Drink This!: Summit Dark Infusion Coffee Milk Stout

img_0804‘Tis the season for stouts! Don’t let the unusually warm weather deter you from sipping on a nice, thick, frothy, stout and once you get a taste of this beauty from Summit you could picture yourself drinking this year round!

Part of Summit’s Unchained Series, Dark Infusion hits on everything I’m looking for in a milk stout: jet black pour, big frothy head, and the smell of coffee and chocolate dominates the nose. The mouthfeel has what some stouts have been lacking for me and that is the creaminess.Roasted coffee flavor with almost a hint of sweet caramel and smoke round out this wonderfully tasty, milk stout. Here’s more on this beer from Summit:

For his inaugural Unchained Series beer, Summit brewer Pete Stacy created the brewery’s first-ever coffee beer. Dark Infusión: A Coffee Milk Stout is a roasty, sweet stout made complex and smooth with the addition of cold brew coffee. The malts also provide notes of nuttiness and wood. A boil kettle addition of lactose results in a velvety, creamy mouthfeel. After fermentation the beer is infused with coffee in collaboration with Saint Paul’s Blackeye Roasting Company. Pete selected the custom blend of Brazilian and Colombian varieties specifically to contribute an intense coffee bean aroma and complement the roastiness of the malts. Look for Dark Infusión on shelves in 16-ounce cans and on draught. Learn more about the inspiration for and process of crafting Dark Infusion at Pete’s blog post.

If you want a wonderfully balanced, full flavored, creamy stout, then this beer is a must. If you’re not a stout fan and want to give an excellent one a try then this is the one you need. I’m not sure how long this will be around folks, go out and buy this, drink this!

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