Abu Nawas drops this week: Fat Orange Cat, Clown Shoes, Nightmare + Public Access

A whole bunch of beers will be hitting the market this week from Abu Nawas. A big list so let’s get started:


  • Clown Shoes SUNHAT 16oz CANS – A crisp Hazy Farmhouse IPA brewed with Citra, Mosaic and El Dorado Hops. Great Citrus-Forward Aroma Flavor. 7% ABV
  • Clown Shoes Exercising of Baxter 22oz Bottles – American Imperial Stout Aged in Rum and Port Barrels. Complex notes of rich chocolate, dark fruit, and vanilla. 11% ABV.
  • Clown Shoes Hammer of the Lion 16oz CANS – Imperial Stout blended with Wee Heavy Ale aged in Rum, Bourbon and Brandy Barrels. Rich malt sweetness paired with complex notes of Rum, Bourbon, and dark chocolate. 11% ABV. ***NEW FORMAT***
  • Clown Shoes Itaska Loonidragon 22oz Bottle– Bourbon Barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout brewed with Coconut. ABV: 11%
  • Lil Crispy 16oz CAN– Beautiful Sessionable Pale Ale. 4.8% ABV.
  • Clown Shoes Galactica 16oz CAN – Galaxy-hopped Double IPA. 8.0% ABV.
  • Clown Shoes Space Cake 16oz CAN – Clown Shoes All Star DIPA. All-Mosaic hopped Double IPA 9.0% ABV.
  • Clown Shoes Pineapple Space Cake Cake 16oz CAN – Pineapple Double IPA. Matching the fruit flavor are juicy citrus hop notes from additions of Mosaic and Azacca hops. 7.77% ABV.


  • Fat Orange Cat FOC Blood Orange Billy 16oz CAN – Blood Orange NE-IPA. 6.66% ABV
  • Fat Orange Cat Little Blue Penguin  16oz CAN – Nelson Sauvin & Motueka NE-Style IPA. 6.6% ABV.
  • Fat Orange Remove The Beer From The Bottom Of The Ocean 16oz CAN – Eureka & Mosaic NE-Style IPA. 7.5% ABV
  • Fat Orange Cat Lorenzo Blue 16oz CAN – New England DIPA LOADED with Galaxy and Citra. 8% ABV.
  • Fat Orange Cat She Drives A Plymouth Satellite16oz CAN – NE IPA brewed with Galaxy, Simcoe and Citra hops. 7.5% ABV.
  • Fat Orange Cat Do the Escalator To the 13th Floor 16oz CAN – NEW ENGLAND DOUBLE IPA. Five different hops in this DIPA – small batch. 8.3% ABV.
  • Fat Orange Cat I Don’t Like Mondays 16oz CAN – NE-Style IPA hopped with Mosaic & Simcoe. 7.5% ABV.
  • Fat Orange Cat Sweet Jane Key Lime 16oz CAN – Key Lime & Lactose Milkshake IPA. 7.9% ABV


Nightmare Brewing Cans:
  • Nightmare Brewing Exposure 16oz CAN – Imperial IPA with 100% Cryo Citra and Mosaic. 10.1% ABV.
  • Nightmare Brewing Glasgow Smile 16oz CAN – Gose soured on Wild Scottish Bilberries with Heather, Lemon Zest, Raspberries and Blueberries. 6.7% ABV.
  • Nightmare Brewing Windlass of Erasmus 16oz CAN –  Back In!! Gose brewed with Blackberries, Blackcurrant, & Black Sea Salt. 6.6% ABV.

Public Access

  • Public Access Emergency Broadcast 16oz CAN – Double Dry Hopped Hazy Pale Ale. 5.2% ABV.
  • Public Access Omniscient Signal 16oz CAN – DIPA with Galaxy, Citra and Simcoe. 8.3% ABV.

