Crane, Blackberry Farm, Omnipollo, and Stillwater coming from Abu Nawas this week!


  • Crane Brewing Festiweiss 4/6/12oz CANS – It’s the season to celebrate family and friends, and we’ve brewed a very special beer. Tangy Cranberry meets Spicy Ginger, making the holidays warm and bright. We look forward to sharing many more prosperous years with the rest of us. 4.5% ABV.
  • Crane Brewing Crane De Noel 4/6/12oz CANS – Dark Sour Ale brewed with a Holiday Spices and Plums. 6.5% ABV.

Blackberry Farm:

  • Blackberry Farm Classic Saison 6/4/12oz CANS – Belgian-style Saison features European noble-type hops, authentic Belgian Saison yeast, and the finest European two-row malt. 6.3% ABV.
  • Blackberry Farm Boundary Tree 6/4/12oz CAN – A hop-forward Farmhouse Ale brewed with Hallertau Blanc, Southern Cross, Comet, and Citra hops. 6.5% ABV.


  • OMNIPOLLO AGAMEMNON 6/4/16oz CAN – OmniPollo’s beloved, original Maple Syrup Imperial Stout is back and better than ever in 16oz cans. 12.5% ABV.
  • OMNIPOLLO Hilma 6/4/16oz CANS – Vanilla Flippin’ Burger n’ Fries DIPA. 8% ABV.
  • OMNIPOLLO Andreas Oat 6/4/16oz CAN – Delicious New England Style Oat IPA 7% ABV.
  • OMNIPOLLO Shoutao 6/4/16oz CANS – Peach Slush IPA brewed with peach and lactose sugar. 7% ABV.
  • OMNIPOLLO Shploing! 24/12oz Can 4 Pack – The return of a Classic! IPA with marshmallow, graham cracker, salt, and lactose sugar, it’s a MANGO S’MORES IPA. 7% ABV. 
  • OMNIPOLLO Beglo 6/4/12oz CAN – All-Simcoe Citrus Bomb IPA 6% ABV. 
  • OMNIPOLLO DEVIN THE DUDE 6/4/12oz CAN – Beautifully made German-style pilsner. 5.2% ABV.
  • OMNIPOLLO Grandin 6/4/16oz CAN – Champagne Yeast-Fermented American IPA. 6% ABV. 
  • OMNIPOLLO Gygax 6/4/16oz CAN – Grapefruit Tonic Gose Ale Brewed with Grapefruit, Quinine & Lactose Sugar. 6% ABV.
  • OMNIPOLLO Lustro 6/4/12oz CAN – IIPA with The smoothness and haze of a New England style IPA, yet the bite and crushability of a west coast IPA. 8% ABV.
  • OMNIPOLLO Vanitas 6/4/16oz CAN – Double Dry-Hopped Imperial Baklava IPA brewed with Pistachios & Almonds. 8% ABV.


  • Stillwater Why Can’t IBU (2020) 6/4/16oz CAN – Brian’s hop-driven hazed classic from 2013 returns fuller, brighter, and more seductive. Double Dry Hopped Farmhouse Pale Ale. 5.6% ABV
  • Stillwater Of Love and Regret (2020) 6/4/16oz CAN – Brian’s botanical Saison from 2010, still unique and lovely. A Botanical Saison w/ Heather, Lavender, Chamomile & Dandelion 7.2% ABV.
  • Stillwater Searching For … 6/4/16oz CAN – Oak-Aged Imperial Stout brewed with Sangiovese Grapes. 12% ABV.
  • Stillwater Extra Dry 16oz CAN – Definitely one of our Island Beers. Sake Style Saison brewed with sake rice and dry-hopped with Citra, Hallertau Blanc, and Sterling. 4.2% ABV.
  • Stillwater Artisanal Extra Dry Chu-Hi With Red Grapefruit 6/4/16oz CAN – Following the classic Extra Dry: Sake-Inspired Saison comes a fruited variant – also inspired by one of our favorite Japanese refreshments introduced to us, chūhai. Often sold as ‘Chu-Hi’ – the term is an abbreviation of “shōchū highball” – it’s a (commonly canned) cocktail of shōchū & carbonated water, flavored with various fruits. Extra Dry Chu-Hi is a brighter & lighter take on the familiar Saison, topped up with a touch of citrus and fermented dry. RED GRAPEFRUIT is the first flavor. 4.2% ABV.
  • Stillwater Artisanal Plant-Based Double IPA With Mango & Palm Sugar 6/4/16oz CAN – Double India pale ale with mango & coconut palm sugar. Hopped with Citra, Sabro & Galaxy. All-natural. 100% vegan. 8.4% ABV.
  • Stillwater General Gose 6/4/16oz CAN – Sour amber wheat ale brewed with orange peel powder, Thai chili powder, sea salt, and msg seasoning. 4.5% ABV
  • Stillwater Insetto 6/4/12oz CAN – Dry-hopped Sour with Italian plum. The beer-drinkers’ rosé. Brian worked backward with this one – first came the design, then we reverse-engineered a beer to match.5% ABV.
  • Stillwater On Fleek 6/4/12oz CAN – A 13 percent ABV imperial stout brewed with dark sugars and molasses. 13.0% ABV.
  • Stillwater / AZ Wilderness Big Bunny is Everything 6/4/12oz CAN – Strong Milk Stout collaboration with AZ Wilderness. Big Bunny IS everything. 8.0% ABV.
  • Stillwater Dry White 6/4/16oz CANS – Blanc Sour Ale Spritzer with Sauvignon Blanc Grape, Lime, and Sea Salt. 4.5% ABV.
  • Stillwater Hot Pink 6/4/16oz CANS – Rosé Sour Ale Spritzer with Grenache Grape, Raspberry, and Lemon. 4.5% ABV.

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