Best “New” Brew of the Year: Porter

2013Moving along with the list of best “new” brews we come to porters. With all the imperials, doubles, barrel-aged greatness that is going on basic styles such porters and stouts are getting lost in the shuffle and beer lovers need to know that there are some really terrific beers in these styles. For Eastern Iowans, we have Deschutes Black Butte Porter, Founders Porter, Stone Suede and now Millstream releasing a very good baltic porter, our shelves in the area have a really nice selection.

Millstream’s Blizen Baltic Porter would have been my winner, until I went up to Madison, WI last weekend. I walked into the Steve’s Liquor (one of my favorite beer shops!) and saw a display of 3 Floyds Alpha Klaus. I’ve never had Alpha Klaus before but have heard many rave reviews from fellow brew enthusiasts, in particular, my friend the Beer Counselor. So, I grab a few bottles, waiting for a nice snowy night to crack one open.

Once again, 3 Floyds has terrific bottle artwork and even if I hadn’t known what is was initially, the labeling would have drawn me to it anyway.

Alpha Klaus is Alpha King’s cousin. A big American X-mas Porter brewed with English chocolate malt and Mexican sugar and of course tons of strange American hops! Cheers.

3 FloydsAnother 3 Floyds winner, and I’m not trying to mark out for them too much, (although it’s hard not too) it just goes to show that they are one of the best breweries in America. A trip to 3F’s on December 27 is coming up. Thinking of renting a U-haul to get all the beer back!

2013 New Imperial IPA of the Year: Three Floyds Alpha Klaus
ABV: 7.5%
Ratebeer:         100
Beeradvocate: 93

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