Abu Nawas drops this week: Moolight Meadery + Clown Shoes

clown shoes

More tasty treats getting dropped in Iowa this coming week courtesy of Abu Nawas. A nice mix of beer and some meads from Moonlight Meadery highlight this week! Here we go!

 Moonlight Meadery Cans and Bottles:

  • Razz What She Said 12oz CAN – Delicious Session mead made with raspberries. Deep Rich raspberry notes play off a smooth honey base, creating a luscious semi sweet mead with bright carbonation and off-pink head. Perfect for the summer. 6.5% ABV.
  • Thirteen  12oz CAN – New England Style Honey Apple Wine. A pre-prohibition style of cider fermented with additional sugar to create 13.5% ABV
  • Little Apples 12oz CAN – New England Style Semi-dry and sparkling Hard Cider fermented in newly emptied rye whiskey barrels for a minimum of 3 months. 6.5% ABV.
  • How Do You Like Them Apples 12oz CAN –  Semi-dry Sparkling Hard CIder Aged for six months in rye whiskey barrels. 13.5% ABV.
  • Kurts Apple Pie 375ml Bottle – Made with local apple cider with Madagascar vanilla and Vietnamese cinnamon. 14% ABV. Two-time medal winner at the Mazer Cup International
  • Monkey Business 375ml bottle – Limited Release Banana Chocolate Orange Vanilla Mead, 14% ABV Sweet. We poured this at Hunahpu’s Day 2019 and the crowd went absolutely bananas for this mead…

Clown Shoes

  • Pineapple Space Cake 16oz CAN – Pineapple Double IPA. Matching the fruit flavor are juicy citrus hop notes from additions of Mosaic and Azacca hops. 7.77% ABV.
  • Coconut Sombrero 16oz CAN – Summer seasonal Mexican chocolate stout infused with tropical coconut flavors. 7% ABV.
  • Lil Crispy 16oz CAN – Beautiful Sessionable Pale Ale. 4.8% ABV.
  • Itaska Loonidragon 22oz Bottle – Bourbon Barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout brewed with Coconut. ABV: 11%
  • Bubble Farm 12oz 6Pack and 12Pack CAN –  Easy Drinking IPA Brewed with Columbus hops and dry-hopped with Simcoe, Azacca, and Idaho 7, this easy-drinker will quickly float to the top of your everyday favorites list. 6.5%
  • Clementine 12oz 6Pack and 12Pack CAN – Delicious Clementine witbier. 6.0%
  • Mango Kolsch 12oz 6Pack CAN – Kolsch, dry-hopped with Huell Melon hops and all-natural mango flavor. 5.5% ABV.



This Week from Abu Nawas: Big Clown Shoes drop!

Abu Nawas will be getting a whole bunch of Clown Shoes beer to us this coming week. Here’s what’s coming up:

12 packs!
  • Clementine Witbier 12 Pack – Delicious Clementine witbier. 6.0% ABV.
  • Bubble Farm IPA 12 Pack – Easy Drinking IPA Brewed with Columbus hops and dry-hopped with Simcoe, Azacca, and Idaho 7, this easy-drinker will quickly float to the top of your everyday favorites list. 6.5% ABV
  • Galactica 16 oz CAN – Galaxy-hopped Double IPA. 8.0% ABV.
  • Space Cake 16oz CAN – All-Mosaic hopped Double IPA 9.0% ABV.
  • Clementine 12oz CAN 6Pack – Delicious Clementine witbier. 6.0% ABV.
  • Mango Kolsch  12oz CAN 6Pack – A traditional, crisp Kolsch, dry-hopped with Huell Melon hops and all-natural mango flavor. Now is 12 ounce cans just in time for the summer! 5.5%ABV
New CAN/Bombers:
  • CS Josh the Guava King  CAN 16oz –  Another old favorite is back! Enjoy a tropical take on an IPA, with guava notes derived from guava puree and from copious additions of Mosaic hops. ABV: 8%
  • Zen Garden CAN 16oz – NE-IPA from New England for a change! 7% ABV.
  • Cam The Conqueror CAN 16oz – Not at all what you’d expect from a high-ABV Triple IPA: Fruity, light bitterness, juicy, and smooth ABV: 10%
  • White Tail Unidragon 2019 22oz Bottles – This beer was supposed to be branded The Harrowing but due to Government Shut down and Labels not being Approved in time. it is now a 2019 Vintage of Whitetail Unidragon. New year, new deer! This updated take on Unidragon series sees a new Irish Imperial Stout base aged in both Bourbon and Rye barrels. ABV: 11%  Just in Time for a little know upcoming Irish Celebration. Go Big or Go Home
  • Hammer of the Holy (2019 Vintage) 22oz Bottles – Imperial Stout aged in rum barrels and it incorporates holy water, signature dark malts, oatmeal, and malt smoked with demon-killing stakes. Dear Undead, “Die, monsters, die!” ABV: 11%

