Beer and Food Pairing: Stone Enjoy By 9-13-13 and Shrimp Ceviche

photo (1)Thanks to the recommendation from Marc Morehouse I have now found the perfect mexican restaurant. El Perico in Marion, IA serves some great homemade mexican food. My favorite thing on the menu, their shrimp ceviche. Now, I understand ceviche is relatively easy to make. Just chop up a bunch of seafood or fish and let it soak in citrus juices for a few hours to cook it. But El Perico does it better than I can, and better than anywhere else I’ve ever had it.

My wife and I decided to grab El Perico for some takeout food, you know it’s good when you make a 20 minute drive for takeout, and I thought it would be great to pair the ceviche with a brew.

I bought a shit load of Enjoy By from Stone so I went with it knowing that IPAs usually pair well with spicier foods. This ceviche had lime and orange juice as well as jalapeno, which went perfectly with the IPA. The malts come out from the IPA and the citrus from the hops really shines through. If you are in the CR/Iowa City area, El Perico does ceviche right, and an IPA goes excellent with it! If you want a great homemade IPA recipe, I’m a big fan of the Beeroness and her blog, check it out here:

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