate, get in your car and go! Here’s the quick release from the brewery:

Gearing up for another hand bottling!



4 thoughts on “They're At it Again! Toppling Goliath prepping to bottle Kentucky Brunch!

  1. Madison (TG BREWS) says:

    It will definitely be on a Saturday. POSSIBLY 5/25 or 6/1 … We are also hoping to have some pseudoSue bottles available, as well as another surprise.

    We’ll announce as soon as we know when we can have the beer ready! Can’t wait for another fun time at the brewery! Thanks a lot!

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