This week from Abu Nawas: Clown Shoes and Grimm!

Abu Nawas will be sending some familiar faces from Clown Shoes but also some newbies as well along with a new berliner weisse from Grimm and a tasty sounding stout from them as well. Here we go!

First a few restocks from Clown Shoes, including:
  • Clementine 12oz Can 6-Pack
  • Clementine 1/6 bbl Keg
  • Clementine 1/6 bbl Keg.
  • Mango Kolsch 12oz Can 6-Pack
  • Mango Kolsch 1/6 bbl Keg
  • Mango Kolsch 1/6 bbl KegPlus some new guys from Clown Shoes!
  • BakedGoods 16oz CAN – Hoppy Pale Ale ***NEW FORMAT ALERT***
  • Baked Goods 1/6 bbl Keg.- Hoppy Pale Ale
  • Clown Shoes Mocha Sombrero 1/6 bbl Keg. – A Delicious Variant of the Mexican-Style Chocolate Stout, brewed with ancho chiles, cinnamon, extra chocolate malts, roasted dark, vanilla and cold-brewed coffee sourced from Lee, Mass.-based Barrington Roasting Co.7% ABV.
  • Drongo 16oz CAN –  The beer is a blend of kettle sour and Australian hopped IPA (Galaxy and Ella). 6.5% ABV. Named after a horse in Australia with plenty of pluck but no luck” who raced in the 1920s but never won a race.
  • Ride The Lion 2019 22oz Bottles. – Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee Heavy. 10.5% ABV.
  • Bubble Farm 2/12 Packs – Our Favorite IPA from our Mass Friends now in a 12 Packs Format. What is it not to like? 6.5% ABV.


  • Grimm Mango Guava Pop! 12/22 oz. Creamsicle-inspired Dessert Berliner with Mango, Guavas, Milk Sugar and Vanilla. 4.8% ABV
  • Grimm Icing on the Cake 12/22 oz. IMPERIAL MILK STOUT WITH CACAO & VANILLA. luscious dessert stout that tastes like a liquid slice of flourless chocolate cake. 10% ABV.


Abu Nawas bringing Nightmare Brewing to Iowa and many other releases!


Abu Nawas is at it again as they will be bringing Nightmare Brewing, a contract brewery out of New York, to our shelves in Eastern Iowa. The brews that we will be seeing are:

  • Nightmare Brewing Drawn and Quartered 16oz CAN – Quadruple dry-hopped Imperial IPA With Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, Nelson & Citra
  • Nightmare Brewing Drawn and Quartered 1/6- Quadruple dry-hopped Imperial IPA With Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, Nelson & Citra

Along with the welcoming of Nightmare Brewing to our shelves, we will be getting some Clown Shoes beers as well:

  • La Pinguina en Fuego 12/22oz BOT –  Beware of the Fiery Nun! Imperial Stout Aged in Rum Barrels.
  • Luchador en Fuego 12/22oz BOT – Mexican Style Chocolate Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels.
  • Snow On Maple The Tree 12/22oz BOT –  An Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels that had premium maple syrup aging in them.
  • Snow On Maple The Tree 1/6 bbl  –  An Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels that had premium maple syrup aging in them.

