Upcoming Big Grove Beer Releases: Brewpub in Solon and Brewery and Taproom in Iowa City

big groveA list of exciting releases are coming from the folks at Big Grove. Both the Brewpub in Solon and the Brewery and Taproom in Iowa City have a nice array of brews coming to those locations. Que the music, let’s break it down:

Solon Brewpub: A barrel fermented Que Sera aged with Peaches is being tapped for opening.
Iowa City Brewery and Taproom: will release a Cranberry variant and a Blackberry variant of Que Sera. Time still TBA, so follow Big Grove on Facebook for that announcement!

Solon Brewpub: Irish Cow Bomb cask, Zadar! Milk Stout from Hell w/Almonds, Vanilla beans, JBC coffee and Jamison soaked Oak staves..

All of these releases coming soon and don’t forget that today (Wednesday) they tapped a barrel-aged Barleywine that is available at both locations. Stay tuned for me details on future releases from both the Big Grove Brewpub and the Big Grove Brewery in Taproom! Cheers!

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