Inside Look at DC Brau Brewery

DC Brau is the new kid on the block of the DC area brewing world and they’re not shy about making their presence known. They are the first production brewing facility in the District in over 60 years. The founders, Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock are two ex DJs and DC natives who have a passion for creating something DC can call it’s own.

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Beer Video: A Look at Stillwater Artisanal Ales

Making beer around the world with a Gypsy Brewer…
You could describe Brian Stillwater of Stillwater Artisanal Ales as a Vagabond, Gypsy Brewer, Lone
Ranger, whatever you’d like. But one thing is sure, he’s garnering a cult following because of his unconventional brewing method and his completely uncompromised brews.

He parallels his brewing method from that of his music days as a globetrotting DJ. The breweries he uses around the world are his studios and he is a visiting artist. Wherever his beer is made takes on a little flavor of the location it’s brewed in and he uses whatever ingredients he feels are appropriate to achieve his goal. He does not set any limits on the beer he crafts which is undoubtedly the reason it is so so good.

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