56 Brewing, Blackstack, Fair State, Humble Forager, and Artisanal Brew Works coming from Pequod this week!

Happy Friday! More tasty brews coming from Pequod this week!

Pink Pineapple Imperial Fruit Sour – 7% ABV 
Hello Summer!! This fruited imperial sour has Pineapple, Raspberry and mango to round out a fun summer sipper. 

DDH 755 HBC586 – DDH IPA – 6.8% ABV 
Our Favorite Fog Dog gets some extra love with an extra dry hop of a new experimental varietal that we’ve become rather obsessed with as of late, HBC 586. In addition to the first two of our hand selected Azacca, Amarillo & Citra. Saturated Salutation from our house to yours.

Trust the process – DDH DIPA (Yakima Chief Hops Collab) – 8.4% ABV
We were recently lucky enough to have some of the team that runs Yakima Chief’s hop pellatizing facility out to make a beer with us. They were instrumental in the creation of CRYO concentrated hops product, which we used with reckless abandon to help us get as much of that oil saturation we know and love into the beer. We based the hop bill off what they were most excited about from the last harvest: Idaho7, Idaho7 CRYO, Simcoe, Simcoe American NOble & Just a dash of Sabro. Sometimes you don’t ask why… Just trust the process.

Local 755 IPA – The Foggy Favorite that built the brewery
Our Foggy Favorite. Azacca, Amarillo & a Gwop of Citra. Soft, Juicy & Hazy like 70’s Home Movies.

The Mix Pack
A fantastic new variety pack built for the summer! What’s inside…
You’ll get 3 each:

  1. Union Lager 
  2. Big Doinks
  3. Party Forward Hazy IPA 
  4. Roselle sour ale 

Mirror Universe Hazy IPA 

A Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA brewed with Wheat, Oats, and (too many) Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops. #donthazemebro

Big Doinks West Coast IPA 
Extra dank IPA with the stickiest of hops available

Coastal Sunshine V5 – Fruited tart ale 4.25 on Untappd
Zesty Orange, Creamy banana and juicy pineapple for a tropical mix that is perfect for the hot summer days 

Pin Seeker Pilsner – Fair State Brewing co-op Collab
This brew is a collaboration with one of the best pilsner makers in all the land, Fair State Brewing Cooperative. Pin Seeker was inspired and dreamt up during many rounds with our favorite golf mate, Jack Lester of Jack’s Bottle Shop. It is meant to be enjoyed with your longtime friends, new acquaintances and cherished loved ones.

Warheads Extreme Ales

Warheads® Extreme Sour  Ales are made in collaboration with Impact Confections, the makers of Warheads® candies. Just like the candy, these beers are sweet, sour, and crushable pint after pint!

Warheads Extreme Seltzer Sour candy hard seltzers made in collaboration with Impact Confections, the makers of Warheads® candies. Like the sour ales, these sour hard seltzers were created to be true to the candy, but still drinkable by the pint which required a delicate balance between drinkability, sourness, flavor, and sweetness. The hard candy has three distinct sensory phases – extreme sour, flavor, and sweet. Our Warheads® Hard Seltzers seek to match the point when the Warheads® candy transitions from the sour phase to the flavor phase. These hard seltzers are refreshing, sweet, sour, and totally unlike any seltzer you’ve had before! 

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