Stone Release Updates: RuinTen + Unapologetic IPA , more!

StoneStone will be bringing back RuinTen IPA to our shelves this June and also have set dates for future releases and hopefully we will see some of their 22 oz bomber IPA offerings. Their newest, is Unapologetic IPA brewed in collaboration with Beachwood Brewing Company. Here’s more info on the latest courtesy of

(Escondido, CA) – Details have emerged for the re-release of Stone Brewing Co.’s RuinTen IPA. The beer will first make a soft landing in the company’s Mixed 4 Pack (22oz.) on June 9th. The pack also features Stone IPA, Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA and Stone Ruination IPA. A week later, RuinTen IPA will strike out on its own in single-serve 22 oz. bottles. 

 Stone Brewing Co. is set to release another a limited beer in 22 oz. bottles and guess what style it is?

The company addresses the issue of brewing Double IPA after Double IPA head-on in the label copy for Unapologetic IPA, a collab with Beachwood Brewing and Heretic Brewing.

When you get three hopheads together to collaborate on a beer, it’s only natural to expect some hopped-up liquid incarnation of their lupulin lust to spring forth from such a session. Maybe it seems passe to some- three masters of hoppy beer once again exploring the familiar territory of the India pale ale. After all, who needs yet another IPA, double or otherwise, right? It’s all been done. To those who feel this way, this trio’s reply is: “So what?”

In birthing a double IPA made bitter and fruity care of a melange of new and experimental hops (Azacca and Belma, as well as HBC 342 and Steiner 06300, yet-to-be-named varieties from Washington’s Yakima Valley), they aren’t staying in a comfort zone […]

The company just released Collective Distortion IPA and will release a couple more Double IPAs in the next few weeks. No release date has been announced for Unapologetic IPA. Here are some other upcoming beers (note that this list is subject to change):

Keri Kelli Kyle Hollingsworth Stone Collective Distortion IPA – Just released on 5/19 (Also available on limited tour)
Stone Enjoy By 07.04.14 IPA – 5/30
Stone Stochasticity Project Quadrotriticale – 6/2
Stone RuinTen IPA in Mixed 4-Packs only – 6/9
Stone RuinTen IPA – 6/16
Beachwood Heretic Stone Unapologetic IPA – No ETA announced
Stone 18th Anniversary Ale – 8/18
Stone Smoked Porter Fall Release – 9/29
Double Bastard Ale – 10/31
Lukcy Basartd Ale – 10/31
Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean – 12/1

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