Fair State, Funk Factory, Lil Beaver, Blackstack, and Untitled Art coming from Pequod this week!

Serious Leisure – Guava beer 
A guava lime beer with a hint of hibiscus, it’s the proper beverage for those days where you can forget that to-do lists are a thing. Tropical, juicy, brightly zesty, pink, spritzy, and crushable, Serious Leisure is part beer, part summertime mantra.

blueberry meerts
This version was then refermented on blueberries for two months prior to bottle conditioning.

Meerts is our take on the style of beer traditionally derived from the second runnings of Lambic.

cherry limeade
Our foeder fermented Meerts aged on Montmorency cherries and Key limes.

cherry meerts
This version was then refermented on Montmorency cherries for two months prior to bottle conditioning.

strawberry lemonade
Our foeder fermented Meerts, aged on strawberry and Meyer lemon.

fleurs d’abundance
Fleurs d’abondance is a blended mixed-culture saison that was both refermented on and bottle conditioned with Wisconsin Apple Blossom honey.

A blend of mixed-culture saisons that were fermented and aged to maturity in French Oak foeders.

saison orlita
The 2020 rendition of Saison Orlita began as a blend of saisons that were fermented in our French Oak foeders. The finished blend was then aged on blood orange, key lime, and tangerine purees which were comprised of the flesh and juice of the fruits. This differs from last years vintage, which we chose to use just zest for. This vintage is bright and very fruit forward.

barn quilt
Sunset is beer number 11 in our Barn Quilt series. It is a blended, oak-aged saison that was aged on Seyval grape juice and sweet orange peel.

Pathfinder is beer number 13 in our Barn Quilt series. Seasonally inspired, this beer consists of a tart, oak-aged saison that was aged on a modest amount (1lb./gallon) of cranberries and then conditioned on spruce tips before packaging.

door kriek 2020
A blend of 2-year old Méthode Traditionelle barrels, that was aged on Door County cherries for several months. The 2020 vintage of Door Kriek uses Balaton cherries exclusively at a fruiting rate of 3lbs./gallon.

kersbes 2020
Kersbes is a blend of several 2-year old Mèthode Traditionelle barrels that was aged on both local red raspberries and Balaton cherries from Door County, WI. 

Peer is our spontaneously fermented beer adhering to the Mèthode Traditionelle standard, which was refermented on three pounds per gallon of Wisconsin grown Bartlett and D’Anjou pears.

Four winters 2021

Our geuze-inspired blend of spontaneously fermented beer, composed of barrels spanning multiple brewing seasons. Conditioned in the bottle for an additional year after packaging.

Djinn- Dbl IPA 

Intensely hopped Double IPA bursting with magical hop aromas and mystical juicy flavor. This is one IPA you’d use your last wish on.

Pineapple Silly Parade – overfruited berliner weisse

apparently it’s a “Sooper Fruity Berliner Weisse with Pineapple”. Honestly sounds really nice with some sunny weather!

Wainbows hazy (the flagship) 

A hoppy, hazy pale ale brewed with Citra Mosaic & Cascade Hops.

Barrel Aged Maple Cheat Day

Imperial Milk Stout with Coffee, Chocolate, Maple Syrup and Milk Sugar aged in brbn barrels

Barrel Aged Rye Cheat Day
Imperial Milk Stout with Coffee, Chocolate and Milk Sugar aged in Rye barrels 

Spaghetti Western – West Coast IPA (7.0%)
Mosaic & Strata from out West on a body of all Italian Eraclea Pilsner Malt.

Barrel Aged Double Fudgie Brownie Imperial Stout 

A Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout clocking in at 14.2% ABV that is made with Milk sugar, Cocoa Nibs, and Belgian Candy syrup. 

CBD Variety 12packs
They finally did it, can created what customers were asking for… A Vareity pack of all their healthy CBD sparkling waters! 3 cans of each in this bay boy.

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