Update on new Dubuque Brewery: Jubeck New World Brewing

jubeckI just received the following email from Dave at Jubeck New World Brewing:

  Jay and I have been busy working to bring Jubeck New World Brewing into existence since the completion of our successful (Thank You!!) Kickstarter compaign wrapped up at the end of May. We thought the year’s end would be a good time to give you all an update on the progress so far and what is done and what needs to be done.  As I finished my draft, I realized it’s probably too long and TMI for a lot of our busy friends, so let me summarize here:

  • We have a space: 115 W. 11th St., formerly the location of the Asian Grocery, the 1000 ft2 between the Aragon Tap and the old Asian Gourmet Restaurant.
  • The place had been gutted, so we’re starting from scratch on the build-out.   
  • Build-out is proceeding – we have the place framed out and are in the process of rough plumbing/electric/ventilation work.
  • We’re doing most of the work ourselves and have a lot of work to do; if you’re inclined to lend a hand, please let us know!
  • We’re shooting to have the place ready in March.  Hopefully our licensing will have come through by then too so we can start making beer!
  • Thanks again – this would not be happening without you!

A few more details:  

    Jay and I settled on our location after considering many other properties along the Main/Central corridor and in the Warehouse District.  We settled on 115 W. 11th.  It’s on the north side of 11th between Main St. and Iowa Street.  Our space is 1000 square feet on the street level, with a full, open basement underneath.  We selected this site for numerous reasons:  we liked the location, relatively close to lower Main,  the Warehouse District, Bluff St. etc., and right around the corner from all of the great businesses that have sprung up on Upper Main and the Summer Farmer’s Market.  We’re in a neat historic building with a great landlord Ken Lin that has a lot of enthusiasm for his property, the area and our business.  We’re really happy to be working with him and he’s been helpful at every turn.  The size of the space is on the small size, but having a nice usable basement with a new cement floor and drain will allow us to have our fermentation, cold storage and keg storage down there, making more room for all of you upstairs!

    Ken’s plan for his building is to invest in renovation to make it a nicer space in the long haul, so when the last tenants moved out, he gutted the place to make structural repairs.  He left the old tin ceiling, took the old lath and plaster off the walls exposing the brick beneath, and removed layers of flooring to get back down to the original hardwood.  This will in the end yield a really nice place with a historic feel, but has required quite a bit more work from us for the planning and build-out phases of our venture.

    We took possession of the space at the end of August.  At that time, we only had a shell – there was no water, electric, gas, heat, ac, nothing.  We got a few outlets and electricity turned on , got our plans drawn out, got everybody at the City (Zoning, Building Services, Health, ADA, etc.) to say “yes” in principal, got our building permit and went to work.

    Since then, we’ve made good progress, hit some temporary road blocks, and learned a thing or two about what it takes to put together a commercial space.  So while it’s going a little slower than we had originally hoped, we’re still super excited about how the space will be and looking forward to the day that first batch is happily boiling in the brew kettle.

    A quick summary of the work done since we took possession:

  • Tear out of old ductwork, lines, fixtures no longer in use, and overall clean up of the place
  • The entire facade was replaced, complete with nice new big windows and entry door.
  • The old tin ceiling was blasted and painted and the expsosed brick walls sealed.
  • Subfloor and framing of bathrooms, brewing area, bar area and stairway completed.
  • New furnace and ductwork in.
  • Gas lines run, gas reconnected and HEAT ON! (just in the nick of time).
  • Basement floor epoxied.
  • Old windows closed up and insulated.
  • Rough plumbing drains and vents.


Next on the build-out agenda:

  • Finish rough plumbing, wiring and ventilation (contractors).
  • Drywall.
  • Install cold room in basement.
  • Build shelves in bar area and other storage.
  • Install bar top and tables.
  • Tile brewing area and bar area.
  • Mud, paint drywall.
  • Hang vent hood, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures.
  • Install bathroom floors.
  • Hang ceiling in bathrooms and over fermentation area in the basement.


    So, yes, there’s a lot to do yet, but it’s all headed in the right direction.  At the present, a lot depends on getting our contractors in to finish the rough mechanicals so we can start putting it all back together.

    I was intentionally a bit more descriptive in the “to do” list than I might have been for this reason: if anyone has time or talents they’d like to volunteer to help out on one of these jobs, we’d be very happy to have you.  I should mention that we’ve already had several brave and helpful individuals down to help for an hour or a day or more – thank you very, very much.

    Even though we are still a few months before we get down to actually start brewing beer, it’s already been quite a trip.  Jay and I are excited about how things are unfolding and it is more clear to me everyday that this is going to work and that you, the community, and the City are on our side.  This is, at once, pleasurable, gratifying and humbling.  It is my sincere hope that when you find yourself on 11th St. surrounded by friends and tasting that first pint, you won’t be disappointed.

    Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year,


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