Drink This! Big Grove Thunderdome Unfiltered Double IPA

big groveAhhh……it sure is nice to have the Hopocalypse back at Big Grove. A new double IPA released every two weeks, the first one being an unfiltered double with Mosaic and Citra and pairing it with some korean chicken wings? Yes please!

Last Friday Big Grove started this year’s Hopocalypse series and the first release was Thunderdome. Here’s the description of this brew courtesy of Big Grove:

This year’s Hopocalypse series starts with a hazy unfiltered inspired recipe for a big fruit forward Double IPA kickoff. Big pineapple, melon, and mandarin orange flavors, full-bodied mouthfeel with a soft bitterness. Welcome to the Thunderdome.

Featured Malts: Flaked Wheat, Red Wheat, Flaked Oats, & C60
Hops: El Dorado, Mosaic Lupulin, & Citra Lupulin


Huge fruit notes and a very well hidden ABV makes this an extremely drinkable IPA. The hops shine with the perfect balance of bitterness and flavor. The hops used are evident as you get citrus, tropical and melon flavors with just enough malt to round it out. Big Grove nailed this one, and like I said above, pairing it was some spicy Korean chicken was the perfect companion. I would love to see this one stick around for a while but from what I hear it’s going fast on the tap lines! A few select places in CR and IC have had it, but I’m not sure what remains. The Hopocalypse concept is brilliant, new double IPA every two weeks, all of which will be different. I’m particularly stoked to see what they have in mind for the “Futuristic Double IPA”.  If you want to see what Big Grove is releasing next just click here.

With Hopocalypse taking over for the next few weeks and Lion Bridge having Dangler on tap, Eastern Iowa hopheads should be in heaven for while as they support their local breweries! Thunderdome won’t be around long, so Drink This! while you still can!

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