And to cap off the week with Abu Nawas they will have the following back from Evil Twin and Stillwater:

  • Evil Twin Even More Jesus 16oz CAN
  • Even More Jesus   1/6
  • Evil Twin Even More Pecan Jesus 16oz CAN
  • Evil Twin F is for Fruit Salad 16oz CAN
  • Evil Twin Brewing Imperial Doughnut 16oz CAN
  • Stillwater Insetto 12oz CAN
  • Stillwater Nitro Double Nothing 16oz CAN. Both this and Faux Fur sold out last week, more in stock for this week!
  • Stillwater Faux Fur 16oz

Pullman Bar and Diner Presents Stouts, Sours, and Oysters for post-Northside Oktoberfest Celebration

pullmanPullman Bar and Diner in downtown Iowa City will have a great selection of brews available for people who are stopping in after the Northside Oktoberfest celebration this coming weekend. Starting at 3 p.m. Pullman will be putting the following brews on tap:

Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut
Evil Twin Even More Jesus
Prairie Paradise
Surly Darkness 
Founders KBS
Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero
Mikkeller Drinkin Berliner Blueberry
Mikkeller Drinkin Berliner Lemon
Mikkeller Drinkin Berliner Passionfruit
Mikkeller Drinkin Berliner Raspberry 
That’s a bad ass looking lineup of brews and accompanying those beers will be Chef Emily’s oysters. A can’t miss event, if you’re in the area hit up Pullman this Saturday, September 30th. Cheers!

Beer Review #110: Clown Shoes Brewing Genghis Pecan Pie Porter

clown shoesThe name alone sold me on this beer. I hadn’t done any research, read any reviews, got any feedback at all on this beer. I just saw it on the shelves at Benz Beverage Depot and took a shot. This was my 2nd Clown Shoes beer to try, I first had their Clementine White Ale a few years back and thought it was ok. This beer however, I had high hopes for! I pictured a nut-brown type flavor with a bit more sweetness and a little more thickness and roasted flavor to along with the porter style. Here’s the brewery description:


Our new Pecan Pie Porter no longer uses extract, but rather brown sugar and pecans roasted by friends at The Gallows in Boston. Buddy Hadry, a rep at Bella Vista in PA, gave me the name for this beer, the second Pecan beer now that he has named. Thank you, Buddy!

This beer had in past been brewed with pecan extract and recently Clown Shoes changed to using fresh roasted pecans. The beer definitely had some roasted notes and a subtle pecan and brown sugar flavor but not as much as I was hoping. Definitely not liquid pecan pie.

This was not a bad beer, just didn’t hit the expectations that I had for it. I think it could have actually been a tad sweeter and for some reason, I wanted to be blown away the flavor of the pecans and I just wasn’t. The mouthfeel was a bit too thin for me and what I like for porters. Once again, not a bad beer at all, just missed the mark in some departments for me. I think pecan is an underutilized ingredient in beer and this was just the 2nd beer I’ve had with it in beer. The Stone Woot Stout I’ve enjoyed and I know Abita Brewing and Lazy Magnolia have a pecan beer, but if any brewers are thinking have using this nut in their beer my advice would be not to skimp on the pecan! The perfect balance of malts and nuts in a beer would Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown Ale. If that can be done with pecans, I’m in!


STYLE: Porter

ABV: 7%

PURCHASED AT: Benz Beverage Depot; Cedar Rapids

POUR: Medium sized tan head, dark black pour.

AROMA: Roasted malts, nuts, coffee.

TASTE: Very subtle, maybe too subtle, flavor of pecans and brown sugar. A bit thin on the mouthfeel.

Ratebeer.com rating: 92

Beeradvocate raing: 85

Overall: C

My recommendation: Decent porter, but once again, a bit misleading. Was looking for a post supper dessert beer but this wasn’t one to do that.